Maybe someday your name will be in lights

Not that you asked, but…

Top 5 Rock Songs of All-Time:

1. “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen
2. “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan
3. “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones
4. “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2 “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry

Open to your comments, certainly, but not exactly negotiable.


  • The rotation coming out of Monday’s off day will look like this: Cliff Lee, Carl Pavano and Jeremy Sowers will pitch Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, against the Royals, and Tomo Ohka, David Huff and Lee will pitch Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively, against the Cardinals.
  • Jake Westbrook tossed three scoreless innings for Akron in his first Minor League rehab start Saturday. He gave up a hit and a walk with a strikeout. He’s slated to throw four innings in his next start.
  • Anthony Reyes had his visit with Dr. Lewis Yocum in California last week but no final determination was made on whether he’ll have the season-ending ulnar nerve transposition surgery the Indians are recommending. Yocum ordered more tests on the elbow. The Indians should know more by the middle of the week.
  • Carl Pavano has now pitched a shutout for four different teams in his career – the Expos, Marlins, Yankees and Indians. According to Elias Sports Bureau, Mike Hampton is the only other active pitcher to toss a shutout in four different uniforms. Hampton did it for the Astros, Mets, Rockies and Braves.
  • Today ends a stretch of 20 games in 20 days and 37 games in 38 days for the Tribe.
  • Triple-A Columbus won, 12-0, at Gwinnett on Saturday, with top outfield prospects Michael Brantley (4-for-5 with a homer, two RBIs and two walks) and Matt LaPorta (2-for-5 with a homer and two RBIs) having particularly big days.
  • Class A Kinston will have three representatives at the Carolina League All-Star Game on June 23, and all three were members of the Tribe’s 2008 amateur Draft class. Infielders Lonnie Chisenhall and Cord Phelps and left-hander Eric Berger will play for the Carolina League against the California League in Lake Elsinore, Calif.
  • This was a family trip for the Tribe, meaning several players’ wives were on the charter. That included Shin-Soo Choo’s wife, Woon Mi, who had never previously made such a trip with her husband. What was her take on Chicago? “She looks around and says, ‘Ooh!'” Choo said. “The only big city she’s used to is Cleveland. She says this looks so different.”



Can’t complain about those, AC. Might not be MY Top 5, but surely all of them deserve recognition (although Pride is a little wimpy compared to the others on that list, you must admit).
Read your piece on the trade market and then saw a Boston Globe article talking about DeRosa for Sanchez in SF. I know dealing DeRosa probably makes the most sense of any of our guys because a) he’s a one year contract and b) he’s got real value, but he’s been absolutely great for us with all these injuries. And Sanchez’s numbers concern me.
I would imagine Huff’s start today will be a big indicator of how aggressive the Indians get in getting another pitcher before the end of the month.
Love the bit about Choo’s wife. It seems both of them are becoming more and more situated with the Tribe.

What’s with Kelly Shoppach’s Sal Fasno-style mustache? I guess he’s showing he knows true style.

Actually, I chalked the nutty line-up up to an early Sunday game, which is when we generally see such things. But I wonder why Gimenez wasn’t given the start behind the plate. I think he actually has more experience calling games for Huff than Shoppach, yes?
Granted, that’s all part of my insidious “trade Kelly Shoppach” plot.

Did Woon Mi say “Ooh” in English or Korean?

Hey AC, is Choo a ‘Super-Two’? Will he be arbitration eligible next season or do the Indians have until after the 2010 season? Also, any thoughts on Choo to be the next Indian to get a long term contract next spring?

Lastly, is this a better question for the Inbox?

U2 does not belong anywhere near the top of an all time list. I don’t really agree with a few others on the list, but not in a angry way but really, Bono? C’mon AC.

I agree with kgareau. Kelly Shoppach’s facial hair goes beyond the normal level of interest. I would almost think it demands a story in and of itself. Next year I think one of the giveaways should be those little enclosed pictures with the metal shavings inside that you can drag around with the magnet. Create-a-Kelly night.

Good song choices. I happen to like “Rosalita” by Bruce Springsteen even better-balls to the wall, loud, over the top, pure rock and roll joy, with swagger to boot. I could go run a marathon after listening to it.

