Rondon relieved from relief work; blog on break

Hector Rondon’s bullpen experiment — a rather controversial move, to begin with — was short-lived. After just two appearances out of the Akron bullpen, Rondon has been moved back to the Aeros’ starting rotation. He’s listed as Wednesday’s starter at Trenton.

Rondon is 5-1 with a 1.95 ERA on the season.

You can follow all the Tribe news from Kansas City on this week. Additionally, on Wednesday, I’ll have a feature on the progress of left-hander Juan Lara, who is attempting to revive his baseball career after a near-fatal car accident in November 2007.

This blog will be back in action with its usual format on Friday.


I’m looking forward to the Juan Lara feature.

You’re not coming to KC this week?! The weather is perfect for baseball, man. You’re missing out on the nicest week of the year in the City of Fountains. Now I have to eat all of this BBQ myself.

oh-io’s got a point, AC.
Man, Rick Manning kills me. I love his reaction to Valbuena coming in hard at home. Awesome.
AM, looks like you got part of your wish today, at least — it’s the 1-5 you suggested.
Trade Shoppach after this game! He’ll never have a better one!
And far be it from me to point out that we moved Grady down in the order and scored in the first inning…

Are you f’n kidding me???
This team is so dysfunctional I can’t even believe it.

Wow. I’m pretty speechless after that one

Well, I should be thankful, at least — I’m going to save myself $20 a month after I cancel my subscription. No point in wasting time AND money on this team.

When is Mr. Dolan going to wake up and see that his current senior management team of Shapiro/Wedge have run this team into the ground! I think we should all vote with our feet and give up our Sky Boxes, Reserve Seats etc… Let view the game from the cheap seats…cause Shapiro/Wedge have turned my beloved Tribe into a JOKE!

That’s another two hours and thirty minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

******* ridiculous.

I could piss blood I’m so upset.

Wow. Just wow. I keep thinking that it can’t possibly get worse but then they prove me wrong. Maybe I should start thinking it can’t get better.

You know, I think maybe we’re all forgetting something: The Indians aren’t good.
I was born in 1975. The Tribe has finished over .500 ELEVEN TIMES since then. That isn’t a good team! We were fooled by the 90’s and by ’07.
We should know better.

You may want to get that checked out.^

As far as my own situation, I have watched every pitch of every Indians game this season and each and every one cuts like my testicles have been placed at opposing ends of a Newton’s pendulum. I could cry, but I have and that hasn’t worked. I could break possessions, both my own and those that have been borrowed. However, I have tred that also, and to no avail. I could throw small children (or better yet, myself) into moving traffic, but that wouldn’t solve the jigsaw puzzle that is the Indians’ bullpen. I’m sick and I’m tired of this team. Each loss is more pathetic than the previous and I’ve been waiting almost two whole months for this trend to expire, but I’ve given up. The worst part, perhaps, is that there is no one person to blame. We need a new everything. I just need a new team to root for and if I didn’t have the logo engraved firmly into my flesh, I would gladly move on. What do we think of a giant Tiger tattoo with a bat swinging at a ball that looks (oddly) like Chief Wahoo? This, too, would have no effect. I would (pathetically) continue to tune in at TribeTime (which, at this dark hour, sounds more gloomy than the prospects of an ’09 WS of Nationals-Orioles [which is even more realistic than Nats-Tribe]) and watch in utter despair. God have mercy! Or is this redemption for my lack of faith in thee?******** ridiculous. What next? I’m genuinely curious.

i’ve always been a fan of eric wedge, and you can’t blame a guy for bringing in his 10 million dollar closer to close a game, but at this point the team needs a new manager and hope that new leadership can lead to new results. dont know what else to say im stunned. im embarrassed for this team. i just hope they win a world series before i die. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease turn this thing around guys.

Hey, look at it this way: if Cliff keeps pitching like this, we should be able to get some good prospects in return when we trade him.
I think 2011 could be our year.

I will say this one thing in defense of Kerry Wood: the guy’s last real outing was 6 days ago b/c I don’t count the 1/3 IP on Sunday. For a guy quite adamant about pitching AT LEAST every three days I find it interesting that Wedge hasn’t used him more to keep him fresh. Not that I blame this loss on Wedgie at all. Just an observation.

tribetime1, while I agree that this team and management needs wholesale changes (we’re on a pace to lose 104 games!), I can’t blame Wedge for tonight. The fact of the matter is, he had no one to turn to other than Wood. Even if we had a reliever who could have done a better job — and, really, we don’t — Wood has only one job. No one else in that bullpen was going to do any better, which is just as much an indictment of Wood as it is our bullpen.
There’s no way I can NOT follow this team, but canceling my subscription to means I can at least stop watching them. I’ll try that for a month and see how I manage.

I’m convinced Grady’s hurt tribetime1. At this point that is the only logical explanation. I am hoping and praying he isn’t and he snaps out of this like now but I can’t see another explanation.

Usually sleep helps alleviate the frustration but not this time. This team needs a huge shakeup. Somebody needs to be held responsible. Some heads need to start rolling.


