Off day minutia

Easing the blog back into action after a weekend off (and an eventful series in Chi-town, for all the wrong reasons), here are a few pieces of excruciating minutia for you…

  • The “Eric Wedge on the hot seat” chatter has reached new levels with the Tribe possessing the worst record in the AL and in the midst of a six-game losing streak. It appears slightly overplayed, as the Indians are not believed to be on the verge of making such a move at the moment. A decision on Wedge’s future is more likely to be made at season’s end.
  • Apparently there was some confusion over the weekend when a reporter asked owner Larry Dolan about a potential change and Dolan responded, “I’ll talk to you later” and “I just don’t want to lie to you.” Dolan, from what I understand, was under the impression that the topic at hand was possible trades, not Wedge’s job security.
  • It’s looking likely that Grady Sizemore (sore left elbow) will be activated before or during the series in Pittsburgh this week.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera (sprained left shoulder) begins a Minor League rehab assignment at Double-A Akron on Tuesday night. The rehab can last up to 20 days but will probably be a short one.
  • Aaron Laffey will make his second rehab start for Akron on Tuesday night.
  • The Indians signed 13th-round Draft pick Jeremy Johnson, a right-hander out of Washington State University. They have now signed 18 selections overall and 13 of their top 16. Negotiations with top pick Alex White should be underway soon, if not already, as White’s UNC team was bounced from the College World Series.
  • Lastly, for those of you who make Twitter a part of your daily diet, you’ll definitely want to check out the Tribe Insider tweets, brought to you by Bart Swain and Jeff Sibel of the Tribe’s media relations department. They’re posting lineups, injury updates, roster moves, etc., so you can get the news as it happens.

More to come Tuesday from Pittsburgh.


UPDATE: My apologies for neglecting to include the Twitter link earlier. It is up there now.


Reason No. 3442 “Why Dolan doesn’t get it”:
He’s keeping Wedge. Seats may look more full at the stadium this year but remember these are discounted seats that cost like 8 bucks with a Pepsi product can or 5 bucks with a college ID. What a fool. I’m checking out until we get a new manager. Take it easy readers.

I don’ think anything in this blog update indicated the Dolan is keeping Wedge. AC just made his best guess that if it happens, it won’t be until the end of the year.
But there’s no official word.

Is the username for the Indians Insider account “indiansinsider?”🙂

Cabrera’s in Akron? Or is it Columbus? Plain Dealer said CBus last night.

so by the Indians not firing Wedge now, they are saying it’s okay to be medoicre. Let’s ignore the 71% of the Cleveland Plain Dealer poll that was done that said it’s time to fire Wedge. What do they know? Well, those people pay to watch the Indians play, we don’t want to see a team finding different ways to lose every single game and do nothing about it to fix. Look at the Rockies. They got rid of their manager because they were underperforming, now they are fighting for a wildcard spot. I REFUSE to say Detroit is just that much better than we are because they are not. But the players have STOPPED listening to Wedge. Loyalty is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Their needs to be a change. Wedge Has been here for 7 seasons and only 2 have been winning seasons (05′ & 07′). The Rest have been mediocre at best.

Well, I think it’s like people have been saying — Wedge was fine for a young team who needed to be taught that “play the game the right way” type mentality. But we don’t have that team anymore. We have All-Stars and potential All-Stars. We have a Cy Young winner.
I disagree that we’re as good as Detroit, though. It’s not that Detroit is that great, it’s just that we have so many more holes than they do (or anyone else in the division does). So I don’t think any change made now is going to get us back into the race — we’re too far back (and so far under .500 that the only race we have is the division).
In that regard, I don’t think it matters if we fire Wedge now or later. The opportunity to use his firing as a way to light a fire under this team has passed — our window is gone.

cantonguy, you think that the fans really know better than the organization? you cite the plain dealer poll but did you read bud shaw’s article?

who is going to replace him? it’s not going to fix anything immediately so why not let him ride out and just ditch him in the offseason.

Bud Shaw’s article is awful and penned by an idiot. Read Terry Pluto’s article – he is the only straight forward writer in Cleveland.

cdd- Because this team isn’t even doing the fundamental things, like they did in 2007. It’s like they forgot to move runners over when players are on base. How many times have we seen this team have runners on 2nd and 3rd base with 1 out and strikeout or pop out to get out of the inning? And the camera shows the coaching staff, and we get no emotion from them whatsoever. Why should we get rid of the coaching staff now? Simple, because Wedge is known to be a 2nd half manager, his teams always play better in the 2nd half and give us that bit subtle of hope, only to not win the division, but doggone it, we finish .500, or we finish 79-83 and at 3rd place. Wow, no I don’t want any hints of Wedge staying with this club, I have seen enough to know we won’t ANYTHING as long as he’s the manager of this organization.

What concerns me about keeping Wedge the rest of the year is, it is fairly possible the Indians have a strong second half, as they have been known do in recent years. This will make the upper level management believe that Wedge can do it, and decide to keep him for next year, but maybe on a short leash. Then, we will have our typical and patented Wedge slow start to the year with a bad April, and by the time we get around to firing Wedge, and installing a interim-manager, we may have already lost the 2010 season. If Wedge needs to go, let him go now. Why don’t they just put someone in there for the short-term, and try to hire someone new for the second half. That way the person can get to know the team, and build some relationships, instill some changes, so when next season comes around no times is wasted. If they keep Wedge and end up firing him next April or May, they might be playing to an empty stadium. Don’t complain about how you can’t spend any money on players if people aren’t coming to the game, when it is obvious a fair amount of fans are almost protesting Eric Wedge. I gave the guy a chance longer than most people, but at this point, does anyone other than Mark Shapiro really have any faith in Eric Wedge? Whether Wedge is the entire problem or not (and obviously he isn’t) he is the leader of the team, and when you take a position of Manager you know that you might end up being the scapegoat, or taking one for the team, and it is time for that to happen.

