Wrigley Field survivor's guide

wrigley.jpgThis weekend, the Indians will make their first trip to the hallowed shrine that is Wrigley Field since 1998. And while this may very well be the only hallowed shrine where it is reasonable to be inebriated at noon and where the concourse possesses a smell ordinarily reserved for dorm hall bathrooms, it is a hallowed shrine, nonetheless.

Wrigley does not possess the amenities, the sight lines and the comfort of many modern parks, and the scalpers outside can and do command all contents of your wallet and claim to one of your kidneys in exchange for a seat with an obstructed view. Yet Wrigley remains my favorite atmosphere in all of baseball.

Recognizing that some of you might be visiting Wrigley for the first time this weekend, I figured I’d share a few guidelines for the unitiated:ivy.jpg

1. Avoid falling concrete.

2. Don’t pull a Bartman.

3. Should, for some reason, you be asked to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” don’t say this

4. If a ball gets lost in the ivy-covered wall, it’s a ground-rule double. If it hits a seagull, then gets lost in the ivy-covered wall, play stops and the entire ballpark is evacuated.

5. The white “W” flag that flies atop the scoreboard following a Cubs victory signifies “Win,” not “Wedge.”

6. I don’t remember the name, but there’s a nondescript little Mexican place just outside the exit to the Addison “L” stop, en route to Wrigley. They sell burritos the size of your head. But if you eat one, don’t make any sudden movements, and keep the Rolaids handy.

rynesandberg.jpg7. My first visit to Wrigley came in the summer of 1993, when I was 12. I was a huge Ryne Sandberg fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the official Ryne Sandberg chocolate bar in a gift shop across the street from the ballpark. It might have been the best candy bar I’ve ever had. 

So, what’s the advice? Well, it’s 2009 now. If you happen upon a Ryne Sandberg chocolate bar, for the love of God, don’t eat it.

8. If you can’t get into the game, you can do what my friend Ed is doing Saturday and pay $180 to sit a block away on a Waveland Avenue rooftop, sucking down all the hot dogs and murphys.jpgflat Budweiser you can stomach.

9. Or you can just take the sane route and watch it at Murphy’s Bleachers.

Whether you’re in attendance, on a roof, at the bar or stuck in Cleveland or points elsewhere, enjoy the games this weekend.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I will not be covering the weekend series in Chicago. Instead, I’ll be in the Happiest Place on Earth, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Navel of the Universe — Athens, Ohio, which is home, of course, to Ohio University and, in a newer development, my buddy Brad’s wedding. The blog will be back up and running next week, assuming I make it out alive.

In the meantime, a new edition of the Inbox is up on Indians.com.



Whoever reads this, please do not insult or question my saying this. I realize this is a small to mid market ball club. I am just extremely frustrated with the way this season is going, I need to get this off my chest. I’m sick of getting these scrap heap pile relievers who have not fared well at all. Granted Herges has done a decent job until last night, but why can’t Aquino find the strike zone. He’s got a 93 mph heater that is a great pitch. Why doesn’t he utilize it. Can the Indians develop relievers that know how to pitch? Who is to be blamed here? Perez has been downright awful. At least call Rundles back up. AQUINO should NOT throw another pitch. Sorry, but I am just venting.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times, but never made it to a game. For the best, perhaps, as I didn’t have this advice before (and I really would have eaten Ryne Sandberg candy bar)! It’s too bad you won’t be there, AC, as I’d love to hear how the Cubs react to Wood and DeRosa coming back (particularly DeRosa, who they could really use). I’m sure they both have good friends over there still (and I’m sure Pinella would have some not so kind words about the front office dealing DeRosa).
Getting married in Athens? Not THAT is some Bobcat pride.

gradykid, I think isavage had a completely illogical, yet entirely accurate point — Perez has jinxed the bullpen. He left, they got better, he came back, they stink again.
I feel bad blaming the guy, but he has become a symbol of what’s gone wrong this year.
Chulk, Rundles, and even Sipp should get another shot.

Chulk’s ERA is 0.66 I believe in his last 12 games. Now bringing him up would be too easy, obviously. He’d rather have Perez continue to pitch. Aquino crosses up Shoppach on a fastball down the middle, DeRosa and Crowe almost colliding with each other. This wouldn’t happen if they would stick to one position (DeRosa in the infield). I feel sorry for Choo and Martinez who put everything they have into an at bat, only to watch Ben Francisco, who is completely lost at the plate, go down on strikes.

