Crowe called up, LaPorta sent down

Matt LaPorta’s first stint in the Major Leagues is over. LaPorta was sent down today, with outfielder Trevor Crowe getting the call from Triple-A Columbus for his second exposure to the bigs.

LaPorta’s hot start at Triple-A did not carry over into the Majors. He hit .190 (8-for-42) with a double, a homer and four RBIs. He struck out 11 times and walked four times.

Crowe, who can play all three positions in the outfield and serve as a late-inning pinch-runner, batted .182 (6-for-33) with a double and four RBIs after opening the season with the Tribe. He was optioned to Columbus on May 2 and hit .230 (17-for-74) with two doubles, a homer and six RBIs in 21 games, and he hit .333 (9-for-27) with a double, homer and two RBIs over his last six games.

UPDATE: Regarding the comment below, for those paranoid that the Crowe move is indicative that Sizemore’s elbow condition is potentially a DL situation, I would say your fears are very much justified. Sizemore just told me his elbow hasn’t gotten any better and has been bothering him all season. More on this on the site in a little bit.


Paranoid people taking this as a sign that Sizemore’s elbow is worse than they’re saying. I think they’re… well paranoid (which is understandable with this club & it’s hush-hush injury history) as he seems fine to me.

But what do you think, AC? Anything you hear or see that says different?

I would think that they’re trying to protect LaPorta. Being a platoon outfielder just isn’t good for a young guy who needs to be getting consistant, everyday at-bats. I honestly think AAA is a better spot for him right now. But, I don’t know if Trever Crowe is really going to be any different at the plate this time around. We shall see…..

Thanks, AC. Do they have any idea what may be wrong? Tendonitis, bone spurs/chips, what?

Whatever the case, let’s just hope that they make the decision that is best for his health. No need to make a relatively minor situation into a very large one. That won’t help the team at all.

Lets be honest about Sizemore. We won’t be losing much production with him shut down, but still, why not keep LaPorta up here? For the first time he could play everyday for 2+ weeks. I give Wedge and Shapiro a resounding ‘F’ in their handling of LaPorta and even more…I’m absolutely furious these two clowns once again have lied to us fans about the health of a key player from the outset. I can’t stand these two bird brains. Get ’em out.

Not exactly true, Strummer. He was starting to come around the past several games.

Oh don’t get me wrong I love Sizemore as much as the next Tribe fan, but his strikeout total is too high and if he is limited to the DH role he isn’t offering much at the moment. I don’t mind shutting him down for a month (heaven forbid) but I worry and hope this isn’t something that will require a major surgery eventually.

Alright, then shut Grady down NOW and let him start to heal…

Un grand oui !

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