6/26: Indians vs. Reds

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game at Progressive Field will be broadcast on WTAM and STO.

cle.gifINDIANS (30-44): 2B Jamey Carroll, CF Grady Sizemore, C Victor Martinez, RF Shin-Soo Choo, LF Mark DeRosa, DH Travis Hafner, 3B Jhonny Peralta, 1B Ryan Garko, SS Luis Valbuena. LHP Jeremy Sowers (1-5, 5.95).

cin.gifREDS (35-36): CF Willy Taveras, 3B Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B Brandon Phillips, 1B Joey Votto, DH Jonny Gomes, C Ramon Hernandez, RF Jay Bruce, SS Paul Janish, LF Chris Dickerson. RHP Aaron Harang (5-7, 3.66).


All I can say is, except for Cabrera for Carrol…this is the lineup that should have been the lineup everyday for the last 74 games!!!!! Not one weak link in the bunch.

It annoys me that Eric Wedge has constant criticism for Jhonny Peralta. It seems he is his go-to guy when Wedge feels like lashing out. Ok. He only has 4 home runs and 32 RBI. The guy’s hitting .255. There are a few other players on this team with worse production. I actually feel sorry for Jhonny. The guy’s hit 20 or more home runs for the last 3 years. Give him a break already.

Peralta deserves the ripping. From his dumb play when he didn’t throw home to his absolute horrible hitting for two months. He is 27 he should be peaking not regressing.

Feel sorry for the fans that have to watch this team and Peralta K.

He jumps all over peralta, but he rarely says anything about Shoppach. Wedge needs to go. He has had 7 seasons to get it together.

Not to mention he rarely says anything about Ben Francisco and his lousy hitting. Peralta tends to take all the blame apparently. Granted he isn’t having a tremedous season, but I bet he still puts up a decent year.

None of us has any idea what Wedge says to any of the players. We only know what’s being reported. That’s a whole other level of boss-employee hell, having your faults, real or perceived, show up in the newspaper or on the intertubes.

Ultra20: He says things to the media about certain players. He has called out peralta a couple of times, but i have not heard anything about Shoppach or Ben. Unless i missed it, but i haven’t heard anything being said about Shoppach and Ben. Your right, He could talk to them personally and we don’t know.

mgrmoon, hard to argue with your statement given the results so far!

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