My heart hurts from this team…
And Valbuena… aggressive play at the plate, I liked that, but come on… (as a rookie) show a little respect for the game and don’t stand there with your chest all puffed up and just walk away. You layed a pretty hard hit on that catcher, at least say good play or something…

Hey I just wrote back-to-back blogs about Victor and Grady. Interested to here your thoughts if you want to stop by. Especially on why you think Sizemore is struggling, since you all watch him every day…

Here’s a question for everyone trying to work through the pain of this team: What’s the upside? At some point we have to find a silver lining; we can’t just be angry all the time (my dad’s entire generation acts like the Tribe ran over their mothers). So what is it? Is it Victor chasing the long odds of a .400 season? Is that it? Or do we fall back on the “we’ll be great in the future” chestnut? And, if we do, what do we have to look forward to?
Maybe Shapiro knew this day was coming, which is why he moved Rondon back to the rotation.

The upside for this series should be limited to winning back-to-back series and a 3 game winning streak. I think that would be the apex to this season.

upside for the season that is

I owe you all an apology. For the last two games — for the sake of my sanity — I’ve refrained from watching the Tribe. And they’ve won both of those games.
Clearly, I was the problem.
I hang my head in shame.

I find myself at a fork in the proverbial road. While I want to see Reyes moved to the bullpen because of his inability to go through a lineup more than once, I want us to finally win 3 games in a row. Let alone give the Burnin’ Cuyahoga a chance to take another series. So I am hoping for a 12-8 win tomorrow whereby Reyes gets lit up through 5 innings but we win. I know we’ve mentioned it but I don’t think we could have asked for more from Carl Pavano. He certainly appears (knock on wood) healthy, has put together a quality month of May, has settled into the 3 hole in the rotation and besides Cliff Lee is our most consistent starter. We are hearing rumblings that Jake Westbrook is ahead of schedule and could be pitching by the end of June. That would be a huge boost to the bullpen. Yes, I said bullpen. Ease him back into work.

It’s time to start looking at the big picture. What I am about to say is pure fanhood honk-ness and nothing more. Moreover, I am not saying that it is possible for it to occur, only a pipedream wish that gets us back on track. Win games against your division rivals first, then attempt to win multiple series in the AL and especially on the road.

**At 16-26 we have 10 games left in the month of May and through July 1st we have 28 games. Here is what we need from the Burnin’ Cuyahoga: finish out the month of May 6-4 (at least) to bring our record to 22-30. Quite achievable IMO but 8 games until .500 at the end of May isn’t anything to be happy about but it’s progress nonetheless. Over the 28 games in June plus the July 1st game we need to go at least 18-10. I would be much happier with 20-8 but I will settle for the former. IF that happens, given our horrendous start we have reached the .500 mark at 40-40 with a potentially healthy Jake Westbrook as reinforcement. Whereas in years past we have peaked after the first or second week of July only to go home in October, by making our run a month earlier it actually gives us a chance to win the division over the course of the final 3+ months by being in contention at July 2. Assume that NOW is the proper time to tell me I am a crazy honk with enough BS to fill up Lake Erie three times over.

I’m right there with you, AM. And let’s not forget that the Tribe has yet to play Baltimore, Seattle, or Oakland; we have had a fairly tough schedule so far.
As much as I want them to ease Westbrook back, I’m beginning to think it’s better to do it in the minors than use him in the bullpen. I think they should hold him back until he’s ready and then cut him loose. Imagine how big of an impact a healthy Jake Westbrook could bring to our rotation — joined by a healthy Scott Lewis, even! That’s a rotation I could get behind.
As for the ‘pen, it’s crazy to see that Herges has an ERA of 1.86. Sure, it’s probably not a good idea to give him the ball with runners on or for more than an inning, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. Here’s hoping Herges, Aquino, Betancourt, and Laffey can give us a decent bullpen until Perez works his business out and Smith returns.
And, hey, it might be interesting to see what the Mets would part with for DeRosa, or how Penny could do in long relief if we can get him for, say, Shoppach.

I have thought of that too. I think Westbrook and Reyes would be good bullpen options for the second half of the season, if some of the problems aren’t solved. I think Westbrook would need light work after his time off, and Reyes can be pretty good the first time through a batting order. If it were me, I think Laffey can move back to the rotation. Wherever he is, he seems to pitch well, but I think the rotation needs another good arm. Part of the problem with the bullpen earlier in the season is that they were overworked. Not many starters could consistantly make it past 6 innings. With Cliff Lee, a healthy Pavano, Aaron Laffey, maybe a healthy Scott Lewis (assuming he is back up to snuff), and a consistant Carmona, we could have a great rotation.

jkrumwiede, OH what I wouldn’t give for a consistent Fausto Carmona. Even if he’s somewhere between his 2007 dominance and 2008 debacle.

Indeed. I would be happy with just slightly above average pitching, if he could do it consistantly. Lord knows it would settle my nerves. I’m also anxiously awaiting Scott Lewis’s return. He really did excellent work last year and during Spring Training. I hope that can continues when he is healthy. Aaron Laffey is another guy who has really put forward a good audition this season. After his good work in the rotation and the bullpen, I think he has proven that he needs to be on this team permanetly. I would think that would be the case.

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