Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

Cavs-Magic? Fugghetaboutit. It’s time for the Ohio Cup (presented by the Ohio Lottery), baby!

DunnRobOhioCup-thumb-360x270-1176171.jpgThe Ohio Cup — yes, there is an actual object, and here it is pictured with Reds media relations legend Rob Butcher and former Reds outfielder Adam Dunn — was just wheeled out on the field and polished in front of an adoring crowd. And an orchestra is tuning up for the National Anthem by performing spectacular renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Bah Bah Black Sheep.”

If you’re not here… you’re somewhere else.


  • Two game-time changes to note. The Sunday, June 14, game against the Cardinals has been picked up by ESPN as the “Sunday Night Baseball” special, so the game time has been changed from 1:05 p.m. ET to 8:09 p.m. Also, the Saturday, July 4, game against the A’s has been dropped from FOX’s broadcast slate and is now a 7:05 p.m. game on SportsTime Ohio, rather than a 4:05 p.m. game. An Independence Day fireworks spectacle will follow the game.
  • Jhonny Peralta is back at shortstop and Asdrubal Cabrera is back at second base… for tonight, anyway. Eric Wedge said the decision to move those guys back to their original roles came down to his desire to get Ryan Garko into tonight’s lineup, with the hope that Garko can “run into one” against Arroyo. Wedge also wanted to keep Mark DeRosa in the lineup because of his strong numbers against Arroyo (9-for-21 with a double and a homer).
  • I have a hunch Wedge never eats the same breakfast on consecutive days.
  • Grady Sizemore is back in the outfield tonight after spending the Kansas City series in the DH spot. He tested his out his sore left elbow with a game of catch after stretch and was reportedly feeling better today. “The time in the DH spot was good for him,” Wedge said.
  • While the blog was on hiatus, Akron right-hander Jeanmar Gomez went out and threw an 87-pitch perfect game against Trenton in a 3-0 victory Thursday. It was the first perfect game in Aeros franchise history and the first nine-inning, complete-game shutout since right-hander Adam Miller had one in August 2006. It was the first perfect game in the Minors since July 15, 2007. Gomez struck out eight batters. He is now 4-0 with one run allowed in 29 innings for an ERA of 0.31. Opponents are batting .097 off him.
  • Joe Smith (strained right rotator cuff) is with the club here in Cincy. He threw a 25-pitch bullpen session Thursday and will throw another bullpen here on Sunday. The plan is for Smith to pitch to hitters when the Indians get back home early in the coming week and then send him out on a rehab assignment.
  • Smith was happy to come on this last leg of the trip — not just because he’s a Cincinnati native but also because being the only guy back at Progressive Field got a little tiresome. “I was begging to get out of there,” he said. “I was there by myself.”
  • Travis Hafner (sore right shoulder) is 7-for-17 in his rehab assignment. He had another three hits, including a double, and three RBIs in Columbus’ 6-4 win at Buffalo on Thursday. He’ll play again tonight and on Sunday, getting Saturday off. Wedge said this will be an important test for Hafner, playing three out of four games. Pronk will be evaluated after Sunday’s action to determine if he’s ready to rejoin the Tribe on Monday in Cleveland. “He’s got to be able to withstand the volume, first of all,” Wedge said. “And secondly, we want to see a swing that works.”
  • Clippers manager Torey Lovullo sees that swing. “He’s taking some good, powerful swings under the ball,” Lovullo told reporters. “What we saw seven days ago was a guy who’s timing was out of whack. Each day, it’s progressed and gotten better.”
  • Brandon Phillips talked to Cincinnati reporters about his Tribe tenure. The gist is that Phillips and Wedge didn’t mesh. “Everything I did wasn’t on their standard,” Phillips said.
  • Jensen Lewis, who hasn’t pitched in a game in a week, joked that he feels like he’s on “paid vacation.” He threw in the bullpen in Kansas City and was told by Wedge that he’s currently in more of a long relief role as he tries to get straightened out.
  • The Indians are 108-103 all-time in Interleague Play.



