Hit or error?

There’s been a lot of debate in the press box about Clete Thomas’ infield single in the eighth inning last night. Was it indeed a single, or should Luis Valbuena, who struggled to get a grip on the ball, have been charged with an error? Can you make the assumption that Valbuena would have thrown Thomas out, had he not double-clutched?

Watch the play here. It’s a polarizing issue in these parts. What do you think?

Oh, and while we’re in the business of watching clips, I find this call of Curtis Granderson’s catch highly entertaining. It’s not quite as good as the Herb Score classic — “And the Indians are going to the World Series! … Maybe” — but it’s still pretty good. Al Pawlowski was just as duped as the rest of us — and understandably so.


Error and yes.

no question that should have been an error… if he doesn’t double clutch he makes the out at 1st

We can comment in support of the Tribe, and so I will. Mr. C, this is the first time I have made my point here. It is important, that I don’t appear disrespectful. Time to fess up, Mr. Know-It-All, and who could I mean? We have, to a large extent, been victim of folks that play the low hand. I have been there and here. Every time a team takes the field, the blood of a player demands a win; if he doesn’t, he don’t belong here. We can play, as so we must, but there is but one reason we do: to win!

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