Well, if we go by AC’s Inbox today and add my rant about Shoppach in the last blog entry, a healthy Tribe might be an outfield of Choo, Sizemore, and a mysterious third outfielder, perhaps even LaPorta again. The infield would get DeRosa back at third, Cabrera at short, Valbuena at second, and Garko at first, with Victor behind the plate.
And not to beat a dead horse, but they need to bite the bullet and call up Jordan Brown. They’re obviously not going to use Barfield in the outfield or they would have done so by now. Garko’s gotten more starts out there, so stick him out there again and give Brown some time at first.
I just can’t handle having a bench that’s either a) not very good or b) Wedge won’t use.

I will never get married anywhere else but Athens. I imagine the Bachelor Party at Cat’s Den, followed by the ceremony on the patio of The Pigskin, with the reception at Pawpurr’s or potentially Tony’s (in honor of our very dear beat writer AC). We will stop by the BP at the corner of Stimson and Elliot and buy hundreds of bottles of wine for $3.99 a pop. I love Athens. Have fun.

strummer787, I’d love to meet the girl who would agree to all of that! My then-girlfriend-now-wife loved Athens when I took her there, but we certainly didn’t get married there!
The Union was always my main bar, but I was in a lot of bad bands. But I was also at OU when you could still get Schlitz. I loved Tony’s, too, and periodically O’Hooley’s. And let’s not forget the Smiling Skull!

I live in Chicago now and they really miss DeRosa. On Waddle and Silvy’s radio show here they play a Mark DeRosa Play of the Day, featuring anything positive DeRosa did the night before.

Hm. In all fairness, Wedge might be on to something with Valbuena. He’s now 5 for11 over the last few games. My only issue is that perhaps waiting for him to get to this point has cost us some wins, but I don’t know that having him in the line-up every day has cost us more than not having Cabrera.
Shoppach is awful. Something needs to be done about that.

I actually agreed with Wedge with Valbuena. One of the few opportunities I have done so.

Well Wedge did it again. Bring in Perez in a key situation and what does he do. How can you lose games time after time in the late innings due to poor managing and an ineffective bullpen? As much as I hate it, I hope the Cubs sweep the Tribe and maybe they will finally wake up and fire Wedge. This team is going nowhere with him at the helm. I feel sorry for Cliff Lee. I can’t say that I would blame him if he left the Tribe when he becomes a free agent.

I realize he gave up the tying run in the 9th, but why wasn’t Wood brought in for the last out of the eighth? Is there something in his contract that says he can’t throw for more than an inning?
Shoppach now hitting BELOW .200, but I’m sure he’ll start tomorrow, because he has all that experience catching for Ohka…except he doesn’t. You know who does? Gimenez.
You know who must really hate this bullpen business (other than Cliff Lee)? Aaron Laffey. He’s got to be watching these games thinking “man, they’re going to put me back in the ‘pen again, aren’t they?”

cleveland organization…..matt laporta, ever heard of him?

good freaking grief, he is our future. please give him his at bats. now.

perez needs to be pistol whipped.

