5/17: Indians at Rays

Today’s 1:38 p.m. ET game at Tropicana Field will be broadcast on WKYC Channel 3 and WTAM. Haven’t spoken with the manager yet, so I don’t know if this is a standard day off for Grady Sizemore or something more newsworthy.

UPDATE: Wedge is giving Grady a two-day mental and physical break, coupling today’s break with tomorrow’s off day.

UPDATE No. 2: Well, this is an oddity. For those not tuning in at home, the Rays submitted a lineup card with two 3B on it — Zobrist and Longoria. Zobrist took the position in the first, Wedge pointed it out to the umpires between innings, and, after a 13-minute delay, the umps ruled that Sonnanstine must bat in Longoria’s place. Sonnanstine was actually 12-for-32 in his career at the plate, coming into the game.

UPDATE No. 3: The Indians were on the other side of this type of snafu once. On July 22, 1999, against Toronto, manager Mike Hargrove submitted a lineup with Manny Ramirez at DH and Alex Ramirez in right field. The wrong Ramirez went out to right in the first inning, and Blue Jays manager Jim Fregosi took notice. Because Manny had played the field, the Indians forfeited their DH spot, so Charles Nagy was forced to bat seventh. He went 0-for-2, and the Indians lost, 4-3.

cle.gifINDIANS (14-24):
SS Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B Jamey Carroll, C Victor Martinez, RF Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Jhonny Peralta, LF Ryan Garko, DH David Dellucci, 1B Mark DeRosa, CF Ben Francisco. LHP David Huff (debut).



tb.gifRAYS (18-20):
CF B.J. Upton, LF Carl Crawford, DH Evan Longoria  Andy Sonnanstine, 1B Carlos Pena, 3B Ben Zobrist, SS Jason Bartlett, RF Gabe Kapler, 2B Akinori Iwamura, C Michel Hernandez. RHP Sonnanstine (1-4, 7.27).


I’d rather see Carroll lead off; I like the combination of Cabrera, Martinez and Choo. And when Grady is back in the lineup, they could keep it that way and bat Grady 6th until he picks it back up.

Another questionable lineup!!! Garko out in LF instead of first base. At this point, do we expect anything less of Wedge?

I, unlike most, don’t hate ole Wedgie. But I’m still a little irritated by not having Barfield here. We give an out of shape Marte several chances but not so much for Josh. Id love to see the lineup today instead have him in CF, Benny in left and LaPorta DHing. Lets be honest, he is our DH/OF and 1b sub of the future once Brantley is ready to man left field, no harm in having him DH some now.

You’re right tribetime1, my mistake. The proven .235 hitter in 180 games with the Tribe is a much better option than a power prospect. The only person you should be laughing at is yourself and how you somehow rationalized that this year of LaPorta’s service time is best served on the bench and not actually seeing big league pitching.

Food for thought, Manny Ramirez hit .170 in 20 games in his rookie season with the Tribe. So he probably shouldn’t have been allowed to hit after that, right?

You’re right, David Dellucci is the best option at DH, I’m being irrational. This team does need more 1st pitch ground outs and below average contact ratio. Thank you for pointing out that my lack of baseball knowledge has prevented me from seeing this.

Yeah, I fail to see how the idea of Matt LaPorta at DH is any more ridiculous than David Delucci at DH. At least getting him at DH gets him more ABs at this level, which isn’t something David D. really needs.

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