"I've got a magic bat, too. … And I've got an enchanted jock strap!"

Breaking out the "Homer at the Bat" quotes last night opened a floodgate, because now more are coming to me.


Anyway, I've got a few things on my plate tonight -- and not one of them is a serving of "media chicken" from the press dining room -- so we'll keep the minutia to a minimum on this lovely Saturday.




  • Asdrubal Cabrera will play nine innings for Double-A Akron tonight. Odds are, he'll be activated Sunday, if all goes well this evening.
  • Eric Wedge had hinted all year that Jensen Lewis might be on the verge of a demotion to Triple-A, but Lewis hung around as a result of the ineffectiveness of those surrounding him in the bullpen and the shortage of potential callups at Triple-A. But Wedge said the team discussed demoting Lewis in the days leading up to Jose Veras' addition. "He shows flashes," Wedge said of Lewis, "but he doesn't show the control and consistency he needs to show."
  • Wedge said Lewis is confident to a fault. The phrase "in denial" was used with regard to Lewis, and Wedge did not dispute it. "It works against him a little bit," Wedge said. But Wedge also said that Lewis and pitching coach Carl Willis had a good talk and video session Friday afternoon, and he said Lewis handled the demotion with grace.
  • This is a standard day off for Mark DeRosa. On Sunday, Travis Hafner will sit and Grady Sizemore will DH.
  • Before tonight's game, the players and staff filled out their All-Star Game ballots. No word on whether Wedge voted for Luis Valbuena.
  • The Indians signed Kyle Smith, their 20th round pick out of Kent State. So that's 23 picks signed overall from the Draft, including 18 of the first 20.
  • Right-hander Hector Rondon went 5 2/3 scoreless innings, allowing just two hits with two walks and four strikeouts in Akron's win over Birmingham. It was his first win since May 25. His season ERA of 2.59 is the sixth-lowest in the Eastern League.



Yeah, the conspiracy buff in me has to question the “standard day off” explanation for DeRosa. I wonder if a deal is being made right now.
I only say that because he’s appeared in 71 of 75 games this year, so there’s nothing really standard about him getting a day off.
Geez, now I’m wondering if that’s why Martinez is doing more catching now, because Shoppach could be on the move!

Oh come now, speculation is fun…..with a proper disclaimer attached. I used to be a vocal supporter of the “Keep Shoppach” crowd last year. It made sense with Hafner being such a question mark, and Martinez being injured. Having another power bat for catching/DH was good insurance. However, looking at some of the catching depth we have, we probably should have dealt Shoppach in the off season. Our bullpen might be more solid. We might have another reliable starting pitcher. But now, we have Kelly who is struggling to find playing time (which he claims the inconsistency has affected his offense), a patch-work rotation, and probably one of the worst bullpens in Major League Baseball. If Shoppach does get dealt, I think it will be good for him and his career. I tend to agree with him: when he plays consistantly, he tends to produce a little more. He has proven he can be an MLB catcher. I think he deserves the chance.

Points for the conspiracy! DeRosa to St. Louis for Chris Perez and PTBNL (Shapiro says it will be a good one).
Perez’s ERA isn’t impressive (4.18) but he’s got 30 K’s in 23.2 IP and ONLY (for our team) 15 walks. BAA is .195.
He’s a righty who will be 24 on Wednesday.

Oh, and inter webs also told me LaPorta is getting the call again (which, I think, AC was hinting at yesterday). He should be able to play every day and they can still get Francisco time when they rest Grady.

These are all good moves for next year.

Good! I hope he can play consistently, if that is the case.

It was kielbasi, kraut and pierogi in Media Dining last night- no chicken. Wasn’t great but wasn’t bad. DeRo “we hardly knew ye”.

Yeah so we do have way too many good catchers in our system to keep Shoppach around. I’m all for packaging him with Benny or with Garko (I love ya man, but you have no future on this team). I think that package could pull in another decent (not great, mind you, but decent) bullpen arm for the future. I’m sick of watching Garko rot on on the bench, Benny flail at anything that breaks, and Shoppach’s defense slide downhill and miss every pitch. Let’s move some pieces. We’ve got plenty of good to solid position players. Let’s trade the fluff.

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