I have been a die-hard Indian fan through 38 years. After today´s disastrous blown save (thanks to the wicked 8th inning), I´m going to said this loud, plain & clear. I´m sick & tired of posting comments dealing with the BOTTOM LINE reason of this TEAM PATHETIC FAILURE. Meanwhile out there are fans dreaming awake & resting on the (hollow) faith that after the all star break everything would be right & fixed because the Tribe had showed it is a better team on the 2nd part of the season. Also there are people keeping that crap defense of Mr. Willis great (?) job claiming he delivered back to back CY winners. Then, why he can´t also do a good job with our horrendous bullpen? I’m going to say this: CLEVELANDERS DESERVES, from the front office to the last coach in the shady pen, a WINNING ATTITUDE, not these managing crew that don´t know when to pinch hit with our best guy when the game is on the line, when to make a pitcher change, when to order a simple hit ´n run, when to put in play that beauty of hitting behind the runner, when to make an amazing squeeze play, how to show pitchers throwing strikes, how to teach batters to be patient in the home plate to obtain a base on balls (except Choo & Carroll, nobody else in this team dominates this important tool; we miss Roberto Alomar who averaged seeing nearly 7 pitches per batting turn), how to reduce their contact swing with 2 strikes & keep counting. If the “Lazybones Philosopher” (Eric Wedge) love numbers, why he doesn´t make a steady lineup based on base average & RISP: starting with Carroll (2b), Choo (rf), Martinez (c), Derosa (3b), Hafner (dh), Garko (1b), Laporta (lf), etc? Then, when Asdrubal & Grady returns, put Cabrera on SS & 1st spot, Sizemore on 7th hole (´til the old Grady shows up) & Carroll on 8th or 9th hole playing 2B. See how easy could be doing a better lineup dealing with your own numbers, Mr. Wedge? (We would bring up some of our rookies that could be our future stars.) So, what you UP THERE going to do, Mr. Shapiro? Keep us eating our hearts seeing how you prefer going all the way long ´til the next season with these good for nothing but looses & excuses: Wedge, Willis & Sheldon? If you, Dolan or Shapiro, don´t have the cold blood to ask you to quit, buy dignity & pack your bags.(So, hit the road, Jack…) I´m not going to wait ´til that. As the Colorado Rockies did weeks ago (with that manager change, they turns the table for good), CLEAN UP THE HOUSE & BRING UP PEOPLE WITH REAL GUTS, FIRE & CLASS. People like Hershiser, Glavine, Maddux, Showalter, Bowa or Peña. Let’s go to the trade market & change Peralta, Francisco, Shoppach, Marte, Carmona, Pérez, Sowers or Huff to obtain 2 or 3 good relief pitchers & 2 reliable starting pitchers. And do it NOW, not when the show will be over again for us, real Indians fans tired of dealing with an awfully loosing attitude year after year. We Tribe fans DESERVES RESPECT from you. We also DESERVES & DEMANDS a winning team with a winning attitude management. Hey, Mr. Dolan, take note on this & check out how the assistance to next games goes low, lowdown. Cause nobody will keep paying to see this cruel comedy. Period. -oily harry

“Hey, Mr. Dolan, take note on this & check out how the assistance to next games goes low, lowdown. ”

oilyharry-step away from the computer before you hurt yourself.

As a Cubs fan, I liked what you had to say. Especially, the part about the 7th inning stretch and don’t say this if asked to sing.
It sucks seeing DeRo and Woody in another uniform. Especially, Wood.



Well, I shall attempt to make my rant a little more coherent that oilyharry although he made some rather poignant observations.

First off, while I refrained from getting caught up in this argument a few days ago I must now say this: we are the worst team in the American League and second worst in all of baseball. Unacceptable. We cannot keep going like this without someone getting axed. No one keeps their job when they are the worst at something. Do I feel the entire season is Eric Wedge’s fault? No. Does he need to be the sacrificial lamb in this case? Definitely so, and right NOW in my opinion. And if that happens then the staff goes as well. But that’s the way sports teams operate. The players are accountable but ultimately it is the coach that gets burned because you cannot fire 25 players, 53 players, 9 players, 16 players, etc.

Secondly, our roster is comprised of struggling part time players. We have two CFs (Crowe/Francisco) that can’t hit the broad side of a barn but one of them has to play every day. WHERE IS MICHAEL BRANTLEY? Once again, Jensen Lewis and Rafael Perez have no place on the ML roster. Gimme Chulk and Sipp, perhaps Rundles if you think Gosling can be more than a matchup lefty.

Third, we’ve all said it but it bears repeating. Why do we continually bring up young players only to have them sit the bench? LACF is correct in his analysis that Gimenez can and should catch for Huff or Sowers, if not both. Let Martinez catch for Pavano and Ohka at minimum. Give Shoppach only one day of service for Cliff Lee. It affords Ryan Garko more playing time. Bench Peralta indefinitely until he quits throwing his temper tantrum.

Fourth, I pine for an organization that runs its potential future stars out there EVERY day without question. Evan Longoria. Adam Lind. David Price. Denard Span. Elvis Andrus. Matt Wieters. With all these injuries that fact that we have not seen Matt LaPorta and Micahel Brantley in Cleveland for every game is a joke. We are carrying three true outfielders and would rather have DeRosa and Garko out there. Why? Derosa (3B), Valbuena at short (until Cabrera returns), Carroll (2B), Garko (1B). Don’t change it. Leave the infield alone. Send down Crowe. Bring up Brantley. Bench Francisco. Find a way to get LaPorta up here and play them both every day. I have a sneaky suspicion that Sizemore’s absence will be lengthy.

From left to right: LaPorta, Brantley, Choo. Around the horn: Garko, Carroll, DeRosa, Valbuena. When Lee pitches you sit Garko. By setting up Martinez to catch Pavano and Ohka he won’t catch on back-to-back games. Utilize the DH with Hafner for 2 games and with Martinez when Gimenez cathes. Plain and simple.

