Carmona to Akron tonight

Fausto Carmona will make his second reclamation start tonight, this time getting the ball for Double-A Akron. It’s a 7:05 p.m. ET start at Bowie.

The Indians were pleased with Carmona’s first outing for Class A Lake County last Thursday (6 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 BB, 7 K). He stayed in his delivery, and the fact that he even had a solid delivery to stay in was considered progress. Now they want to see him repeat that delivery against stronger competition.


Thanks for checking into that. Fausto is a real key for the Indians for the next few years, if not for the last three months of this season.

Any thoughts on the odds of the Indians extending Cliff Lee and/or Victor Martinez in the offseason?

“…and the fact that he even had a solid delivery to stay in was considered progress.”
This is a great example of why AC is good at what he does. Because, let’s face it, that is just a really, really sad thing to say about one of our premiere pitchers.
I would imagine AC does a lot of head shaking at his keyboard when he writes these things, a lot of muttering under his breath “I can’t believe I just wrote that.”

he’s moving pretty quick.

yeah, i am surprised, as I expected this process to take longer. As long as they get it right, good, but I hope they don’t rush him and whatever is being taught doesn’t stick. They might slow him down at some point and give him 2 or more starts in AA or AAA and shoot for a post all-star break return. Hopefully him and Laffey can make effective returns, with Scott Lewis, and Jake Westrbook to follow. Obviously they cannot all be in the MLB rotation, but it will at least be nice to have a better picture for next year.

Just thinking, AC, it might be time to change the tagline for the blog. Not even the most delusional of us still believe we’re just one good week away.

In keeping with a theme, perhaps the new tagline should be “Rebuilding…again.”

Not only is Anthony a writer. He’s also a FAN. Just like us fans, we get angry and say things about the players not performing. Give him a break. Stuff he says is true anyway.

CastroTurf, an Indians Blog: “Makes us an offer. You might be surprised.”

Castroturf, an Indians Blog: “Where YOU too can manage a 31-47 team”

Castroturf, an Indians Blog: “Where YOU too can manage a 31-47 team”

sorry guys for the multi posts, this blog runs very slow on my computer…LOL

Uh, clevians? No one was attacking AC.
Castroturf: “Just like Kelly Shoppach, always a strikeout.”
Castroturf: “Miss a day, miss a player.”

Castroturf: Where waiting ’til next year has been fashionable since 1948.

Castroturf: Written diligently by a grinder who keeps on typing through “moderate shoulder soreness.”

Castroturf: Where the best way to avoid overplaying a hot hand is not playing them at all.

Castroturf: Where we’ll consider two wins in a row a hot streak.

Castroturf: Wondering why Eric Wedge always has the sniffles since 2003.

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