I've counted out the days to see how far I've driven in the dark

Remember Opening Day?

It was April 6, as I recall. But it might as well have been last September.

Nine players from the Opening Day roster are gone. Rafael Betancourt, Scott Lewis, Anthony Reyes, Joe Smith and Josh Travis Hafner (not his evil brother, Josh, but thanks to the reader who pointed out the mistake) are on the DL. Zach Jackson, Masa Kobayashi, Josh Barfield and Tony Graffanino are in Triple-A.

Even a couple guys who joined the team late are gone. Vinnie Chulk, Rich Rundles and Matt LaPorta have come and gone back to Columbus, and David Dellucci was officially released today, three days after he was designated for assignment.

Today, Betancourt became the eighth player on the Tribe’s DL. Only the Rays, with nine, have more. The Indians have used the DL 10 times this season, equaling last year’s total (and you thought that club was snake-bitten) and surpassing the totals from 2007 (nine) and 2006 (7).

These guys are about as stable as a two-legged table.


  • All injury updates are posted in two stories on the Indians.com site. For information on Betancourt, Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner, Jake Westbrook, Scott Lewis, Anthony Reyes, Joe Smith and Aaron Laffey click here.
  • The other story is an update on Grady Sizemore’s condition. Basically, if Sizemore doesn’t respond to rest and treatment over the next two weeks, he’ll probably have arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow and miss an additional four to six weeks. We’ll see.
  • Tony Sipp is back, and Wedge said he won’t use him strictly in left-on-left matchups. What went wrong for Sipp in his last few big-league outings before his May 17 demotion? He said he let the game speed up on him, and he also made some bad pitch selections. “I was trying to throw a slider I didn’t have,” Sipp said.
  • Carl Pavano’s ERA since his first, disastrous start in a Tribe uniform is 4.06.
  • Martinez is back in the lineup, but he’ll be a slower version of his old self. I didn’t think that was possible, unless Martinez runs in reverse.
  • The fifth annual Mystery Ball charity event will take place Saturday, June 27, during the game against the Reds. The Indians Wives Association will sell 1,200 signed baseballs at $50 apiece. The balls are signed by players, coaches and managers from all around the Major Leagues. (If you get really lucky, you’ll get a Sal Fasano ball, but don’t count on it.) A silent auction will also take place in which fans can bid on a Kerry Wood game-used glove, a Victor Martinez catching mask and other items. All those who buy a mystery ball will also be entered into a raffle to win a batting practice experience and a meet and greet with Eric Wedge. The event will take place at Gates A and C that night.



The Mystery Ball Charity Event sounds like a fun event!


With my luck, my Mystery Ball would be one autographed by Josh Hafner, whoever he is.

Steve Phillips is just killing me. I’m so happy Choo stole second after Philips went on and on about him not being a threat to steal — you know, it’s not like he’s second on the team in steals this year. But, no, Philips uses his numbers from last year to back up his claims.

That was absolutely pathetic.
First, Shoppach bunts it in the air, then Garko gets doubled up. Now, I’ll be honest — it was hard for me to tell if Chamberlain caught it or not and Garko was pretty much in a pickle, because he would have been thrown out at third even if the ball hadn’t been caught (because the bunt was that bad). It didn’t look like Garko had a good view of it, either.
But Skinner had a great view of it, as evidenced by the replay of him, hands on his knees, watching it unfold before his eyes. Oh, I don’t know, maybe some kind of gesture to our runner on SECOND might have been in order??

I was hoping somebody else noticed Skinner doing absolutely nothing there.

40 strikeouts in 111 total plate appearances this season, batting just over .200 and can’t lay down a bunt… I don’t want you on my team.

Was there a single Indians’ fan in the world who thought Sowers should return after the 5th, no matter how well he’d pitched? No, really, did anyone think it was a good idea?

The Tribe had a few blunders and awful relief pitching (all those walks) – but the Yankees flat out beat us tonight. Joba had our number, we did NOTHING to adjust to him and as a result – looked foolish.
I think it is so funny to hear Phillips and Hershiser make observations and comments about our pitchers or managing decisions and our braintrust does either the opposite or takes no action.

Steve Phillips traded for Mo Vaughn so his credibility is nonexistent. I think Choo heard him make those comments as well since he stole third later on. I was like so many other fans, yelling at the television b/c this joker on ESPN is a NY-loving, idiot that couldn’t find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight.

I’ve noticed that the Indians seem to have had an unusually high number of injury problems over the past few years. Could this have something to do with their conditioning program? Or is something lacking in the way they warm-up before the games or bullpen sessions? It would be interesting to see how the Indians compare with the other teams over the past five years in terms of frequency and seriousness on injuries. I believe they would rank near top in these two categories. It might be time to take a thorough look to see if there is any way possible to reduce the number of injuries. Even if they had to pay a team of experts a million dollars, it would be money well-spent if it would avoid a serious injury to one of their players.

interesting post thanks!!! i really like it… Angel Blue Eyes😉

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