MY opinion for Wedge compared to my GUESS of the organizational approach has been reiterated many times so I will not repeat it.

However, I have not heard a reasonable “why” to the ‘fire Eric Wedge front’ as we sit today. There are plenty of arguments you all made: lost revenue by not doing what the fans desire (we assume with good reason that money is being lost but we can’t see the financial books), his only successes (’05 & ’07, one playoff appearance) in 7+ years, his terrible April starts, the fear that his typical post A.S. break run will reinvigorate the organization even though we fall short (been there, done that. We’ve seen that movie and it won’t save his job short of a WS berth), loss of fundamentals, etc etc etc.

This is my WHY for firing Wedge right now and it’s a simple, two-part rationale: he has CLEARLY lost the ear of the players. Jhonny Peralta epitomizes this fact. That is part one and it has been stated previously. Second and most importantly, I am concerned as to what will happen with the players for the second half of the year knowing that EW will be gone next year. There is no incentive for the players to continue to align themselves with a sinking ship. NONE!

Say what you will for good or for bad but Wedge was a guy that could rally the team around itself despite the obstacles and play everyday. That isn’t happening anymore. He has lost faith in them and the feeling has been reciprocated by the players for him. Where is the incentive for a guy like Cliff Lee to perform for Wedge? He will still collect his paycheck because this isn’t the NFL non-guaranteed contract league. Lee’s only concern will be “where do I go after 2010?” Where is the incentive for Hafner to return to form? He has his $57M.

We think of athletes are mindless robots because the system dictates that they be vanilla in front of a camera. Showing emotion or speaking bluntly gets them a slap on the wrist, fine, suspension, and possibly blacklisted from the annuls of baseball. Bottom line is they are human beings with true emotions we hardly ever see. No one would blame Cliff Lee if he went off during a interview about his lack of run support or shoddy bullpen that has blown multiple wins for himself and the team this year.

I say fire him and his staff now so that we do not lose the players for the foreseeable future. I fear that is happening right now. Players play as a team because they have to win that way but in the end everyone looks out for #1 whether they admit it openly or not.

Well Wedge should go of course and take care of business
showing a new manager we care by re-signing Lee and Pavano now. None of the kids have been trained to pitch
7 – 9 innings and the Tribe won’t be able, or willing, to buy real pitchers and have very little left in the minors to trade.
Re-sign DeRosa and Carroll ………they seem like real ballplayers for a change……….dump Peralta, who needs a
.250 no power 3B. Leave Brantley and LaPorta in Col. till
Sept. and call up. Trade Garko and call up Brown for the OF
and Aubrey for 1B. If they bust cut’em both with Crowe, my
former personal favorite. Can someone coach Shoppach on
batting…….then trade the Col. catcher for a RP and prospect.

We can’t catch Detroit with this pitching …7 guys can’t suddenly turn it around….so get over it. But Lee, Pavano
2 kids and one free agent for next year and hope Hafner retires and frees up the $$$$ for the re-signs…………….

Honestly, I think there’s one reason and one reason only to fire Wedge now: the fans.
I know we’re all gluttons for punishment (we are Tribe fans, after all), but this organization needs to do something that actually makes us believe that “next year will be different.” We need to believe that being awful this year will actually pay off next season. We need a sign that the organization believes this, too. They need to convince us that next year really will be different and that they’re already taking steps to make that so.
Besides, I think we’re all pretty sick of seeing the guys on the field compete for jobs halfway through the season. It would be even worse to watch a manager compete for his job the first half next year. It would probably be better to give a new guy a trial run for the remainder of this season.

Cleveone, we have Lee for another year, but if he continues to pitch the way he has, he’ll be well out of our price range. The same goes for Pavano, assuming he comes back strong. He’ll get dealt, as will DeRosa who, again, is going to command big bucks after this season, but who’s trade value could be really high. I’m sure we’ll keep Carroll around for as long as we can.
Trade Garko for what? His value isn’t very high right now. And Shoppach is beyond saving. We also don’t have catching to deal from Columbus, either. Our future behind the dish is in Akron, but hopefully he gets the move to Columbus before the end of the year.
I agree, there’s no way we can catch Detroit with this pitching, both in the rotation and the bullpen. But a healthy rotation of Lee, Westbrook, Laffey, and Lewis is a good foundation, and who knows what kind of prospects we get after dealing Pavano and DeRosa.

we won’t be able to afford Cliff? Seriously? You do understand that STO, an avenue that was designed so we CAN keep some of our core players are making the Indians a boatload of money, right? Only the CC’s of the world can we not afford, but we can certainly afford to keep Cliff, and there is no excuse not to. In fact, I would venture to say STO was a very big reason as to how we were able to afford Kerry Wood and paying him $10 million a year.

Yep, we paid $10 million a year for a guy who has pitched 24.2 innings. And that’s exactly why we won’t be able to pay for Lee. He’ll command top dollar, assuming he continues to pitch like he has and does so next year. And the Indians won’t be able to justify spending big bucks for a guy who only starts every fifth game, particularly if they have a lot of other holes to fill, and they very well might. This is a team that can’t afford to invest the majority of their payroll in one guy, particularly given our injury history.
While the Tribe might be able to afford Cliff Lee, they would be doing so instead of making other moves, which might be more important by the 2010 off-season.

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