"We have a wide variety of Gene picks!"

I’ll confess I have no idea what’s going on with the new ratings system on here. Such changes are instituted by the blog Powers That Be.

Personally, I don’t feel the need to be rated, ever since the unfortunate results of my appearance on the “Am I Hot or Not?” Web site.

But I must say I do like the “related articles” link. It reminds me of going to Blockbuster and looking at the “If you liked this, you’ll love this…” section. I wish we could rename this section of the blog “Vincent’s Picks.” And don’t worry, we’ll never call it “Gene’s Picks,” unless you’re the type that likes “Weekend at Bernie’s II” (and longtime readers of the Inbox nee Mailbag will note that’s the first Bernie’s reference in quite some time).

All right. Where were we?


  • All that talk about separating Jeremy Sowers and David Huff with Tomo Ohka (not for this time through the rotation but next time), and the Indians just changed course today. Huff is now slated to start Friday against the Cardinals, with Ohka getting the ball Saturday. So the Indians are still separating two lefties. It’s just that the lefties are Huff and Lee and not Sowers and Huff. But this would presumably mean Sowers and Huff start consecutive games against the Brewers on Tuesday and Wednesday, which seems odd, given that they are so similarly styled.
  • Lots of injury updates for you, courtesy of head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff. The big news is that not only is Anthony Reyes having the ulnar nerve transposition surgery recommended by the Indians, but he might also mix in a little Tommy John, for good measure. Dr. Lewis Yocum will perform the transposition on Friday and, if he discovers the ligament needs to be replaced, he’ll perform the Tommy John. If Reyes just has the transposition, he’ll miss four to six months. If he has the Tommy John, he’ll be a year away from being ready to pitch in the big leagues. Either way, his ’09 season is over.
  • The transposition surgery was originally to take place last Friday, but Reyes didn’t immediately consent to the possibility of Tommy John until he had several conversations with Yocum. So that was the holdup.
  • Grady Sizemore’s elbow pain has subsided in some areas, but he’s still feeling it on the joint. He’ll stay away from baseball activities for the next five days and have an MRI on Monday. The Indians still hope to avoid arthroscopic surgery on Sizemore. That surgery would cost him an additional four to six weeks.
  • It was reported yesterday that Jake Westbrook (Tommy John surgery) will make his second rehab start for Double-A Akron, tossing four innings on Thursday. And Scott Lewis (strained left forearm) is joining him on the rehab trail. Lewis will pitch three innings for Class A Lake County on Thursday. Westbrook will make a total of four or five rehab starts, and Lewis will probably make three to five.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera (left shoulder joint sprain) will be taking groundballs by this weekend. He’s responding well to treatment so far, and the hope is that he’ll be able to swing a bat in the next four to seven days.
  • Aaron Laffey (strained right oblique) threw a 30-pitch bullpen of nothing but fastballs and changeups on Tuesday and will throw a 40-pitch session using all his pitches on Thursday. The Indians are still hoping he can return at the end of this month or early in July.
  • The Indians spent 62 days in last place.
  • Triple-A Columbus outfielder Michael Brantley has been on a tear of late, batting .351 (27-for-77) with five doubles, two homers, nine RBIs and 17 runs scored since May 21. He’s raised his average from .233 to .275. He’s batting .441 in June.
  • The Diamondbacks drafted my favorite member of the 2009 class.
  • Sunday’s game against the Cardinals is a Cy Young special, as Cliff Lee will oppose Chris Carpenter. Don’t forget that’s now an 8:09 p.m. ET start, because it will be ESPN’s “Sunday Game of the Week.”
  • It was 50 years ago today that Rocky Colavito captured the attention and imagination of Tribe fans with his four-homer game in Baltimore. My dad idolized the Rock, so I’ve been hearing about this game my whole life. In this link, the Plain Dealer’s Bill Lubinger looks back on that historic day.

Finally today, on a note that does not fall into the realm of the minutia, Dick Jacobs was laid to rest this morning. Commissioner Bud Selig released the following statement about Jacobs: “Dick Jacobs was a true gentleman and a dear friend who did a magnificent job during his tenure as the owner of the Cleveland Indians from 1986-2001.  Under his stewardship, the Indians emerged as a model franchise and a perennial contender.  Dick understood the franchise’s significance to the community and used the club and the ballpark to improve the infrastructure of the city.

“Dick was one of the most enlightened and influential owners and was very helpful to me in restructuring the economics of baseball and in many other areas during the 1990s when we really changed the game. His legacy in his beloved Ohio will remain for generations and is best exemplified by the beautiful ballpark that has helped revitalize Cleveland.  On behalf of Major League Baseball, I extend my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.” 


UPDATE: David Dellucci has resurfaced. He signed a Minor League deal with the Blue Jays.

UPDATE No. 2: Check out the Indians’ video tribute to Dick Jacobs here.


I have to cancel my Progressive insurance (going with the wife’s), and when I do I’m going to tell them it’s because they changed the name of Jacobs Field. It’s not, of course, but how often do I get to vent (aside from every other hour on this blog)?
Speaking of which, AC, what does a man have to do to get a shout out? I mention the Ohka/Huff thing in a blog comment two and a half hours ago and it suddenly changes! I should at least get points for guessing correctly (and let’s not forget my “Laffey to the ‘pen” guess, my “Barfield benched” guess and my “Valbuena is the new short stop so Jhonny will be back at third” guess, which appears to be true now, too).
Granted, I’m now hoping my “we’ll trade DeRosa soon” prediction doesn’t happen.
I am a seer!

I’m not sure if you heard AC but everyone’s favorite Italian-American, David Dellucci, was picked up by the Blue Jays today according to Buster Olney. He is going to report to their Triple A team before returning to the bigs. Since they signed him at the minimum maybe we can ask for some money back when we go up north in July.

MANAGER: Vincent stopped making picks.

ELAINE: (upset) Well, how am I gonna know what movies to see?

MANAGER: We have a wide variety of Gene picks.

ELAINE: (dismissive) Gene’s trash.

MANAGER: I’m Gene.

Is it me, or does the preceding conversation describe the Eric Wedge Experience?

AC: was the tape on Pavano’s neck last night a fashion statement or a piece of lucky tape? Just curious…

I have learned that as the 12th person to rate you I have the power to move you up .09 or down .24. That is a lot of power….mmmmwwwww….mwwwwmmmwwmwmwww.

tribetime1, I am the mighty LACF; everyone cares. Behold, my visions of the future! Tremble at my wrath!
And telling Progressive I’m leaving because of Jacobs Field is for my benefit, not their — I’m leaving them for a different reason entirely, so I might as well get some mileage out of it.
Yesterday is a good example of why we, as Tribe fans, should never start thinking some aspect of our game is good. I can’t be the only one who saw yesterday’s pitching match-up and thought “W.” Really? I was? Hello? Anyone?

Looking at today’s matchup LACS, I can only think “L”. So maybe that means Sowers will throw a shutout.

tribetime1, I’m getting the impression that tone is completely lost on you.
isavage, yeah, it never fails that they generally do the opposite of whatever we think they’ll do.

Since they signed him at the minimum maybe we can ask for some money back when we go up north in July.

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Personally, I don’t feel the need to be rated, ever since the unfortunate results of my appearance on the “Am I Hot or Not?” Web site.

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And telling Progressive I’m leaving because of Jacobs Field is for my benefit, not their — I’m leaving them for a different reason entirely, so I might as well get some mileage out of it.
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