Reyes leaves with elbow inflammation, Laffey injures side

You had to figure something was wrong with Anthony Reyes, who lasted just three innings in which he threw only 23 of his 59 pitches for strikes tonight.

The Indians just announced that Reyes left the game with right elbow inflammation. No further word yet on the severity of the injury, but obviously Reyes has a history of chronic elbow trouble.

POSTGAME UPDATE: No official word on the status of Reyes or Aaron Laffey, who left in the eighth inning with an injury to his right side — possibly the oblique muscle.

Both Reyes and Laffey will be evaluated Saturday to determine if they must go on the DL.

Given Reyes’ command and velocity issues this season, it’s reasonably safe to assume this elbow thing isn’t a new development. As for Laffey, the side injury is a new one.

If Reyes and/or Laffey do go on the DL, there aren’t a heck of a lot of promising options down on the farm. Jeremy Sowers (who has not been in Columbus for 10 days but would be eligible to come back in the event of an injury), Zach Jackson, tomo Ohka and Kirk Saarloos are options in Columbus. Hector Rondon is back in the Akron rotation, but I doubt the Indians would promote him so soon.

The starter issue won’t sprout up until the middle of next week. In the meantime, if the Indians need bullpen help, they have the option of bringing back Rafael Perez, who has tossed six scoreless innings for Columbus since his May 6 demotion. They could take a look at John Meloan, but his 6.75 ERA is a little scary.

We’ll know more tomorrow, as tends to be the case in life.


That’s too bad — you never want to see anyone get hurt.
On the flipside, he hasn’t really been lighting it up this year. I would imagine they’ll bring up Ohka if Reyes goes on the DL.
We could really use Scott Lewis back.

And now Laffey.
Welcome back, AC. I guess the Tribe wants to keep you busy this evening.

Down go’s Laffey.

It is kind of fitting that we’d lose the one thing we need the most: pitching.
You’d think I would have learned by now that no matter how bad things get for a Cleveland sports team, it can always (and most likely will) get worse.

I think we’ll see Meloan and Perez tomorrow with Meloan back to Columbus and Saarloos for the start in five days. Reyes and Laffey to the D/L.

When I heard Reyes was hurt, I thought, “No problem, we can just bring Laffey back into the rotation.” So much for that idea . . . if the season wasn’t over already, I’d say if Laffey lands on the DL, it may as well be.

I hate to say I told you so since I never publicly stated my opinion on this particular site but how many of you had conversations with other fans about the potential of Aaron Laffey being on the DL by the AS break given the way he’s been treated? I know I did. I’m not saying the club has overused him but he’s been a starter his ENTIRE career and changes like this (ala Rondon) are detrimental (usually) for a pitcher that is effective in a certain role. Look at what the Dodgers did to John Meloan last year because of a lack of SP depth. They took a dominant RP and messed with his mechanics and most importantly his approach. It is never a good idea.

LACF, I am going to piggy-back your previous idea about what the Detroit Tigers did with Armando Galarraga and Rick Porcello: bring up Hector Rondon and let him skip triple-A entirely. He should be getting called up to Columbus sometime soon anyhow. Give him a shot. If he flops for a month at the ML level then send him down south to see how he responds to his first stint of adversity in his pro career. We have nothing to lose. Who knows when Scott Lewis will be back. Roll with Lee, Pavano, Carmona, Huff and Rondon for a while. Obviously, no one’s job is at stake to try something off the wall.

and IF Reyes is to return this year he should do so out of the bullpen. The injury may force Westbrook into the rotation despite my previous desires to see him eased back into action out of the bullpen.

and for some comedy relief look at this website. WARNING: this site is almost entirely Red Sox fans speculating about Boston trading for Victor Martinez so be prepared to grow wings and fly above the (ahem) fecal matter.

You know amseeley, if the Red Sox were really willing to trade Buchholz for Martinez, I’d say go for it. This year is lost, so they only have Martinez for one more year anyway. Martinez is never going to hit better than he has so far this year, and look how much it’s helped the team, 16-27. They had one of the best records in the majors in the 2nd half last year without him. The point being, individual performers are overrated by fans, look at the Red Sox, no Manny, and basically no David Ortiz, but they’re winning just about as many games. The Indians needs pitching, more pitching, and a consistent lineup. They can go with Shoppach full time at C this year, bring up Carlos Santana next year. If Santana doesn’t work out for next year for whatever reason, I think Shoppach has shown he can perform when he plays every day, but he can’t get in synch when he’s part time.

isavage, I have to say that not much of what Buchholz has done in his pro career has impressed me. I link him with Phil Hughes in that respect. Big upside, terribly inconsistent. Victor Martinez should and would garner a hefty pricetag in the trade market. Not because he’s hitting .400 but b/c his averages over his 4+ seasons are impressive at a premium position. Additionally, I would not see Shapiro trading away one of our cornerstones to the organizational anti-Christ. Eventually you would think that our organization would pay to keep ONE of our players. Sizemore would likely be too expensive. Martinez is a loyal guy and would fit that bill IMO. I agree that the development of Carlos Santana could possibly force the issue next year but I doubt Shapiro makes that leap for 2010. I disagree with your analysis on Shoppach. It seems as if you’re giving him a free pass this season under the guise of (lack of) consistent playing time. I still maintain, hindsight 20/20, if Shapiro knew how well Toregas and especially Gimenez were to play in the spring then Shoppach would have been dealt. You have to play your way into the lineup (unless you’re Ryan Garko would apparently kicked Wedge’s dog in Arizona) and Shoppach has done nothing to deserve more PT.

