Reyes might have season-ending surgery

Anthony Reyes’ chronic right elbow problem appears bound for surgical adjustment that would end his season.

Reyes’ elbow was examined Monday by team physician Dr. Mark Schickendantz, who has diagnosed Reyes with ulnar neuritis and recommended that Reyes receive an ulnar nerve transposition.

Reyes will visit specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles later this week to get a second opinion. If the surgery is performed, the recovery period is between four to six months, according to head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff.

Other medical updates today:

Aaron Laffey will be out four to six weeks with his right oblique strain.

Travis Hafner (sore right shoulder) was pulled from his rehab assignment after three at-bats yesterday because of tightness in his back. It is not considered serious. Hafner will take BP here at Progressive Field on Tuesday and Wednesday and return to Columbus to resume his rehab assignment later this week.

Joe Smith (strained right rotator cuff) threw a 40-pitch bullpen today and will throw a live batting practice session here Wednesday. He could go out on rehab by the end of the week.

Jake Westbrook (Tommy John surgery) will advance to three innings or 50 pitches in his next extended spring outing this week. He will likely go out on rehab assignment the first week of June and will probably make four or five starts in the Minors before he’s ready to rejoin the Tribe.


I think we can do without Reyes, but we’ll need Laffey and Smith later in the season. I just wish we would stop losing our pitchers to injury. We have enough problems with them as is!

“Need” implies that there will be something to play for. Fausto’s outing so far today seems to suggest that won’t happen.
We have very little pitching. Gradykid mentioned in another thread that we should deal LaPorta to SF for Cain. It would probably take more than that now, and perhaps something other than LaPorta, but it’s something to think about. It’s time to do something with that log jam we have at first and a few of our extra outfielders.
I think our goal now should be getting everyone healthy for next year, with a rotation of Lee, Westbrook, Lewis, Laffey, and Carmona, with Rondon, Gomez, and Huff in the minors (and Sowers, I guess). Imagine adding a guy like Cain to that list. SF needs bats. Could be a win win.

Hey, there’s always next year, right?
I have been holding on to hope that in this poor division, and with a lot of baseball left to play, we can get this turned around. But it is becoming more and more evident that we have NO pitching whatsoever, and without pitching, there is not chance of us winning consistently.

If I’d been diagnosed by a Dr. “Chicken Dance” I’d want a second opinion too. Season ending surgery for Reyes would be good news. He stinks. At least we could then put him on the 60 day D.L. and use his roster spot.

well, can this season get any worse?

you mean, can it get any better than this. WHOO!!!! could it be the turnaround we need. good grief, what a game.

I didn’t watch again.
And again we won.
I AM a curse on the Indians! AH!!

Honestly I turned the game off after the third inning. Now I wish I hadn’t. And while I’m still not convinced that we will turn it around, it sure was nice to see a celebration.

Honestly I turned the game off after the third inning. Now I wish I hadn’t. And while I’m still not convinced that we will turn it around, it sure was nice to see a celebration.

Nice win!
Odds are we will most likely lose tomorrow and definitely lose on Wednesday.

As for the injuries, if they have any faith in this team, they have to sign Pedro to an incentive deal NOW

I’m pretty sure Pedro’s in a position to ask for guaranteed money.

Not for nothin’, but tonight lends a bit of credence to my “second starter” idea, that we should have eight relievers, for of whom are normally starters. Granted, one of those four was supposed to be Laffey in my dream world, but Sowers was supposed to be another one.
Also — is Garko going to have to cut a ***** to play more often?

Only way Garko will play if Wedgie will stop putting DeRosa at a position he never plays.

I would venture a guess that even two HRs won’t get Garko into the lineup consistently over the next 7 games b/c his name isn’t Jamey Carroll. Carmona needs to have “arm fatigue” and work out his issues at Columbus for the month of June b/c I’m tired of his nonsense. I’m perplexed and disappointed by David Huff but whatever. It looks as if Hafner’s sore back has given David Dellucci a reprieve from the governor for another two weeks. Here’s hoping he never sees the field during that time. Hard to feel sorry for him knowing either way he’s going to make $4.5M in a Cleveland economy boasting 10.2% unemployment. Despite the great comeback yesterday I must reiterate something I said a while ago: we don’t play Detroit until after the first week of July, they are playing great right now and they just might have the division locked up by the AS break. Until we win like 10 straight games I am going to be a realist, which most people think is pessimism.

I’m with you, AM. I will say this, though: we haven’t played Baltimore, Seattle, or Oakland this year, either. While we might be one of the worst teams in the league, the only other team as bad as us that we’ve played is Chicago, and we took 2 of 3 from them.
We desperately need pitching, though. Who’s starting Wednesday? Jackson?
We should talk to the Giants (worst offense in the NL, 6th best pitching) or the Mets (3rd in pitching, but don’t really need offense) or the Red Sox (who will supposedly be dealing Penny soon).
The hardest part about all of this is that, if we can just get close by the All Star break (say, 5-6 games), we’ll have Smith, Laffey, Lewis, and Westbrook back. I mean, imagine that…

Nice of them to come out the day after I officially concede our season and turn in a game that could potentially be a turning point in the season. We all know that if they do well from here on out, at the end of the year, many will turn to this game as the indicator or the one that got the ball rolling. Why can’t they just allow my interest and faith in them (for the season) to slowly dissipate rather than give me false hope?

