"Serenity now!"

Lots of emotion in postgame tonight.

For one, you’ve got Victor Martinez popping off about J.P. Howell’s fastball toward the noggin. You can read about that right here.

But most importantly, you’ve got Eric Wedge giving his harshest critique yet of this pitching staff, and Jensen Lewis, in particular. You can read all about that here.

Those of us on the beat were surprised Wedge singled out Lewis. Not that Lewis has been pitching well or anything, but it’s just not in Wedge’s nature to call out a guy like this:

"I'm tired of watching him throw. He's got to pitch. He's got a lot of moxie, got a lot of guts. He has good stuff. But you've got to pitch. If you're going to make it up here, you can't miss spots by a foot or a foot and a half and expect to have success."


Wedge implied that Lewis wouldn't be here if the Indians had other viable options at Triple-A.


Anyway, never a dull moment around here these days. We'll meet back here tomorrow... which just so happens to be today. 


For me, the surprise is less that he’s calling a player out and more that he’s calling Lewis out NOW. What did Jensen do tonight that was so bad? Did he start a second baseman at first and possibly let another run score? Did he blow a hold in the 8th and give up the game loser in the 9th?
For that matter, what is he saying that the rest of us haven’t been saying for weeks now?

Ahhh, I have always believed that losers blame other people for their condition. You can say all you will about Jensen, but he does get people out most of the time, and he is flawed (like most of us) because he doesn’t have the experience. His quick release makes his fastball seem explosive. But, a fastball is what hitters expect, hence his statistics. If you have a low 90’s fastball you need to learn what garbage is about (off speed, breaking stuff) to win. Because, all of these so-called power hitters are sitting dead-red, and they want you to throw it once!

LACF, it seems moot to talk about DeRosa playing second even though you know I agree with you. Wedge has his boy Carroll back in the mix now so he apparently must get him 2-3 starts a week despite costing us a run tonight with his stellar play in the field (which will go unmentioned). Our best infield does appear to be Garko, DeRosa, Cabrera and Peralta. Even if Wedge chooses to play Valbuena (doubtful) or Carroll (likely) at 2B then move DeRosa to the outfield for a game when he sits either Choo (not a chance) or LaPorta (probable). How much longer will Valbuena be up here riding the pine and not getting ABs? When will they cut ties with Dellucci?

Yeah, you’re right, AM. I would pay money to be at a press conference, though — but I suppose they’d probably throw me out at some point.
Aren’t we currently carrying 8 relievers? If Wedge is so upset with Lewis’ performance, why hasn’t he been sent down to work it out? What’s the worst that happens, he has to use Masa? Or he calls up a really young guy like Aquino? He’s got no problems playing Valbuena. How about Rundles?
Tonight was a good example of why moving Reyes to the ‘pen when Scott Lewis returns might be a good idea. He seems to be able to pitch really well for a couple of innings.
I just don’t understand complaining about the guys we have when we can send them down — and what’s the worst that can happen, we lose?

Oh, and anyone else think it’s amazing that Wedge is only this upset now, after watching most of the game on TV? Does this mean we really DO see things that he doesn’t during a game? Maybe they should pipe the game into the dugout.

LACF, in the near future you’d like to see a rotation of Lee, Carmona, Pavano, Laffey and S. Lewis with a bullpen of Wood, Betancourt, Reyes, Vizcaino, Sipp, J. Lewis and Herges with the last three bullpen spots being completely flexible?? I could get on board with that. I too would like to see some bullpen shakeup. I don’t understand it when AC reports that Wedge claims the bullpen help isn’t in the minors. How does Wedge know that without taking a look at guys?

Be careful. As we all know, serenity now, insanity later.

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