I'm on call, to be there

It’s a dichotomy of a day.

As part of WKYC’s “Weather Education Days” program, there are thousands of little kids here as part of class field trips. As I walked into the ballpark this morning, the screaming kids were enjoying the song and dance routine of people dressed up as a rain drop, a cloud and a sun (with sunglasses, of course… which is kind of like a bug spraying itself with OFF!). I believe the Jonas Brothers were playing over the speakers, but don’t quote me on that.

And then, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got Nathan Followill, drummer for the rock group Kings of Leon, in the house. The Kings are performing tonight at the Tower City Amphitheater — or whatever name it’s referred to these days — and Followill threw out a ceremonial first pitch.

Followill was here at the invitation of Grady Sizemore, who is a big fan of the Kings.

“It’s safe to say that’s my favorite band,” Sizemore said.

Grady met them after a show over the offseason, and he’s a little bummed out that the Indians’ travel plans (they are bound for Tampa immediately following today’s game) won’t allow him to check out tonight’s show.

No word on Sizemore’s feelings about the Jonas Brothers.


  • Luis Vizcaino will, indeed, be on that flight to Tampa. Not sure if the official roster move will be made after today’s game or before tomorrow’s game in Tampa, but, one way or another, it will get done. No word on who’s getting the axe, but my gut tells me Masa Kobayashi (my gut has been wrong before, however).
  • Pitching coach Carl Willis watched Vizcaino throw two bullpen sessions this week. “He seems to command the ball very well,” Willis said. “The second BP session, the ball came out of his hand much better. It showed some sink. His slider is tough to pick up. There was a noticeable difference from the first to the second time.”
  • Hector Rondon’s first exposure to relief work didn’t go so well. Rondon was tagged with three runs, two of which were earned, on six hits in just two innings against Bowie, and he took his first loss of the season.
  • The Indians have to be careful not to put so much emphasis on saving the ‘pen that they compromise their ability to bolster the rotation. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can make an argument that the rotation has been the strongest component to the team to this point, and yet it has an 8-15 record and a 5.67 ERA that is the second-worst in the American League. This is an issue addressed in my story on Indians.com today.
  • Travis Hafner’s rehab assignment, as expected, will begin Friday in Columbus. He’s hoping to be with the Indians by the end of their 10-game road trip. The rehab can last up to 20 days, if need be, but it should be shorter than that, if all goes to plan.
  • Jim Thome now has 14 homers and 42 RBIs in 53 career games against the Indians. He is batting .300 with five doubles, seven homers and 25 RBIs in 26 games as an opponent at Progressive Field. In his career, 183 of his 547 home runs have come in this ballpark.
  • Andy Marte is swinging a hot bat for Columbus. He’s batting .382 (18-for-47) with four doubles, a triple, three homers and 14 RBIs over his last 15 games.
  • If you’re bored at work, give this baseball quiz a shot.


UPDATE: No official roster move was made after today’s game, though one will come down Friday. I know this much: Masa Kobayashi is on the flight to Tampa.

On a completely unrelated note, today’s game raised $30,580 for Our Lady of the Wayside as part of the Tribe’s “Fill the House for Charity” initiative.


90% on that quiz.. question #3 is bulls**t.

Garko gets in again and pays off. Wedge seems to be starting to get a bit more consistent with the 1-6, at least. Let’s hope that’s a sign of things to come.

Also 90% here. And question 3 is B.S. I agree. Just to give future quiz takers a fighting chance the nitpick level is pretty intense. For instance they include things such as a pinch runner and count a walk and an intentionally walk as two separate things (idk about you but 4 balls is 4 balls to me).

Anyway nice to see the team up 4-0 in the bottom of the 8th.

I wonder if AC can save this question for the mailbag or give us a hint, but I figured before the season started a good use of manpower was a three-headed monster of Garko/Martinez/Shoppach rotating between C/1B/DH, because (a) I wasn’t completely counting on Hafner and (b) it got them all in the line-up everyday. (I also should say I didn’t see Ryan jumping in the way-back machine and catching again, but…) I just wonder why the braintrust didn’t look at this possibility.

I’m a big believer in that if you are a position player, getting at-bats as a DH isn’t the same and doesn’t help build up the consistency. But that’s why I’m not making decisions for the Indians…

Good job fellas! On to the Trop – say hello to Brian Anderson!!

Man, Cliff Lee’s ERA is now 3.00. That is insane.

before they board the team plane to tampa make sure laporta’s on board. money says wedge has got him bound and gagged in the indians locker room.

this too. im heading down to tampa for the games this weekend and staying with one of matt’s closest friends. he says the crowd support for matt should be something special this weekend. how sad will it be if wedge decides to put him on the bench. not that wedge would ever think of such a thing, just speaking hypothetically.

Sadly, csusi, he’ll probably bench him AND Garko the first game, as Wedge tends to only manage by match-ups and Shields is a righty.

matchups be darned, at this point I would start anyone that is being productive which includes Garko and LaPorta. Carmona is going tomorrow so you know VMart will be behind the plate. Give me Garko, Valbuena, Cabrera, Peralta, DeRosa, LaPorta, Sizemore and Choo. Better defense up the middle for a sinkerballer like Fausto.

it was not surprising at all that Wedge gave his favorite utility man a start after being on the active roster for

somehow my rant on Carroll was cut off for some unknown reason. Interesting. What I had said was that Carroll got a start after being on the roster for less than 24 hours. Barfield aided the team in winning a ballgame and never got a start. Valbuena has been here how long only to accrue a pithy 10 ABs in 5 GP. PLEASE someone try to argue that Wedge doesn’t play favorites and lean towards the veterans (ahem, Dellucci).

I’ll gladly defend Carroll, though; he did nothing but good for this team last year. That said, it’s not so much using Carroll that I find troubling (since the short turn around meant a utility guy would get in), it’s that Valbuena is even on the roster. He needs to be sent back down to Columbus to play every day. If they really are going to get Peralta in at 3rd, that means we have plenty of guys who can cover the infield at any spot. Our infield rotation should consist of DeRosa, Peralta, Cabrera, and Carroll, just as our outfield rotation should consist of Choo, Sizemore, LaPorta, and Francisco, and our 1st base rotation should consist of Garko and Martinez. Why complicate things beyond that, particularly if it means sitting guys who should be getting as much time as possible?

Grady’s from Seattle, they have no time for the Jonas Bros. in that part of the country. As for the new King’s album, my 3 word review would be – Way too produced.

I swore I heard them play “McFearless”, now this confirms it.

“McFearless” is Mark DeRosa’s walk-up song, at least one of them. Grady’s was Ozzy’s “No More Tears” before yesterday when it was changed to KoL’s “Crawl.” I could swear I heard them play another KoL for him at some point too, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to be sure or remember which one it was.

LACF, I’m not down on Carroll especially after what he did for us last year. I am down on Wedge wasting guys on the bench (as you mentioned) in favor of outdated veterans. Not to talk football on a bball thread but I see a lot of Romeo Crennel in Eric Wedge. High veteran loyalty at the expense of developmental future pieces. It only seems rational that if Valbuena is the future at 2B then he should either be at Columbus getting regular starts or AT LEAST in the mix here in Cleveland. 10 ABs is useless to this guy.

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