Jensen Lewis could get that long relief action, the way Reyes has started this game.
Speaking of which, AC, any word on Scott Lewis’ progression? I think you said he’d had a set back not long ago.
If only there were a way to get Garko in the line-up and keep Jhonny, Asdrubal, AND DeRosa in the line-up, too, plus keep Jhonny at third…there must be some way…man, if only DeRosa had some experience playing second…

Reyes has developed Willis disease, aka the inability to throw strikes, which gets more pronounced the longer a pitcher is within close proximity to the Indians pitching coach, joining Sowers, Carmona, Sipp, Laffey, Wood, and previously, Fernando Cabrera and Guthrie in the ranks of the afflicted

Awww Joe! He is going to be amazing when he gets back.

The Ohio Cup? Oh – I’m not there! lol!


And yet, Cabrera still walked people in Baltimore.
I have to ask again, if Willis is to blame for guys like Perez walking people, then he’s also to blame for Perez being great the last two years. Perez has had the same pitching coach for three years now. So has Carmona. What, exactly, did Willis supposedly do to make them start walking people when they were so good under him before?

Pronk’s tearing it up for Columbus again today. It seems like he’ll be joining us next week.

not sure lacf, it’s a mystery of Willis disease as to what causes it, other than being near Willis. Perez and Carmona were good at first because they had been recently coached by someone else. Some take longer to show affects, Sowers took a half season, Sipp, about a week, while others like Westbrook, are immune. The job of a pitching coach should be to work on correcting flaws in delivery, etc, Willis doesnt exactly seem to be doing too good of a job with this, does he?

It might have anything to do with the fact that we just have bad pitchers. And, as I’ve said before, if he gets credit for “ruining” Fausto, he deserves credit for “fixing” Lee. You can’t just pick and choose who he influences and who he doesn’t.

Lee only straightened out after he was sent to buffalo, Willis had nothing to do with it. I’d say it says a lot about Willis’s ability that Lee required a visit to the minors before he figured out how to dominate by throwing strikes

Fausto got better in ’07 in the majors. C.C. first four starts last year were awful, but his starts up until he was traded were great, and those were all in majors.
For that matter, Lee started off the poorly and then got better. So I guess that means Willis influenced him for one game.
That makes perfect sense.

by the way, this LACF/isavage debate is classic and entertaining. Good stuff.

it does makes you wonder seriously how a pitcher starts here, he is excellent and the longer he takes, he starts to stink it up. Anthony Reyes, before he got hurt last year was fantastic with the Indians. He threw strikes, imagine that. But Carl Willis has worked with him this entire season and he can’t get him to throw strikes again? Plus, it was said that it took Kevin Millwood a few years back to tell C.C. not to throw as hard and he taught him how to pitch and we see the pitcher he has become. When pitchers are doing well, things are great and Willis gets the credit, but when things are struggling, he can’t help the pitcher fast enough to do anything. Let’s face it, we have a Minor League coaching staff because we have a Minor League manager.

By that token, though, cantonguy, look at Reyes before he came to the Tribe and after. St. Louis gave him up for practically nothing because they thought he was bad. Then he joins the Tribe, works under Willis, and had a great partial season.
And I think the exact opposite is true, and is generally true for most coaches. When a player is bad, they get blamed for it, but when a player does something well, it’s the player who gets all the credit.

Look at Paul Byrd last year, he was struggling big time and it wasn’t Willis who corrrected his flaw, it was Bert Blyleven. You know, Perez struggling in the first part of April last year, again, so why wasn’t Carl prepared for that “just in case”? When Rick Manning says on the telecasts that Betancourt should throw more offspeed pitches, why doesn’t the coaches here that and try it out?

Yeah, Brandon, nothing you do is on the Tribe’s standard: You have fun and smile while playing baseball. You also play only one position, not three. You obviously have no place on this team. You just aren’t what we’re looking for.

What makes you think the coaches HAVEN’T told Betnancourt to throw more offspeed pitches? Betancourt is the one throwing the pitches, not the coaches. For that matter, Victor’s the one calling them.

Somehow people missed this gem from LACF “if only DeRosa had some experience playing second…” Seriously could we try that? Just for like a week… or more when it works. That’d be great.

Sure am tired of seeing pictures of the ego maniac Rob Butcher, who cares about this guy. Just stay behind the scene, no one cares about seeing you posing for pictures every other day. You’re not a star.

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