Jackson starting Wednesday, Rundles optioned out

As expected, it’s LHP Zach Jackson getting the start tomorrow night against the Rays.

Rich Rundles was optioned back to Columbus after tonight’s game.


High socks people… its catching on!

Happy to see Zach visiting tonight. Here’s hoping the fellas can keep it going!

Yes! I think Grady has done it the past two games…..which we have both won. Coincidence? I think not!

Zach, Garko (hitting nicely thankyouverymuch) and Grady. Its one of those little dorky baseball things that I have always enjoyed. However, not everyone “can. pull. it. off.”

depending on the age of you two (bvielhaber and jkrumwiede) you may or may not remember that the 1995 Indians season was nicknamed “a sock-cess story”

High socks are definitely the reason we are winning. It shouldn’t stop.

Yep amseeley, I remember, for Thome’s birthday.


Maybe this should become common place at Progressive Field during rain delays.

This goes along with the high socks in my book. And I’m not endorsing either team, although didn’t Nagy go to UConn?

Oh yes amseeley, I remember it well. I started wearing my socks up after that. I think this season will start to pick up now. Keep ’em high boys!

Definitely 1997 that was the “sock-cess story”

What is this “Pro-gress-ive Field” place you speak of? Some minor league team’s stadium?

bvielhaber I second that. Great video. I hope this happens.
And LACF I have no idea what they’re talking about. I have never heard of it.

If the Tribe doesn’t get out of the cellar soon, they can call it Regressive Field.

I wonder how often the players read this blog. I sure hope they do…..and I sure hope they “keep up” the sock trend.

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