Choosing “Satisfaction” over “Paint it Black” is like calling up a guy to play 1b who was hitting .235 in AAA, when you could’ve called up one of 3 guys hitting .320. Maybe the guy doesn’t totally suck, and might even hit a home run or two, but still, weird freaking decision … on a related note, if Shapiro doesn’t trade Shoppach, he is criminally insane

Whoa, I missed today’s game, did Kelly switch from the Casey Blake to the Sal (new pitching coach) Fasano ???

Also, Thunder Road should be #1

I like the way Al (on TV) mentioned Shoppach hitting 6th and “after that it’s a AAA lineup.” Immediately following were Gimenez and Valbuena’s back to back HRs.

Oops. AAA can be tough.

Oh, and Springsteen reeks. Doesn’t belong on the list.

And, with that, ultra20 was never seen on the Indians blog again.

I would like to put in a vote for “smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana. More contemporary than the others but definitely belongs up there.

Allow me to offer up a convoluted, mostly crazy theory:
Was today’s line-up an indication that they’re preparing to deal DeRosa?
Follow me, here.
Valbuena got the start at short stop — his first at short stop. If we deal DeRosa, we’re out a third baseman, unless Jhonny moves back full time, which, I think most everyone agrees is where he should be.
But without Cabrera, we need a short stop (which is the only reason Jhonny is back there). We move Valbuena there full time he gets the ABs everyone knows he needs and you let Barfield play second, with Carroll available to spell any of them when needed.
Then you have Garko to play first when Victor is catching, or the outfield when Shoppach is catching.
But I can’t help but think that the timing of playing Valbuena at short stop has to mean something, and the DeRosa for Sanchez rumor seems to be picking up speed.

When is Westbrook’s next start w/ The Aeros? Can you give us a heads up so I can make a field trip to Canal Park? Thanks….

Also, could you let the powers that be know that Sowers has about 6 good innings in him per start and about the 6th inning, it might behoove them to start warming someone up in the bullpen. I mean, if we can predict that a good outing by Barfield automatically means bench duty the next game, our Spidey Senses could be put to good use on the Sowers thing too. Just tryin’ to be helpful.

BTW: I know this is old news, but could you even imagine if the Indians would ever do something like this:

I think that’s when I’d clutch my chest and tell Elizabeth I was comin to see her (that’s a Sanford & Son reference…)

Even as a Stones fan, I would turn every one of those songs off if it came on the radio…maybe not Dylan, but most likely. What an awful set of music to have in that list. And don’t get me started on U2.

bvielhaber, did you happen to receive the letter from the Dolans about regrettably, but necessarily trading away CC Sabathia last year? I had season tickets and from my accounts with most of my friends, everyone in the media and ticket holders whose email information they had were sent a letter just like Huntington’s. It’s an absurd tactic.

LACF, I had the same feeling about Valbuena as you did b/c we don’t have a true SS backup for Peralta right now. It is the only reason that explains Valbuena’s presence right now given his struggles. There are a multitude of teams at the top of their respective divisions or within reach of a playoff berth that would be interested in DeRosa that we have previously discussed (NYM, StL, MIL, SF, CHC).

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus suggests that the NYM target DeRosa and Victor Martinez. Admittedly, he says the Indians wouldn’t give up Martinez lightly so he prefers a package including DeRosa and Ryan Garko. I find his analysis wrong on what the Mets would have to give up to get those two players supposing they would take on their contracts. His assessment is “a couple of B-level prospects might do it.” I disagree.

But what everyone in the baseball circles seems to agree on is that Cleveland is driving the bus relative to the trade market on desirable pieces for offensive, versatile players. Additionally, I have come to (perhaps) a new perspective on Jamey Carroll. He still is useless to this team as an everyday starter. I will not abandon that logic. However, hearing his name constantly thrown into available players to be traded I have to wonder if Shapiro is forcing Wedge to use Carroll more than necessary. That way he can showcase him to another ballclub. Probably not what’s happening here but I can only hope so All of this rationale is predetermined upon the idea that the Indians have put up the white flag. I don’t think that has happened just yet but if they fall 10 games back in this putrid division prior to getting our reinforcements I would think the trigger has to be pulled at that point.

