Perez returns, Dellucci designated

The David Dellucci era is over.

Dellucci, signed to a three-year contract before the 2007 season to be a platoon outfielder, was designated by assignment by the Indians on Friday, as the club recalled left-handed reliever Rafael Perez from Triple-A Columbus.

Perez, once a dominant setup man, struggled at the outset of the season and had to go to Columbus to refine his slider and regain his confidence. If the numbers are any indication, he’s done so. Perez threw nine scoreless innings for the Clippers, going 1-0 with a pair of saves.


About TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now hopefully someone grabs him (yah right) and has to pay some of the salary…

I thought it was comical when a day or so ago, someone made a comment with a potential trade we could make and include Dellucci in it. I think sometimes people don’t seem to realize, if we don’t want someone, there is probably a good reason, and other teams aren’t going to want him either. There are some teams that could use outfield help, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Columbus, assuming we want to hold on to him and accepts it, both are sort of big ifs.

I can’t help but think this is partially due to Garko’s production over the last few games — it seems like we’ll see more and more of DeRosa in the outfield (or Garko, for that matter). I doubt Wedge wants an outfield made up of all youngsters (assuming Grady is still DH-ing).
I like that we are going with 8 relievers again, particularly given how questionable our #4 and #5 starters are (heck, and our #2, for that matter). I do wonder what move they’ll make when Pronk comes back. The problem with Hafner is that he’s JUST a DH, when everyone else on the team is able to do multiple things (even the pitchers).

I assume when Hafner comes back they are making a decision on Sizemore, if he still can’t play in the outfield then he’ll be going to the DL

Well lets hope that they figure out what to do before June 12th, thats when interleague starts and if they keep with the 13 pitchers, 12 position players, then they will only have two players on the bench to come in.

Course this goes to prove one other thing, Looch is owed his contract as of this point in time, if they can’t find someone to take him they will still owe him, but that isn’t my point exactly, my point is this, if they are willing to DFA him oweing that much money then who could be the next to go? This is just another step to prove that no one is safe as we know, you could be a veteran, or a “kid”.

Then again I wonder if they may try to pull a Marte, DFA him and then when he isn’t claimed (if Looch isn’t) then they put him in the minors. Though I can’t wait to hear the official reason for this. Now I am a fan of Looch, so I will keep track of him wherever he goes, like I do Blake, and Gut. I do wish him well.

Actually you know if its simple inflammation of the elbow that just requires rest, they wouldn’t have to DL him [Sizemore], just option him down to AAA for the required 10 days or so, enough to give him the rest he needs and then they can quietly give him a rehab type of program then bring him right up when ready. It would just save putting him on the DL which he doesn’t want and if a medical problem happens and he is ready before the time is up, then he can be brought right back up.
Gives the contract options and info.

I’m as indifferent about him leaving as I was about him being on the team. I never part of the “Dellucci sucks” campaign because it was never like EVERYONE was above .300 and he was dragging them down, or holding them back. They paid too much for him, that’s for certain, but he was never really the worst player on the team.


Love the Hoynes article on it… (that was me being sarcastic)

“David Dellucci, the man Indians bloggers loved to hate, has been designated for assignment to make room for left-hander Rafael Perez.
Dellucci, for whatever reason, became a symbol for everything that has gone wrong with the Indians over the last three years.”
Umm I think he forgot there are a lot of other players on the team, hmm guess someone pee’d in his cornflakes.

“Perez, one of the big reasons that the Indians are in last place in the AL Central, was sent to Class AAA Columbus on May 6 after a horrible start out of the pen.”
RIIIIGHT, I thought it was Dellucci dude, and I guess he didn’t believe Raffie Right when he said it’s not all the Bullpen there are 25 guys here. So Raffie Right said it best, as did many others, they win and lose as a team and no one person is to blame.

It was all Dellucci’s fault. The Indians will be above .500 within 2 weeks

Yeah right, the guy should be condemned because he was a good teammate, including getting into a blue jays grill to defend Josh Barfield, hitting a three run homer off Chamberlin in a pinch hit last year. OHHHH Wait its a 25 man roster so I guess your wrong, its ALL their faults. But hey if you think its just his alone, alrighty but if your wrong about the five hundred part? and then if they get there can you prove that they wouldn’t have gotten there with him there? Might be hard to do.

I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get picked up, for the same reason I included him in my theoretical Dellucci/Shoppach for Penny trade: he’s a veteran who’s hitting .275 and can play outfield. He’d be a perfectly fine back-up outfielder for almost any team…any team that doesn’t already have a logjam of outfielders who are much better and need regular at bats.
A team like Boston, for example. I believe Atlanta is also looking for outfield help, so it wouldn’t shock me to see them take a chance on Dellucci.
Dellucci’s biggest problems with the Tribe were a) he was standing in the way of others and b) his contract.

I agree LACF (hope you don’t mind that I abbreviated your name), I know at some point he said he wanted to go into coaching when he ended his career. As to the outfield, he does play all three positions
LF: 429, RF: 230, CF: 63
Total Career games in Outfield
722 over 11 yrs. From 1997-2008 , With 6 teams.

did anyone else notice there is another la_cleveland_fan?? I hate to be the bearer of bad news to the new LACF but if you intend on being a consistent commenter, and we hope you are, we will have come up with another abbreviation for you as you can plainly see LACF has already been given out. Perhaps L_A_C_F or LACF2. Let the nickname come to the peanut gallery. Forcing nicknames and abbreviations is never a good idea. For me, I like the underscored version.

the post-Dellucci era is off to a bad start, 0-1. I was wrong, he was the heart of the team. They’re going to lose 8 of their next 10 games

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