Papa go to bed now, it's getting late

Someone in the Rays’ front office had a brilliant idea over the winter.

That’s merely an assumption on my part. You would think someone somewhere in that office must have had a brilliant idea at some point over the winter — even if it was something as simple as ordering pineapple on his pizza.

Unfortunately, someone else entirely — or maybe even the same guy — had an absolutely terrible idea. He (or she) thought, “Hey, you know what would draw more fans to our games? Later start times!”

So here we are with a 7:38 p.m. ET first pitch tonight, and a 1:38 p.m. ET first pitch on Sunday.

If this somehow results in the Rays’ average attendance going up about 10,000, then God bless the genius behind the move.

And pass the pineapple pizza, because I’ve got some extra time to kill.


  • Still no word on who’s starting Sunday. The smart money remains on David Huff, who is Sunday’s scheduled starter for the Clippers. Zach Jackson is slated to start for Columbus tonight, so he’s out. And Jack Cassel is now on the schedule for tomorrow. “We’ve got it narrowed down to a couple guys,” is all Eric Wedge would say.
  • Huff makes the most sense, even though he’s not on the 40-man. All the Indians would need to do is release somebody from the 40-man. Maybe… oh, I don’t know… a reliever who is hardly ever used and who struggles in clutch situations, to the point where the manager clearly has no confidence in him.
  • Jhonny Peralta handled third base quite well last night, and Asdrubal Cabrera made an incredible play going to his right and back-handing the ball before making a leaping throw to first to nab Willy Aybar. Wedge liked the alignment, went with it again tonight and expects to go with it quite a bit in the future.
  • Peralta said he felt comfortable at third. “[Playing winter ball] helped a lot,” he said. “I played at third every day over there for a month, so I got used to it.”
  • The guy who has gotten the shaft as a result of all this infield tinkering is Ryan Garko, but he was back at DH tonight. Wedge, though, isn’t viewing Mark DeRosa as a second base option right now, so it will continue to be a fight for Garko to get into the starting lineup, particularly when Travis Hafner comes back.
  • Speaking of Pronk, he begins his rehab tonight.
  • The Indians had three different hitters (Cabrera, Shin-Soo Choo and Victor Martinez) record a four-hit night Thursday. According to Elias, the last time the Indians had three players each with four or more hits in a nine-inning game came on Sept. 5, 1987, when Tommy Hinzo, Joe Carter and Mel Hall did it.
  • Martinez leads the AL in batting at .400. He’s batting .459 with 11 RBIs over his last 10 games.
  • Shoulder tendinitis has limited 3B prospect Wes Hodges to DH duties at Columbus recently, and now he’s landed on the DL with a right wrist sprain suffered Tuesday. Hodges is batting .275 with eight doubles, a homer and 15 RBIs in 27 games.
  • RHP Steven Wright’s Triple-A tenure didn’t last long. He was sent back down to Double-A Akron to make room for Vinnie Chulk.
  • RHP Jeanmar Gomez now has a 0.45 ERA for Akron after tossing eight scoreless innings in which he allowed just four hits with eight strikeouts in a win over Altoona last night. He hasn’t allowed a run in 18 innings.
  • MLB Network aired a special about the 2007 Rockies, and it was playing in the visitors’ clubhouse before the game. Jamey Carroll and Matt Herges, members of that team, were locked in. “All good memories,” Carroll said, despite the loss to the Red Sox. “That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
  • Wedge took a town car to the ballpark yesterday and left his cell phone in the backseat. The driver brought it to him, and Wedge gave him a $20 tip. And the tip was well worth it. “Not only did he bring it back,” Wedge said, “he charged it for me.” Now that’s service.



“Wedge, though, isn’t viewing Mark DeRosa as a second base option right now…”
Why? Can anyone think of a reason he’d rather play DeRosa at 1st than 2nd, particularly considering the fact that DeRosa has played, oh, roughly 2,000 more innings at 2nd?
Did Garko insult Wedge’s mother in the off-season?

