I feel a change comin' on

Not a roster change (we’ve had enough of those the last few days), but a scoring change.

The Tigers just announced that Asdrubal Cabrera’s three-run double off Zach Miner in the fifth inning yesterday has now been ruled a two-base error by left fielder Ryan Raburn.

Raburn had slipped to the ground when the ball was hit and hustled to run it down, but the ball popped out of his glove. The scorekeepers’ newly formulated reasoning is that Raburn had enough time to recover from the fall and make the play.

Jeff Sibel, of the Indians’ media relations department, said the Indians might go to the league to appeal the new ruling.


correct call from the Tigers IMO

Big deal. It won’t change the final score. This team has bigger issues to deal with than fiddling with scoring changes while the team crashes and burns!

I’m pretty sure Jeff Sibel has little or nothing to do with the team on the field, so I don’t think he’s wasting any time that could be spent improving the ball club.

I agree with AM, though — the Tigers got it right.

Here’s the entire sentence”

Jeff Sibel, of the Indians’ media relations department, said the “Indians might go to the league to appeal the new ruling.”

Not to get in a *** for tat, tribe4me, but you implied the Tribe has other things to worry about than the scoring of that game. I’m simply pointing out that the guy who would be involved with getting the scoring changed has nothing to do with how the team on the field does, so it doesn’t matter if spends his time on that or not. It’s not as if Wedge or Shapiro will spend their days getting that ruling changed instead of working on the team.
Now, if Jeff Sibel actually has an amazing arm and could help our bullpen and is instead trying to get the scoring changed, that would be a different story.

Ha! The system censored my phrase!

And I’m pretty sure the media relations department just reports this type of team information to the media and doesn’t actually take team complaints to the commissioners office. But I don’t minimize the importance of the media relations office in improving the team. They are responsible for providing the spin on poor results that drums up fan interest and ticket sales so that next year’s payroll won’t be even less than this year.

Okay we’re in last place with Sisemore leading off lets try with him batting oh, say 6th. Cabrera, Val, Martinez, Garko,
Choo, the kid (who shouldn’t be up yet), Sisemore, DeRosa, Brown (yeah trade Francisco and re-sign Brown and bring him up)/Dellucci.

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