She ran down to Tampa in an Eldorado Grand

It’s our last day in the Tampa Bay area, and I’ve somehow resisted the urge to drive andysigloo.JPGover to Winter Haven for chicken fajitas at El Norteno and a milkshake at Andy’s Igloo.

Then again, the day is young.


  • With the Indians wrapping up a stretch of 17 straight games and Grady Sizemore having played in 16 of them, Eric Wedge is taking advantage of Monday’s off day to give the struggling Sizemore a two-day break to clear his head. “He’s been wearing it, like all our guys,” Wedge said. “He’s a great player, and he puts a lot of responsibility on himself.”
  • Sizemore is batting just .167 (.167) over his last 11 games, and he only has one extra-base hit in that span. He’s batting .232 since April 15. Wedge said he doesn’t see major mechanical flaws in Sizemore’s swing. “You look at now versus before, and there’s not a great deal of difference,” Wedge said. “He’s just going through a tough time.”
  • What’s also troubling is Sizemore’s stolen base tally. Even when he’s getting on base, he’s too often running himself off them. He is just 6-for-12 in attempts after going 38-for-43 last year. “I think he’s forced a couple of them,” Wedge said. “When the team is struggling, everybody tries to do too much. That’s the case with him on the bases.”
  • With David Huff and Greg Aquino now on the club, that’s 20 pitchers employed by the Indians already this season, including eight starters. I might have guessed that eight starters would be used by the end of the season, but not by the end of May. What a year.
  • Wedge said Aquino was a “little erratic” in Spring Training. Aquino is just another example of the Indians’ desperate attempts to find somebody to get outs up here.
  • Aaron Laffey has done that. In four relief appearances, he’s given up just two runs on seven hits over 10 innings. Just as he did with the rotation last month, Laffey has boosted the bullpen. “He’s really been aggressive on the plate, and his stuff has been good,” Wedge said.
  • Laffey won’t be available today after tossing three innings yesterday, and Wedge said he’ll have to see how he feels Tuesday in Kansas City.
  • Laffey is now the only left-hander in the bullpen, and he’s obviously not a matchup guy. So let the Rafael Perez watch begin. Perez, optioned to Columbus on May 6, has worked four scoreless innings for Clippers, giving up four hits with three walks and three strikeouts.
  • The Indians’ 4-2 loss to the Rays on Saturday was the 500th loss of Wedge’s managerial career. He picked up his 500th win on April 18 in New York.
  • Victor Martinez’s .409 average, entering today, is historic for this club. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Indians haven’t had a player with a batting average that high at least 149 at-bats into a season since Tito Francona was batting .410 (96-for-234) in August 1959. Martinez has nine three-hit games this season.
  • Shin-Soo Choo is fifth in the league with a .422 on-base percentage.
  • Hector Rondon gave up another run in relief for Double-A Akron on Friday, but he got the hold.
  • C Carlos Santana was back in the Akron lineup Saturday after missing several games with a forearm issue.
  • The Indians traded Double-A reliever Randy Newsom to the Pirates organization for a player to be named later. Newsom himself was the player to be named later in the 2006 deal that sent Coco Crisp to Boston. Newsom went on to become Akron’s all-time saves leader with 48.



David Huff looks like he’s going to fit right in.

I don’t know what this Aquino fella is thinking, getting people out and making good pitches in tough situations. Maybe he doesn’t realize what team he’s on.

I realize that we’re not a very good team, but the umpires in this game have been god awful.

The only thing worse than the umps in this series are the Rays announcers.

The umpiring staff should be ASHAMED of themselves after this game. A HORRID call in left, Crawford not ejected after the brawl but Carl Willis is, AND Percival not thrown out after hitting DeRosa? Wow.

and I’m pretty sure DeRo was safe at the plate the other night too when Wedgie got tossed.

Indeed. There have been a lot of bad calls this series. And, I’m glad to see some life out there with Victor and Kerry. I think what the team is suffering from is an overall lack of confidence. I believe those two can really help in that area.

All a bunch of BS if you ask me. That was was TERRIBLE!!! I agree… The Rays announcers are MORONS! That whole umpiring crew is on my S**T list. TB is going to hear it from me next week, especially Crawford, who is now a cheater (because he knows he didn’t catch that ball) in my mind. Okay, I’m done complaining… For now.

Crawford actually involved in insanity twice.. once in the outfield, once from the on-deck circle.

Perez threw another scoreless inning today, and actually managed to not walk anyone. I can’t see them bringing him back up until he stops walking people.
Aquino looked good. There’s something.
I know it gets said a lot, but at 7.5 games back, you’d think the next series against the Royals are something of a do or die.
Also, since I appear to be Mr. Sunshine right now, it’s interesting to look at the records of the teams the Tribe has played so far. While there aren’t a lot of flat out bad teams in the AL this year (aside from us, it would seem), we’ve been playing mostly better teams so far — two series against Toronto, two against Boston, opened against West leading Texas. The worst team we’ve played so far were the White Sox, and we actually managed to take 2 of 3 from them.
If we can hang out (we’re going to need to get closer than 7.5) for a month or so, there’s a remote possibility we could gain some ground.
Granted, we’d have to stop being awful for that to happen.

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