6/9: Indians vs. Royals

Tonight’s 7:05 p.m. ET game will be broadcast on WTAM and STO. Eric Wedge said Jhonny Peralta is out of the lineup for a second straight game because of his poor career numbers (2-for-17) against Brian Bannister.

cle.gifINDIANS (25-34):
CF Ben Francisco, 3B Jamey Carroll, 1B Victor Martinez, RF Shin-Soo Choo, LF Mark DeRosa, DH Travis Hafner, C Kelly Shoppach, SS Luis Valbuena, 2B Josh Barfield. LHP Cliff Lee (3-6, 2.96).



kc.gifROYALS (24-32):
CF Coco Crisp, LF David DeJesus, 1B Billy Butler, RF Jose Guillen, DH Mike Jacobs, 2B Alberto Callaspo, 3B Mark Teahen, C Miguel Olivo, SS Willie Bloomquist. RHP Brian Bannister (4-3, 4.97).


I was about to say I actually liked this lineup until I noticed that jhonny is not in there for the second straight game. This worries me for two reasons. Either Wedge forgot that he has a power-hitting shortstop on his team (one homer against the sox doesnt qualify), something he has done with many players this season and seasons past, or Jhonny is somehow hurt, something this team simply cannot afford. Either way, his absence is worrisome.

I agree wctribe. I don’t see how a guy with Peralta’s track record can be this bad in the power department, you have to wonder if he is hurt.

Also AC you do the best blogs in the big leagues you are original and keep it fresh with your minutia etc. Keep up the good work.

If Valbuena plays another flawless game at short I wouldn’t expect to see Jhonny there any time again.

Also if Shoppach struggles again maybe we will see Giminez behind the plate a little. I don’t see why he doesn’t catch at least Huff. The only reason why I won’t complain about no Giminez is because Kelly is Cliff’s personal catcher.

You add fuel to my conspiracy fire, strummer. If Valbuena plays another flawless game at short, I expect the next time we see Jhonny will be at third, paving the way for an eventually trade involving DeRosa.

Kelly Shoppach, defensive catcher extraordinaire!

I thought even though Valbuena didn’t get the outs he played a great SS today. He stopped at least one run on one of his seemingly majestic range. Don’t knock him for not getting the outs, the fact that he got there was awesome.

you can’t deal DeRosa until July if and/or when we are unofficially putting up the “wait ’til next year” flag. I wouldn’t deal him for Sanchez right now.

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