I still hate Eric Wedge.

Can anyone explain why Gimenez is the team, instead of Laporta or Brown? I gave them the benefit of the doubt at first, thinking they wanted to see if Gimenez could back up Martinez at C, so they could get rid of Shoppach, but instead they play him at 1b or OF. The guy was barely hitting above .200 at AAA, I think he hit around .160 in April, but he’s on the team ahead of Laporta and Brown who’re both hitting above .300, and who play those same positions? Are they ignoring overall performance because Gimenez had a good spring training, something they claim they would never do?

good question isavage. Here’s another one: WHY in the H-E- double hockey sticks did Wedge pinch hit with KELLY SHOPPACH with the bases loaded??

The Indians should quit paying anyone over 4 million, everyone they sign to a big contract either sucks or gets hurt, or both. Kerry Wood is officially a waste of money

Kerry Wood now has 4 blown saves in 12 chances. In a role where 85% conversion is considered successful and 90% is Mariano Rivera territory, Wood has an astonishing 66.7% success rate. Mind-boggling.

Kelly Shoppach’s stat line: pinch hit strike out with bases loaded and one out; pivotal throwing error in the bottom half of the 13th; 3 at bats, 6 total pitches seen. Did I mention that Wedge pinch hit WITH Shoppach?

And what are the chances that Wedge says a single negative thing about Shoppach after today’s game?
Exactly, isavage, there’s nothing about Gimenez that makes him a better choice than the guys in AAA who are actually hitting UNLESS he catches.
I hate to say it, but let’s just hope Detroit wins tonight so we can be 9 games back and finally concede the season. Then we can fire Wedge, Willis, Skinner, and maybe even Shelton. We should promote from AAA because that’s the team we’re going to field from here on out. Let Westbrook take as long as he wants to return. Call up Toregas specifically to catch two-three games out of every five, particularly if we’re not going to use Gimenez. Deal DeRosa for more pitching depth. Deal Pavano (assuming he can get another couple of quality starts in) for some young relievers. Keep Huff and Sowers in the rotation to see if either of them can step it up. Send Perez to meet up with Carmona, send Lewis to AAA. Let Grady and Cabrera take all the time in the world to recover fully. Pitch Wood an inning every three to four days no matter what the situation and see if that helps his performance.
In other words, it’s time to start playing for next year.

Can we just leave Wood in Chicago?

The time has come. We should now gear up for 2010, a process I believe Shapiro has been preparing even during the offseason. Some have and will debate this opinion. Please do so. It is also time for me to play armchair GM. Here is how I would construct the 25-man roster for the next 2 weeks. Let me know what differences you’d like to see.

Starting Pitchers:
Pavano: contingent upon him not going on the DL
and yes that does leave us with 3 rookie lefties at the end of our rotation. I don’t care. When Laffey returns, one out of the three should be an easily targetable replacement.

Relief Pitchers:
therefore we should send down Perez and Jensen Lewis. Vizcaino will be DFA, not accept it, then probably released.

Shoppach: who would only catch for Lee
I have to wonder if Martinez’s inability to throw out runners combined with our pitchers’ inability to hold runners convinces Wedge to start Shoppach more than he wants to. Then again, has he not seen Shoppach try to throw out runners?

Garko: 1B
Carroll: 2B
Barfield: UT
Valbuena: SS
Peralta: benched
DeRosa: 3B
the question is, since Valbuena has had a good series, and only ONE good series, will Wedge give him consistent time at 2B in lieu of Carroll when Cabrera returns?

LaPorta: LF, daily!
Brantley: CF, daily!
Choo: RF
Francisco: 4th outfielder

he won’t play 3 games in a row and at best he’s in the lineup twice during a series

Grady Sizemore believes he can return to action without an assignment. Not a chance since there is no reason to push the envelope. Asdrubal Cabrera is supposed to be ready for action in 5-7 days upon which time he will go on a short assignment. Aaron Laffey is, according to Al Pawlowski, still a week or two away from returning. When he does return, put him in the rotation.

When the season is over Eric Wedge will be fired IMO but not during despite our wishes. Mark Shapiro should step down, or get “promoted” so we can give Chris Antonetti the opportunity he was promised. It should be up to him as to which manager he wants to hire. A short list of potential candidates: Larry Bowa, Mike Hargrove, Torey Lovullo, Tony Pena Sr, Buck Showalter, Willie Randoplh. did I miss anyone?

