Carroll activated, Barfield out

Jamey Carroll has been activated from the disabled list after a three-game rehab at Triple-A Columbus. To make room for Carroll, the Indians optioned Josh Barfield back to Columbus.

Carroll suffered a broken bone in his left hand in his last at-bat of the spring exhibition season, on April 4 in Houston. He was 3-for-11 with two runs in three games for the Clippers and went 2-for-4 with a double last night.

Barfield was the Tribe’s pinch-runner. This is the second time he’s been demoted this season. He was 3-for-3 with a run scored and an RBI.

Will be interesting to see how Eric Wedge doles out the playing time between Carroll and Luis Valbuena, who now share the role of utility infielder.

UPDATE: Why did Barfield get bounced instead of Valbuena? Wedge likes having both a left-handed [Valbuena] and right-handed [Carroll] option at second base, as he’s planning on playing Asdrubal Cabrera more at short and giving Jhonny Peralta some time at third (you had to know that was coming eventually this season).

Wedge also likes having two utility guys who can play third, rather than Barfield, who was only considered an option at second base and the outfield (and the Indians have plenty of outfielders).


You and I have a much different definition of “interesting.”

Now that’s funny.

Well, so much for Carroll replacing Dellucci..

Replacing Dellucci by Carroll would be more interesting… Carroll, Valbuena and Barfield for one job… more people to talk with LaPorta on the bench…

Perhaps Carrol will lead off against lefties so that explains the timing. That way Grady moves down in the order against lefties but still leads off against righties. Agree that Carroll will take playing time away from Valbuena but should also be able to spell DeRosa at 3rd.

Isn’t there a limit on how many times someone can be sent down and brought back up in a season? If so, what is it?

Will Valbuena be the next player optioned to Columbus when Vizcaino joins the roster? Solves the two utility infielder issue but begs the Masa question.

When you option a player to the minors they have to stay there for a minimum of 10 days. Other than that no restrictions on the number of times you bounce them around between the two.

So we now have a prospect (in Valbuena) having been brought up from the minors now SHARING the utility job, and LaPorta only playing against lefties….. way to go wedge

In my mind it would have been better to send Valbuena back to Columbus and keep Barfield here, coz Barfield is never gonna get a chance with this team, so keep him on as the second utility man. And screw wedges thoughts about having a right and left utility man! Geez wedge, we’ve got bigger problems than that….

How about we keep Barfield and option Wedge to Columbus!!! That makes more sense!!!

How about we keep Barfield and option Wedge to Columbus!!! That makes more sense!!!

How about we keep Barfield and option Wedge to Columbus!!! That makes more sense!!!

How about we keep Barfield and option Wedge to Columbus!!! That makes more sense!!!

How about we keep Barfield and option Wedge to Columbus!!! That makes more sense!!!

I am done with this useless argument because the only thing I get out of it is carpal tunnel syndrome. Garko and Barfield help you WIN a ballgame, a feat that rarely happens to this team, and their reward is a spot on the bench. Valbuena LOSES you a game, quite the recurring theme of this team, and he gets another start the following day. I wish Josh the best and hope his career blossoms once he gets out of this terrible situation. Jamey Carroll is not the future of this team. Valbuena will be given the shot to be so but I still maintain that shot should come in 2010 strictly for developmental purposes. Wedge makes the decisions on this team. Not Shapiro. Wedge’s influence over Shapiro is readily apparent not only to the fans but also the rest of the leagues (did we all see the article from Jon Heyman?).

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