Perez activated, Barfield sent out

Chris Perez has joined the Indians and will be available out of the bullpen for tonight’s series opener against the White Sox.

Josh Barfield, no stranger to Interstate 71, was sent back to Columbus to make room for Perez.


Dear MLB Franchises:
Please make an offer for Josh Barfield. I’d like to see the kid play and get the ^&*$ out of this organization. If you have a reliever or an outfielder who can hit against lefthanders on the odd days of the week when we play day games against teams located west of the Mississippi, please call.

Wow, how many more times can we option Barfield? This is ridiculous. I am not saying he deserves to be a starter, or that he will be a stud in the MLB, but the kid deserves a chance. Obviously it is not going to be with the Tribe, so I hope he gets out of the system soon.

We could have kept Blake and not needed Derosa! Derosa was the only player this year that was complaining about the teams play. Why didnt any current players complain? have they become complacent! Maybe wedge and willis need to go!
I liked Derosa and wish we would have sent other complacent players!

The continual D!CK up the butt of our young players is getting old and not helping them get better. You want young players to get better…PLAY THEM Consistently! Otherwise, keep them in AAA, or get rid of them. No wonder we are so down. The players are sick of getting thrown to the wind.

Package him to go somewhere he is not getting anywhere on this team. (Barfield.)

Gonna have to get use to it, it looks to me like Luis Valbuena is Wedges new pet. Remember how alot of people were saying [insert veterans name] must be his favorite? Well looks like he has a new Fav. I mean he even moved him up the lineup at one point…..

Don’t get me wrong Valbuena can be a good player, but it’s just that IMO at least he doesn’t really seem ready and he is getting consistant ab’s but hitting .202, what I question is this you have Carroll (utilityman), Shoppach is the supposed backup catcher (supposed cause he seems to be catching more then our regular catcher), so why are we hanging on to Gimenez who doesn’t get regular AB’s up here, and would in AAA. Francisco I believe still has options, send him down for some tweeking, I get he has nothing left to prove in the minors but if a little reminder of how to hit helps great.

Josh has proven all he can in AAA, other then to say the magic words of “Play me in the majors, or trade me to someone who will.” You know I don’t know if it’s all Wedge he gets alot of information from Shelton, if Shelton isn’t giving a good report and you are suppost to be able to trust your coaches…. just saying.

Course Wedge isn’t the only one who says who comes up and goes down, I do believe that Shapiro has some say in that. If So…. Again just saying.

Castrovince I have a question for YOU…
In the roster spots you or someone has Kelly Shoppach listed as catcher, okay I get that, but Victor is listed as an infielder? I get he plays first base alot but he is the regular catcher for the team, or did I miss the announcement that he is now the backup catcher? (no sarcasim intended btw)

I thought Barfield got the shaft this year, I’ll say that much. But there’s an awful lot of revisionist history going on when we talk about him on this blog.
Until Valbuena has 420 ABs and hits .243, he’s still deserving of as much of a chance as Barfield — because that’s what Barfield did in ’07 on a COMPETITIVE Tribe team — and that wasn’t his rookie season. So Valbuena deserves at least another 291 ABs and should probably get even more, since we’re not actually playing for anything anymore.
As for Barfield having proven all he can in AAA, if hitting .220 is proving all he can, then I think we know why he gets yanked around so much.
Let’s just hope he raises his AVG on this round in Columbus and we can package him somewhere.

Poor Josh. The guy hasn’t been given a fair shake, I think.

Sorry not buying that Luis deserves more of a shot then Josh, Josh has been here alot longer then Luis and not only that he was sent down to the minors to work on somethings, I am guessing with the idea he would be back up, then Cabrera became the pet of the manager until he needed help because he was rushed up, did so well that when he slumped he needed to go back down. And up came Josh, only to get injured. When Cabrera is injured how many shots did he get? Carroll spent most of the time at second without a day off. They are bouncing this guy like a freaking yo-yo. I have heard more praise for Luis (and some of it deserved) then I ever heard for Josh. Not to mention the excuses for Luis as well, which leads me to believe the “dog house” comments are true for Josh and Luis being the new favorite.

As to the minors, when you have proven all you can and your constantly shipped up and down, your numbers will vary, for a number of reasons, lack of regular Ab’s for a certain period of time, the mental aspect of being bounced around can not be good for him either. Neither can the “I might get a shot at proving myself” only to get shown the bench and told to sit and stay more or less. You mean to tell me that, that wouldn’t play into how a player does? He has been with the mother club for 3 yrs. Luis less then a year. Sorry but Josh deserves to prove he can play in the majors again be it with the Tribe, or somewhere else.