The writing is on the wall and the season is done. I’m not a pessimist but definitely a realist. I cannot drink the Kool Aid any longer about “one good week.” DeRosa will be moved. Carroll is also a big possibility considering the way he is playing. Considering our lack of pitching depth I would not trade Pavano unless some team comes up with a Carlos Santana-type of deal for his services. GRRRREAT. Geovany Soto just went deep. Awesome! If Pavano remains healthy the entire season I might look to resign him for a reasonable price. I’d be interested to see if he would stay in order to be comfortable. He shouldn’t want another big market, N.Y.-type experience at this stage of his career. Did I miss anything? I don’t think so but I will apologize for the length. Venting is cathartic at this point of the season given our record.

Jeremy Sowers and Tomo Ohka appear to have the same pitching deficiency. It’s called “unable to go through the batting order three times-itis”

The Dolans and Mark Shapiro were in Chicago, but wouldn’t explain why they were their.

I agree with amseeley analysis most of all. After a clean up on management department: Wedge, Willis, Shelton, Skinner & Mr. Niceguy Shapiro, then we can hire an aggressive with a winning attitude manager (just as Billy Martin or Earl Weaver). A list of potential candidates should include: Larry Bowa, Buck Showalter & Tony Pena Sr. I don´t like neither Mike Hargrove nor Willie Randolph. Both of them are too pale pink (inconsistent) & lacks of guts. The pitching coach could be on of these experienced & classy ex pitchers: Hershiser, Glavine or Maddux. Once I propose Kenny Lofton as one of the coaches. I still feel that he can offer the team good vibes on running & stealing bases.
Here is my 25 man team.
Starting Pitchers:
When Laffey, Scott Lewis or Westbrook returns, send down Ohka; put on the trade market: Sowers or Huff & Carmona

Relief Pitchers:
Ohka (if the return of S Lewis or Westbrook as starting pitchers is above expectations, send down Ohka & turn to the pen the one that looks lesser good between them & Lofgren)
Send down Aquino & Vizcaino; if Betancourt doesn’t return, bring up Rundles or Rondon; put on the trade market: Jensen Lewis & Perez

Garko: 1B
Carroll: 2B
Valbuena: SS (until Cabrera returns; then move him to 2B & bench Carroll as the perfect utility man)
DeRosa: 3B
put on the trade market : Peralta & Barfield

LaPorta: LF
Brantley: CF
Choo: RF
send down Crowe; bring up Brown as the 4th outfielder or 1B replacement (if Sizemore returns, we can alternate Brantley & Laporta on LF); put on the trade market : Francisco

send down Gimenez; bring up Torregas; put on the trade market: Shoppach

Hafner (Martínez , Garko, Sizemore & Brown can also DH)

Our batting line up could be this: Brantley (cf), Choo (rf), Martinez (c), Derosa (3b), Hafner (dh), Garko (1b), Laporta (lf), Valbuena (ss) (until Cabrera returns), Carroll (2b). When Cabrera returns, put him on 1st hole at SS & move Valbuena to 2B, batting 9th. If Sizemore returns, we can put him on the 6th hole as the DH. Hafner could fit the 5th hole also playing 1st base. Then Brantley (CF) could bat after Laporta in the 8th hole. Torregas should alternates with Martinez at the backstop. When Victor isn´t catching he can play 1st or DH.
And last but not least: let’s go to the trade market & offers Peralta, Francisco, Shoppach, Marte, Barfield, Carmona, Pérez, Jensen Lewis, Sowers or Huff to obtain 2 reliable relief pitchers, 2 reliable starting pitchers (we don´t know what would happens with Pavano´s arm health & if Lee goes doesn´t resign) & a position player who can hit on the clutch. (Sorry for not being so coherence & brilliant as you, amseeley.)

oilyharry, you were coherent and brilliant my friend. I enjoyed your recent analysis and I loved your rant last time. Classic stuff.

In the spirit of the debate I will challenge you on a couple of points you made though, mostly on the trade markets you proposed but you made a good point about the temperament of Hargrove and Randolph. I do agree with you that someone like Lofton or even Vizquel (who would be my choice) could do wonders with guys like Brantley, Cabrera, Choo, Sizemore, and even Valbuena (to a small extent) on the bases. Vizquel could teach the infielders more than just baserunning though.