Nope, laclefan. I’m back. Mostly I lurk but can’t stand Springsteen. No talent moaner to me. More Stones, please.

Clearly, ultra20, AC just hasn’t read the comments section yet.

Or he’s just really nice.

Do we have any salary flexibility to sign the Boss, or maybe Max?

Too lazy to look myself, so somebody tell me…
If we win tomorrow, that would put us a 1/2 game up on KC. When’s the last time this season we weren’t in last place?

djacks, never. We’ve been in the cellar from day one.

Tigers and White Sox split today, so all remains as it was.

It’s 3:04 am and I have some useless stats for the peanut gallery that are quite indicative of our season. We all know that the Indians are tied with Tampa Bay for the most players on the disable list, unless something has changed with their team over the last week. But did you know:

1) the Indians have scored the third most runs in all of baseball (308) only behind the NYY (326) and TB (327).

2) the Indians have given up the second most runs in the AL (317) only behind Baltimore (320). In case you were wondering, that also translates to third worst in all of baseball with the Washington Nationals securing the worst at 324 runs allowed.

3) the Indians have the worst home record in the AL at 12-14. The only other team in the AL with a sub .500 record at home is the Chicago White Sox. Go figure that the two worst team in the AL are from the Central division.

Some additional quirky information: the Philadelphia Phillies (33-22, .600) have a better record on the road (21-8) than at home (12-14).

by the way, insomnia rocks…

It’s Draft Day – how long before we hear “upswing”? How many positions will be listed with each pick – two or three? I’m waiting for a P/C combo myself.

amseeley – I opted out of the emails a couple years ago, but as I re-read Huntington’s letter to the Bucs faithful, I wondered if somewhere Shapiro wasn’t dabbing his eyes in pride at how his lil’ grasshopper mastered the vocabulary and could run his own team now.

AC – for the Top 5 Great general purpose list
Good list – Don’t know about U2
I might have gone with the Beatles “Help”( but I think Helter Skelter is a better record – same as the Stones –
Satisfaction may be the most recognizable, but WIld Horses is a better song)

I am surprised that your top 5 music choices are so diversified. I kind of expected at least 2 from both Bruce S. and U(3-1).

You can’t have draft day without a mock draft. So lets look at Keith Law’s mock for today’s festivities.

15. Cleveland Indians
Eric Arnett, RHP, Indiana: Mike Leake (RHP, Arizona State) is their main target, and there’s a dirty rumor around that they’ve considered taking ASU center fielder Jason Kipnis and converting him to second base.

I find two interesting things about the Kipnis statement and one disclaimer. Obviously this isn’t the NFL draft so other than Strasburg I have no idea who these players are (the disclaimer). What I do know is that last year we took a second baseman (Cord Phelps) who is having a productive season and has been selected to the AS game. I also find it interesting that “rumors” circulate around the draft like it will alter selections significantly considering you cannot trade picks. And finally, Keith Law doesn’t even have Kipnis going in the first round… anywhere.

Is Kipnis the 2009 version of Trevor Crowe? The only difference: Kipnis is a Sun Devil and not a Wildcat? They tried that w/Crowe two years ago.

I’m not putting much stock in the draft: we’ll have to trade away some veteran talent and we’ll get our trade partners’ top prospects so whoever we pick today will be null and void.

We should draft first basemen.
We really need some of those.

Nicely stated bvielhaber. Well done.

I am an admitted draft addict so finding more info on a guy like Barnett interests me. This is another piece from Keith Law on him:

? Indiana right-hander Eric Arnett moves up from No. 48 to No. 32 overall. He had been hitting 95-96 mph all season but sat in that range in his first outing in the Big Ten tournament, continuing to show a sharp slider and hold his velocity deep into games. Lack of track record and high workloads are still a concern, but he has No. 1 starter potential.

5 Greatest Rock N’ Roll songs
1. Jungleland– Bruce Springsteen
2. Comfortably Numb– Pink Floyd
3. LA Women– The Doors
4. Lyla– Eric Clapton
5. Ziggy Stardust– David Bowie

Honorable Mention
Sympathy for The Devil– Rolling Stones
A Day in the Life– The Beatles
All Along The Watchtower– Jimi Hendrix


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