6/23: Indians at Pirates

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game at PNC Park will be broadcast on WTAM and STO.

UPDATE: Slight lineup change. Choo is now in LF and DeRosa in RF.

cle.gifINDIANS (29-42):
2B Jamey Carroll, CF Grady Sizemore, C Victor Martinez, LF Shin-Soo Choo, RF Mark DeRosa, 3B Jhonny Peralta, SS Luis Valbuena, 1B Chris Gimenez. LHP David Huff (2-2, 7.09).



pit.gifPIRATES (31-38):
CF Andrew McCutchen, LF Nyjer Morgan, 2B Freddy Sanchez, 1B AdamLaRoche, C Robinzon Diaz, 3B Andy LaRoche, RF Steve Pearce, SS Jack Wilson, RHP Ian Snell (2-7, 5.08).


Nice to see Grady back in the lineup and not hitting in the leadoff spot!

It’ll be real nice when it’s Asdrubal in that leadoff spot in about a week or so too, barring any setbacks.

I’d really like to see LaPorta back soon, and taking most of the time at 1B, with Hafner taking most of the time at DH.

With Caroll & Gimenez as utility guys, you have every position on the field (except CF) covered.

When Asdrubal comes back this would be my normal lineup:
1. A. Cabrera SS
2. J. Carroll 2B
3. V. Martinez 1B
4. S.S. Choo LF
5. M. Derosa RF
6. Pronk/Garko DH
7. J. Peralta 3B
8. C. Giminez/K. Shoppach C
9. G. Sizemore CF

Sizemore batting 9th behind slow, slow, and slower? No more doubles or triples with men on. Hopefully his arm issue is fixed and he will get back to hitting like he is capable, and will fit comfortably into the 2 or 3 hole.

I’m with Dorn – bring LaPorta back, send Giminez down (for now), bench Shoppach except with Cliff, so the lineup might look like this:

1. Cabrera, SS
2. Sizemore, CF
3. Martinez, C
4. Choo, RF
5. DeRosa, LF
6. Peralta, 3B
7. Hafner, DH (or Garko or LaPorta)
8. Garko, 1B (or LaPorta)
9. Carroll, 2B (or Valbuena)

And periodically review the performance of the 5-8 guys to rework the lineup when necessary.

Cabrera’s back in a couple days, looks like. Who gets sent down, Ginenez or Barfield? Or Francisco?

My lineup is:

Cabrera, SS
Choo, RF
Sizemore CF
Martinez. C
Peralta, 3B
Hafner, DH
DeRosa, LF
Garko, 1B
Valbuena, 2B

Shoppach for Garko when Lee pitches. LaPorta up when DeRosa gets traded but not before.

ultra, I believe the answer to your question is a simple one if you only consider those 3 guys. I think Francisco is out of options so he’s not an option not to mention he’s an OF and replacing him with an INF isn’t a prudent move. Gimenez is a stopgap that has fizzled in his rare appearances hence easily replaced. Barfield never plays and won’t under Wedge so does it really matter? My answer is Gimenez but given the INF logjam it will probably be Barfield since Carroll is playing well and Valbuena only plays well in Chicago.

LaPorta for Gimenez and Barfield for Cabrera makes more sense in your scenario.

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