I do not know how much of a trade market Jhonny Peralta would have right now. His trend of starting slow makes it impossible to get value for him by the July deadline. Plus, his temper tantrums are a joke. Does anyone know about Michael Young? Gold glove SS for the Texas Rangers, 5 straight years of 200+ hits, and was moved to 3B in spring training this year to bring up a 20 year old kid (Elvis Andrus). He took it on the chin like a man and has now embraced the challenge. He did not let the positional move affect his hitting as he’s right on par this season with his career averages. Now there’s a teammate I’d like to have.

I must also wonder what kind of value if any, that we’d get for Sowers, Barfield, Francisco, and Shoppach. I am done with Sowers though. He’s a 4-A pitcher and a ML train wreck. Perhaps Sowers is a Jaime Moyer/Jeremy Guthrie -type of late blooming SP but if we don’t want to be in the cellar for the next 5 years then we don’t have that kind of developmental time at the ML level. Unfortunately, I think the answer is practically no value at all for those 4 guys.

Huff is only 7 starts into his ML career so I would not pull the cord on him just yet. He’s young (24) and looks like he’s getting better each time out. I wouldn’t move him IMO.

Carmona is another problem. First, he’s in rookie ball so no one would take him. Second, he has a head full of marbles right now confidence wise so he’s useless to a team in the playoff chase. Third, he choked on something fierce during the playoffs of his best ML season (2007). Right now, he’s a pet project for this team. I don’t think he would carry too much value either.

Not that I would trade all of these guys but technically, the only valuable pieces we have to trade are Lee, Martinez, Sizemore, DeRosa, Pavano (being healthy and another month in July like he had in May), and Carroll. It shall be interesting to see what moves we make. Winners are buyers and losers are sellers. And unfortunately we are sellers.

Good stuff, everyone. I was camping all weekend, so I was only barely able to follow games — internet access was hard to come by.
I agree with OilyHarry that Valbuena should be playing every day from here on out, be it short stop or second. I would also agree with AM that Peralta has little trade value, in which case he should never move out of third base for the rest of the season — NEVER. If he has had a problem getting his brain wrapped around the idea, and that has affected him at the plate, it’s time to get him used to it. There’s absolutely NO reason for us to have a rotating line-up anymore.
Garko/Martinez at first is fine with me, if only to raise Garko’s trade value. I like Garko a lot, but he has no future in Cleveland. And, god, yes, Shoppach only catches Lee.
I would actually suggest leaving Lofgren in Columbus since he just got there a month ago. Also, I think they should keep throwing Sowers out there every fifth day. I have little hope that he’ll become a quality starter, but maybe some team out there will be desperate for pitching and take him in a package deal.
Post-trade deadline, post-DL clearning, say sometime in August, I would like to see this:
Choo, Sizemore, LaPorta, Francisco (again, play him in hopes he gets any kind of trade value).
Peralta, Cabrera, Valbuena, Garko/Martinez/Shoppach/Gimenez (or Toregas). Part of me would even be willing to let Shoppach catch twice a week again, in hopes of increasing any trade value.
Carroll on the bench with Hafner.
The rotation would be Lee, Laffey, Lewis, Sowers, and Huff (that’s a lot of lefties). Just let Westbrook play out there year in Columbus so he’ll be in prime form next year.
Bullpen: Wood, Betancourt, Herges, Sipp, Rundles, Smith, and maybe keep Jensen Lewis — why not let him figure it out against major league bats? We’ve got nothing to lose. Perez, however, clearly needs to follow Fausto.
As horrible as this season is, I feel pretty good about next year. We’ll have to make bullpen moves in the off season, but a rotation of Lee, Westbrook, Laffey, Lewis and a mystery #5 would be pretty interesting.

clever arguments amseeley. i´m agree with your points related with omar vizquel (for me, the greatest SS of all time) & with huff improvement. still omar is very smart player & a superb influence on the bench that can make the difference. he should be one of those new breed managers or coaches wearing proudly our uniform.
also the comparison you made between stupid peralta´s attitude & Texas Rangers´ Michael Young towards their position change.
hey, why we don´t buy this promising team, clean the house & bring clevelanders that championship we dreamed so badly for so long time? after all, i´m sure we would be better than those insipid guys named shapiro & wedge. what you say, pal?

harry, I’d love to buy the team sure. But I doubt the Dolans would take my offer. Do you think we can get people from the greater Cleveland area or Ohio in general to accumulate about half a billion dollars in donations? Dolan overpaid for this team and would overcharge anyone else trying to buy it.

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