Rafael Perez is gone again

When the Indians officially activate Aaron Laffey off the DL to make Wednesday’s start in Chicago, they’ll option left-hander Rafael Perez back to Triple-A Columbus.

Perez is 1-2 with an 8.88 ERA on the season. He had a 3.95 ERA since his recall from Columbus on May 29. His telltale moment of the season was allowing the game-winning grand slam to Prince Fielder in the Brewers’ comeback win over the Tribe on June 15.

In somewhat-related news, the Indians’ starter for Sunday’s first half finale is TBD. I say this is related because it appears likely that Jeremy Sowers is either headed to the bullpen or Triple-A (bullpen seems more likely). It’s conceivable that Tomo Ohka could take that last start before the break.


Ah, yes, just what the bullpen needs, the power arm of one Mr. Jeremy Sowers. That should work out well.
I wonder if there’s any chance they call up Carmona for that final start.

leave Perez in C-bus the rest of the year. I don’t want him to even know where the I-71 Northbound ramp is located in Columbus

Same old story last night.Idiotic to leave Sowers in past the fifth inning.Doesn’t Wedge ever learn?
And a crime to have traded Mark deRosa for that bum Chris Perez who looks totally useless.Of course,he fits right in with our bullpen.
Why in hell didn’t they bring in Tomo Ohka for the 6th inning?
He was well rested.
I can’t recall a bullpen this bad in my 56 years of being a fan of this team.It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

I think this Sower’s to the ‘pen idea is a smart one. He doesn’t have the ideal stuff on paper, but his results, which show decent success the first time through a lineup, suggest that maybe he could be a good bullpen guy to give one-three innings. We can’t keep him as a starter if he cannot go more than five innings, we need something a little more reliable than that.

I think Fausto is supposed to start for Columbus on Friday, and since they don’t want to rush him, I would assume he will just return after the break.

Even though Chris Perez has been terrible to this point, I am holding judgment on that trade. Considering DeRo is on the DL, it hasn’t worked out for St. Louis to this point either, and since we weren’t going to keep Mark anyways, and Perez is a young guy, and we have a lost year to to try work him out, I am still 100% ok with the trade at this point.

Every time Sowers pitches, for the first four innings I think, “Ok, this guy has good stuff, and deserves a rotation spot.” He puts pitches where they need to be, he can be moderately aggressive, and can effectively shut down an offense. But, every 5th or 6th inning, he starts to leave pitches over the middle of the plate, and can’t put his pitches where he wants. I think he is a great pitcher, when he has his command. Long relief seems like a perfect spot for him. He has shown it before.
Aaron Laffey hasn’t been too sharp in his rehab, but I am never-the-less anxious to see him back in the rotation. While he did quite well in the bullpen during his tenure, I would rather see Sowers there. Laffey seems to stay effective late in the game, if he happens to be on that day.
Regarding Chris Perez, he is still very young, and I think he will be a great addition to the bullpen….eventually. As I recall, he has only been put in during high pressure situations with the bases loaded. I know performing well in high pressure situations should be expected for a reliever, but he hasn’t been up in the Majors too long, he was just traded, and is still growing accustomed to his role with a new team. His rough outings don’t bother me. At least for now.
Regarding Rafael Perez, I think he can be one of the more dominant relievers in the Majors. But, alas, his confidence is shot. I think amseeley is correct. He needs to work his problems out in Columbus, and start over next year with something to prove.

I’m kinda surprised they didn’t send Sowers down since he’s unusable for the next four days anyway.

With Betancourt, Carmona, and Laffey all presumably back active after the All Star break, who goes? It highlights the desperation of the trade for Abreu since there is no way anyone can believe that he isn’t one of the three least effective pitchers on the staff, which makes the trade of Meloan seem pointless.

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