Can we put Westbrook into witness protection? I’m very, very concerned that he will be rushed back and not fully healed to make up for the pitching situation.

Congrats to Ryan Garko for (another) great performance. I hope I wasn’t hearing things last night during the broadcast of the post-gamer with Wedge who actually thought the 3-run dong was a bad thing, “because it cleared the bases”… please tell me I heard that wrong.

AMseeley – normally we’re on the same page, but why are you hating on Dellucci. The dude hasn’t seen the field in two weeks because The Franchise has been tearing it up (.195).

Just keep in mind, he’s not the only one making money. Your can’t miss closer is getting 10 large ones a year, and I could throw out Hafner, Westbrook, and even Carmona at this point.

We need to institute a 2-year maximum rule on all our deals.

bvielhaber, my dislike for Dellucci is based on his lack of production, which is typically hit or miss with a platoon player, and Mark Shapiro’s decision to give him a 3 year contract. The length of the contract bothers me most. I posed a question earlier about who would you rather have: Dellucci and Carroll ($6.5M) or Bobby Abreu ($5M)? I’d take the latter.

You bring up good questions about Shapiro’s negotiating skills. It is a topic we have loosely discussed previously. I still don’t mind Kerry Wood’s contract. The injury was unfortunate but Westbrook’s contract at the time was justifiable despite the fact that when it’s all said and done we will only get a healthy Westbrook for ~15 months of the 3 year deal. It should be noted that Chris Antonetti negotiated Westbrook’s deal b/c his agent is Shapiro’s father. Conversely, at the time, Hafner’s contract was unjustified since they knew he was hurt. These are great hindsight 20/20 questions but if we are to give Shapiro credit for one year wonder guys like Kevin Millwood, Juan Gonzalez circa 2001 et. al. then we must also ridicule the Roberto Hernandez and Aaron Fultz’s of the world. You remember Fultz? Shapiro picked up his option year then dumped him before spring training ended… classic.

Ok, but what kind of production did you expect for someone who was signed just to be a part-time player?

Here’s my overall take: you can’t get better on the bench, you need everyday playing time to develop a rhythm and a good feel at the plate. And you also need more at bats to get though the stretches where you can’t buy a hit. People complain about Shoppach – who did very well last season when he was playing everyday. Again, why didn’t they just settle on Shoppach/Martinez/Garko in the lineup everyday?

There are only two people on this team who are guaranteed to be in the lineup, barring injury: Martinez & Sizemore. I just wonder what situation we’d be in if we could make a decision on who our 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, DH, and C would be.

I’m not questioning the negotiating skills. I am questioning our talent evaluation abilities. If you’re going to knock the thing down to the ground and start over with coaching/managing next year, you better swing the sledgehammer through the scouting & player development staff too.

bvielhaber, not entirely true, there are now seemingly 5 guys guaranteed a spot, Sizemore, Choo, Cabrera, Martinez and Peralta, but only 2, Choo and Sizemore, play the same position every day. The talent evaluation is nonexistent. The Derosa trade was a prime example, it was a hedge against Cabrera sucking. They couldn’t make a decision about whether the players they already had were any good. Should have gone with Peralta to 3B to begin the season, with Cabrera and Valbuena as the everyday SS and 2B. I loved the story from the other day about how they’re shopping Derosa, trying to trade him for some major league ready pitching … 2 months into a season after they traded away a “major league ready” pitcher to get him. But whatever, their prospects for this year are nonexistent unless Carmona can turn it around, and there is zero evidence to suggest that he can. Soon they will have to send him to the minors to get repaired by another pitching coach.

isavage, they traded for DeRosa to play third. They traded for Valbuena as insurance in case Cabrera sucked. If they actually traded DeRosa as insurance on Cabrera they’d, oh, I don’t know, play him at second every once in a while, particularly since they have the chance almost every game.

isavage: I’ll give you that, I stand corrected, there are 5 players guaranteed a spot in the lineup, if their bats are hot🙂

And I love the bit about “a hedge against Cabrera sucking.” That’s the problem with this framework: everything is a hedge against sucking.

Whats the over/under on Garko being in the lineup tonight? That’s right – Shop is catching because its Pavano tonight, so that’s means Victor at 1B and uh, um, Grady still DH-ing?

They actually really did trade for Derosa because they weren’t convinced Cabrera could be the SS of thefuture, or that’s what the stated reason was for not moving Peralta to 3b, remember, they traded for Derosa after they had already made the Valbuena trade. As for why after having Derosa on the team they dont just play him at 2nd, and go with Peralta, Cabrera, Derosa, Martinez/Garko? It’s apparently too logical

I would love to see a 90% permanent position lineup. I will never forget the day that Garko was in left-field, and DeRosa was at 1st base. If I recall correctly, there was a misplay at each position, simply because they weren’t accustom to those positions. Poor Ryan……he did his best to get to those fly balls.

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