Is this the first “Independence Day” reference AC? Either way I’m still smiling. Go Tribe.

Rays just scored when a ball got away from DeRosa (short hopped by Carroll). Rick Manning has now said twice “DeRosa’s not a first baseman.”
If only they had a first baseman on the team somewhere…

Mr. C, the four-hit trifecta last night was Cabrera, Martinez, and Choo. Jamey did well at second with 2 hits, but his error cost us a run. And, while Shin-soo has a cannon for an arm, he tests it recklessly. He will get his putouts, but he has to choose wisely. I don’t blame players for being put into positions they haven’t played in (you name it), and then don’t perform. Common thread here, I think. The opposition played small ball today and won. Imagine that? We’re done for today! Tomorrow we take the series, IF……………………………………! I am tired of nothing, what about you?

just left tropicana field after bj uptons walk off hr.

you know how when you were younger there was always that new kid that would do stupid stuff just to fit in with his new surroundings.

nice to have you vizcaino.

side note: being at the game i wasnt real sure, but was there any background info given on the ball thrown at victors head last night. it seemed pretty out of the blue and i was curious to know if the commentators had shed any light on the situation.

after the walk off, i feel as though we might have a bit of retaliation on our hands for tomorrows day game.

see ya there.

tropicana is depressing by the way.

how many times do WE have to say that Betancourt cannot got out for a second inning before Wedge and his coaches acknowledge it as well? How many times will Garko sit the benched when we need him in multiple facets of the game? How many times is Wedge’s preference towards aging veterans going to bite him in the keister? It is quite odd that the man hired so many years ago was chosen because his connection with young talent coincided with our young movement. Alas, many years later this man has forgotten not only how to develop players but refuses to play them in favor of sketchy veterans. He lost that latter aspect of his coaching repertoire as soon as he was promoted (yes, that is a Brandon Phillips reference). How long do we have to listen to Mark Shapiro say that everyone on the staff is safe? How long will the organization continue to have faith in those (players AND coaches) associated with the worst team in baseball? THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL?! Depression alone cannot describe the pain I feel towards my beloved Burnin’ Cuyahoga. Man this sucks.

Amen amseeley.

Amen amseeley.

yep, the Betancourt 2nd inning problem is now definitely a trend. They had no choice in the game last night, unless they want to go to Kerry Wood for 2 inning saves. Which I would consider if I were the manager. It’s not like Wood’s getting many opportunities otherwise. Of course I would’ve left Reyes in to see if he could get out of the 6th, at the point they pulled him, I figured they were doomed … I’ve decided they need to change pitching coaches. I’m not going to say Willis is a terrible coach, just that they need a change, a new set of eyes. It seems like every pitcher they call up trends to nibbling around the plate the longer they are up, instead of trusting their stuff and throwing over the plate, like Laffey and Sipp and Perez, and they have yet to fix Carmona’s inability to consistently throw strikes, and Betancourt has an obvious problem staying loose between innings, which was never a problem in the past that I can remember

Take heart those who fear Dellucci will play for the remainder of the 09 season. When Travis returns to the lineup (yes he went 1-3 today off the once mighty but now awful Chien-Ming Wang), then the time will come for Dellucci to be released.

Playing Garko in the outfield, while painful today (actually a mix of good and bad plays), may be an attempt to get him some additional bats once Travis returns. Due to the athleticism of the former Penn quarterback, Wedge has implied that he prefers DeRosa over Garko at 1B especially now that Jhonny’s playing 3B.

When Travis returns guessing he will DH mainly against righties and Garko will DH vs. lefties. Then depending on how his shoulder progresses and he performs, Travis can work his way back to the every day DH. That’s when Garko will have to be able to play the OF to remain on the team otherwise he will probably be traded.

Of Course if Travis is placed on the 60-day DL then Dellucci will be here for the duration.

interesting post thanks!!!!

Blue Eyes

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