BTW “As to the minors, when you have proven all you can” means to me that you have gone as far as you can in AAA and it is time to move the person up or let them move on. The challenge isn’t the same either. There are some who are mentally ready and who aren’t. Josh more likely then now isn’t, but when you have been up here and shipped down more consistantly then you would get ab’s with the mother club and get treated like a bad date “Good to see you, I will call” and only do when they need a bench warmer or a slot to fill… Me I would tell them where to go but then I am not under contract. Mess with the minds of the young guys and then wonder why they are so messed up in either the minors or majors with their stats or totally not ready when they do get up here.

Cabrera earned his job in ’07 after Barfield, when given his shot, failed to perform. Valbuena deserves just as much of a shot, particularly since he was performing better in Columbus than Barfield. You need an infielder, you look at the AAA squad for the best available — and it was Valbuena, not Barfield. He’s proven nothing in Columbus and, while I think he got the shaft upon his initial call-up this year, he hasn’t done anything to earn a regular job — heck, he hasn’t even done anything to earn a regular pinch runner job.
I think Barfield is a nice guy, but his numbers don’t indicate that he should be an every day guy, particularly not with Cabrera back.
Cabrera won his job in spring training. That’s how the big boys do it.
And the idea that Cabrera is only around because he’s Wedge’s pet is laugh out loud insane.

You know what I was going to make a response, but I am going to just agree to disagree, because honestly I don’t think Josh has had a fair shake. He slumped and went down, but was never really given a chance to show. And don’t give me that what they do in the minors earns them that promote up, Crowe, LaPorta they are doing great in AAA how did they do up here? And why is that? because they didn’t get regular abs. But then neither has Barfield.

BTW re-read what I said on Cabrera “then Cabrera became the pet of the manager until he needed help because he was rushed up” I didn’t say he was still here because of it. I did say Luis is up here because he has as many folks have noticed as well and made comments about, that he has become Wedges favorite pet. – How is Josh suppost to prove himself if he is warming the bench until he is needed to run, or pinch hit against a guy he has bad numbers against (but not hit against someone he has good numbers against). Again we will have to agree to disagree cause I don’t think we can go any farther without going in circles. All I know is that Josh it looks imo is getting the shaft in all this and I don’t see from watching his stats in AAA that he feels challenged anymore, but thats JMO.

Tony Graffinino has more games started this year than Josh Barfield. That’s all that needs to be said.

this is the second time this season that Barfield has been optioned down for a pitcher. Do I consider Josh to be an integral part of our team? No, not so long as Wedge is here b/c Eric picks and chooses which young guys get time at his disposal (i.e the LaPorta vs Valbuena argument).

LACF, while I think the future is bright for Cabrera at shortstop and near the top of the order (my future desire is in the 2 hole behind Brantley), my fanhood for Josh is well known. I think you are making your point too black and white. Shades of gray my friend.

The fact that Cabrera assumed he had won the job after his 45 game surge in 2007 lead to his arrival in 2008 with an arrogant attitude, terribly out of shape, and overweight. The organization said that after his demotion in 2008 (where he hit .184 in 158 AB) that Cabrera had gotten too comfortable with the daily stipend for meals. He finished 2008 well and arrived for 2009 in good condition so we have to hope it was a learning experience for the kid.

He still has yet to produce for an entire season so until he does I remain cautious but highly optimistic. If you take his 2008 and 2009 numbers together they look decent for a first year guy: 169 games, 563 AB, 87 R, 157 hits, 33 doubles, 8 HR, 74 RBI, 66 BB, 117 SO, .279 BA. It is unrealistic is project his good numbers (2009 or post A.S. break 2008) over an entire season b/c he’s never done it. He is still evolving and should anchor our middle infield for years to come.

Conversely, no one will convince me that Valbuena is ready for ML pitchers right now and his defense is totally suspect. But the alternative argument will be that 4 of his 5 errors occurred at SS and not his natural position. That begs the question then, why did Wedge put him in a position to fail? But I digress, if that is at all possible given the length of this post.

I would have been happier to see Valbuena sent down and let Carroll play 2B most days (~5 of 7 games) with an occasional start from Josh (my Tony Graffinino comment still baffles me!) for 2 reasons: (1) Valbuena needs more time learning how to hit at AAA, (2) it would increase Carroll’s trade value and possibly Barfield’s.

And while you dog Barfield for his 2007 performance LACF I still think that his 2006 numbers, in an NL-pitchers park, are noteworthy. Call his 2007 season whatever you want: choke, ineffective, sophomore slump, league switch, etc. Bottom line for me is, he HAS done it for an entire season. I would not be against running Cabrera and Barfield out there for the rest of the season until Valbuena (the obvious starting 2B for 2010) figures out how to produce offensively. At least we give Josh a chance to produce and hopefully can get something in return for him b/c right now he has minimal value.

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