As usual, AM, I agree with what you’re saying, from Rondon to Shoppach and Martinez. I would add that with Santana ideally being the future behind the plate, Victor will most likely be made our every day first baseman and we’ll finally put an end to all this rotating of corner fielders.
Then again, a lot of that assume we can end this year on a high note and actually compete next year.

moving Martinez to 1B long term carries with it an inherent problem that we’ve been talking about for a while. Regrettably, I think that Garko and even Aubrey have run their course with this team for the long term in the eyes of the organization. If Martinez is the answer at 1B, Santana develops behind the plate at an even speed compared to his bat, which could progress faster than his glove/receiving skills, then where does Beau Mills fit into this picture for 2010 and beyond? He’s another young, terribly productive hitter with power. What about LaPorta at 1B with an eventual outfield of Weglarz, Brantley, possibly Trevor Crowe, Stephen Head, or the aforementioned LaPorta. This scenario I’m developing is obviously post-2012 and the Grady Sizemore era.

I’m not sure why you guys hate on Shoppach so much, he’s only got 71 ABs all year. Other than the SOs, he’s doing better than Garko, who you complain needs more ABs. Shoppachs OBP is .360 (actually 4th best on the team), Garko’s .330, and Shoppach has one more HR in 25 fewer ABs. Even with his struggles this year, 3 HRs in 71 ABs still projects to over 20 given a full season. Obviously, it would be better if he didn’t strike out 40% of the time, but if he can hit 25 HRs with a .360 OBP, that’s not terrible as a catcher batting in the lower 3rd of the order. Again, preferably Santana steps in next year anyway, I’m saying Shoppach can still be a decent stopgap solution otherwise. As you said, the organization has a ton of outfield and 1B prospects, Martinez doesn’t fit in well at 1B because he’s blocking either Laporta or Mills, and really Laporta doesn’t fit in the OF because even without Sizemore, you still have Choo, Brantley, Crowe, and the guys who’re currently at Akron. And speaking of Sizemore, I’d be less concerned about signing him, and more concerned with getting something better than a .300 OBP out of him. Last I checked, I didn’t think that batting .220 and striking out 170 times a year commanded anything near $10 million a year, I think it actually gets you sent to the minors

Yeah, I think something’s going to have to give at first, and I think that keeping what amounts to the heart of this team (in Victor) will trump everything else. Don’t forget about Jordan Brown, too. There will be a spot for one of those guys at DH, I’m sure.
I would expect to see LaPorta stay in the outfield, not just because of our log jam at first, but because he can play the position and it’s been a while since we had a big bat out there.
I’d actually look sooner, like 2011, which keeps Grady in the mix and gives two years for guys like Santana, Rondon, and Gomez to work their way up to the majors. Heck, Rondon could be up next year, assuming he gets the call to Columbus soon like you’ve suggested (and I don’t see why he wouldn’t, particularly since the Tribe keeps stealing all their pitchers).
I don’t know what Jhonny’s contract is like, but he’s another guy I don’t see being around in two years time.

Thinking about this more, I’d actually say they’d be foolish NOT to trade Victor. Success next year will depend on Carmona figuring out how to throw strikes again, Westbrook returning and pitching like Westbrook, some prospect, any prospect, pitching well when they’re called up, (Rondon, Huff,Sowers, whoever), Perez and J. Lewis either pitching like it’s 2007, or other bullpen help, Sizemore batting above .270. Even if they lost Victor and received nothing in return, they could compete if they can fix the bullpen and get Lee, good Carmona, good Westbrook and one starting pitching prospect to pan out. Get a high end pitching prospect in return for Victor, and the odds of success increase.

I think it might actually help their team chemistry if they were to move Martinez. Right now he’s the only leader on the team it seems, if he were to step aside, others on the team will be forced to step up, and that could be a good thing. They did do ok without him on the field last year

Speaking of pitching prospects, does anyone know what the deal is with Kelvin de la Cruz? Struck out 19 in 2 starts at Kinston, then had a forearm injury or something, and the guy hasn’t pitched in over a month, was this a major injury?

I’ll say we will have a better chance to win with Rondon than we will with Sowers.

isavage, I think trading Victor would be a disaster. I don’t think his leadership is preventing anyone from stepping up. Besides, we’re looking at a middle of the order that’s starting to put it together. Our 1-4 could be great the way we have it now (which is why they should bring Pronk back lower in the order, I think).
cantonguy, I agree. Besides a) what do we have to lose and b) it would certainly be more interesting to watch.

you could be right lacf, I actually think the indians’ focus on “character” guys is seriously misplaced. I always thought they lost a lot of their edge when Albert Belle left, and Kenny Lofton, I always loved how he never, ever took a strike, it was ALWAYS the umpire’s mistake. They got a little of their edge back when they had R Alomar, got to admire a guy who gets mad enough to spit in an umpire’s face. Thome, nice enough seeming guy, but no emotion. Martinez and Cabrera are the only guys who seem real competitve. Sheffield wants to beat them up, at least

Maybe Valbuena can add to that. He seems like he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder! But I agree, there really aren’t any “tough guys” on our team. I think Pronk has the potential, though.

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