I'll get put in the back on the discount rack, like another can of beans

The Taste of Cincinnati is taking place downtown this weekend, and I must say I’m a little disappointed with the musical lineup.

Don’t the organizers of this event know the proper “Taste of [insert city name here]” protocol? The entertainment selection at the Cincinnati includes Randy Houser, the Rusty Griswolds, Katie Todd and Big Whiskey.

Taste2009banner.jpgNow, I’ll confess I’ve never heard of any of these people or bands. And for all I know, they are all brilliant. But the Cincinnati selection seems to veer more toward up-and-comers than has-beens, and that’s a shame. None of these bands have been through the rigors of mild to modest success on the charts, followed by the humiliation of accepting an invitation to play at some Midwest city’s rib cook-off.

Third Eye Blind knows the drill. They’re performing at the Greater Cleveland Rib Cook-off this weekend. The same goes for Bret Michaels. And washed-up rockers like Michael Stanley and Donnie Iris are regulars at the Taste of Cleveland.

Get with the program, Cincy. The Taste of Cincinnati should include the taste of musical defeat.


  • Jhonny Peralta was once again out of the lineup and once again available off the bench. Wedge said he didn’t want to push Peralta, who jammed his right wrist sliding into third Friday night, because Peralta was just beginning to find his swing. Wedge didn’t want Peralta to compensate for the soreness and alter his swing. Peralta hopes to be back in the lineup Monday.
  • Wedge confirmed that Jeremy Sowers will get the starting nod either Wednesday or Thursday against the Rays. Huff is listed as the probable starter for Thursday, but Wedge said the Indians were still deciding whether or not to give Huff another start. As for Sowers, he was available out of the bullpen today, because this would have been his day to throw on the side, anyway.
  • Mark DeRosa arrived to the ballpark today and found a full set of hockey gear — a mask, pads, shin guards and a stick — set up at his locker. Some prankster put the gear there after DeRosa took a Jonny Gomes squibber off the right shin. The play was ruled an error on DeRosa, who has looked a bit rough around the edges at first base. But hard to fault him for that error, as the ball clearly had a lot of English on it. That was evidenced by the fact that it went off his shin and bounced all the way toward shortstop. “It was a tornado,” DeRosa said.
  • As for the hockey gear, DeRosa and closer Kerry Wood had some fun with it. Wood put it on and defended a baseball shot toward him by DeRosa, who admitted hockey was never his area of expertise as a kid.
  • Wedge said he’s starting to see some stability in the bullpen, and Greg Aquino (five scoreless innings), Luis Vizcaino (three scoreless innings in two appearances since the game-winning homer allowed to B.J. Upton on May 15) and Matt Herges (1.86 ERA in 9 2/3 innings) have played a big role in that. “They get it,” Wedge said of those three veterans who joined the organization this year. “You get to a certain point in time in your career where your heartbeat is where it needs to be. Regardless of what role you’re in, you get it.”
  • Cliff Lee was gearing up for his Interleague start by taking a few dry swings in the locker room. Victor Martinez’s 4-year-old son, Victor Jose, was also swinging a bat. “Today,” Lee told little Victor, “I’m going to be just like your papi.”
  • Speaking of papi Martinez, he is the 10th-hardest hitter to strike out in the AL. He has just one strikeout per 11.8 plate appearances. He’s walked 25 times and struck out 17.
  • Lastly, the Rays are coming to Cleveland this week, and it will be interesting to see if any lingering emotions remain from last week’s drama in The Trop. Rays manager Joe Maddon received a $500 fine for inciting the benches-clearing, non-fracas that ensued between the Tribe and the Rays, and he called the fine “unjust.”



Wow, did the 3rd base ump give us back the run that was stolen from us in Tampa?

Donnie Iris washed up? The city of Pittsburgh disagrees with you. Iris! (lighter in the air)

The city of Pittsburgh does not get an opinion, therefore cannot disagree. Sorry, standard protocol.

Bad move on the Micheal Stanlet diss, you might get beat up back in Cleveland. I had a thought, why not fire Carl Willis and hire Sal Fasano as pitching coach ?

So hockey wasn’t DeRosa’s childhood sport. What was, I wonder? I sure can’t tell.

1) The Entertainer by Billy Joel great song

2) I know no one will agree…but how about packaging LaPorta to the Giants for Matt Cain?

gradykid, my father-in-law’s a lifetime Giants fan and there was a lot of talk in the off-season about dealing Cain for a bat. I just wonder if it will take more than LaPorta at this point, given the way Cain has started the season.

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