"I am so smart! S-M-R-T!"

Former MLB.com and Indians.com associate reporter Andrew Gribble asked if there’s some rule stating that the Tribe must have at least one instance a year in which the night game before a noon game ends after midnight.

And the answer, of course, is yes. It’s on page 528 of the media guide, right underneath the note about the free pretzels and popcorn served in the press dining room.

But it’s not the quick turnaround that bothers me today. What bothers me is that I’m currently missing the semifinals of the prestigious Scripps National Spelling Bee.

And that, my friends, is why the good Lord created DVR.


  • Here’s pitching coach Carl Willis on the Tomo Ohka callup: “We just needed somebody who can give us some length. Having used Sowers [for five innings] three days ago, he still needs another day [off].”
  • Ohka is the 22nd pitcher on the staff this season, and we’re only at game No. 49. The club record is 32, in 2000. Last year, the Indians used 28 pitchers.
  • Sowers is probably the favorite for Monday’s start against the Yankees, at the moment, but things can change in a hurry around here. The Indians just have to see how the next few days go with their bullpen.
  • The Rays’ 16-game losing streak in Cleveland is the second-longest active losing streak by one club against one team in one city. The longest is the Pirates’ 18-game drought in Milwaukee.
  • The Indians have given up seven runs to the Rays in three games this year and won all three of them. The Rays are 15-0 in all other games in which they’ve scored seven runs.
  • The Rays (209) and Indians (198) rank first and second in the AL in walks.
  • Over the last 11 games, since May 16, the Indians’ bullpen has an ERA of 2.86. The relief ERA for the season is 5.05, which ranks 11th in the American League.
  • Ryan Garko is in the lineup for the fourth straight day, and, in no coincidence, he’s starting to heat up. Garko has three homers in the last three games and four homers in the last eight games in which he’s had an at-bat. He has 10 RBIs in that eight-game stretch. Garko has hit safely in 15 of his last 19 starts, batting .278 with four homers and 14 RBIs.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera is batting .325 (13-for-40) with five runs scored, three doubles, a homer and eight RBIs in nine games since being inserted into the leadoff spot.
  • I don’t know what this means, but the Indians are 5-2 when Jamey Carroll starts.
  • The last time the Tribe swept a four-game series was last July 10-13 — against the Rays, no less.
  • Don’t forget that Sunday’s game against the Yankees is a 12:40 p.m. ET start, rather than the usual 1:05 p.m. start, because the game is on TBS.



They’re also averaging 6.3 runs per game since Cabrera went to the leadoff spot … So, a week into the season the fans were screaming for them to send Perez down, and no one knew why Kobayashi was even on the team coming out of spring training, and everyone’s been saying they should move Grady out of leadoff for over a year … weird how when they send Perez and Kobayashi down and move Sizemore down in the order, the bullpen and the offense start performing much better

I am at work and cannot watch or listen to the game right now. Any idea when the game may get going again? I assume with this being Tampas only visit this year, that they will wait it out no matter how long, but what is the word on how long that may be? Thanks.

Cue the line from the asian grounds crew…

isavage30….I couldn’t agree with you more!!! Grady can bunt, he can beat out a double play, he can hit for power, he’s a pull hitter….ummm, hello!!! Those are all things you want your number TWO HITTER TO BE!!! Especially with the way that Cabrera can handle the bat. He’s getting on constantly, and guess what…the INdiots are scoring a ton of runs. And since his move to the number two hole, Grady has bunted I don’t know how many times. American League or not…doing the little things like bunting guys over is very very important, especially hitting in front V-Mart!!!!

Also, Wedge has’d to quit looking at historical numbers and go with the 25 guys that break camp looking the best. I don’t care how much you’re paying Kobayashi!!!! If he’s stinking it up in Spring Training against a bunch of guys who are either trying to make their repective teams (AAA guys) or guys that are trying to find their swings after 4 months off….what makes you think he’s going to be worth a darn against genuine big league ball clubs and hitters?! He was a flop…its called a sunk cost!!! Simple 5th grade economics will tell you that you don’t factor in sunk costs into future decisions!!!!!!!! This team doesn’t need a new GM…they need an economist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dellucci DFA. Rejoice!

Now no more Dellucci, I think the fans should run this team. Another thing we’ve been screaming about that should have happened a year ago

I have to wonder about the Perez move though, I would’ve stuck with Rundles and given Perez a little more time at Columbus

Ehh…..I don’t know, I think Perez is ready. He has been very solid in Columbus, and seems to have his stuff in order. It’s not as if it will be his first look top-side, and he knows what to expect. I would like to think he has a shot of confidence from his stint in AAA and a lot to prove with the Tribe. I think the right mix of confidence and motivation is present. Good things should happen. *knock on wood*

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