Dressed in snakeskin suits, packed with Detroit muscle

On the half-mile trek from my downtown Detroit hotel to church this morning, I strolled through a parking lot littered with empty liquor bottles, got hassled by a couple drifters and walked past a casino and a — ahem — “gentleman’s establishment.”

Keep on rockin’, Detroit!


  • Here’s some interesting April data from ESPN.com writer and Springsteen fanatic Jayson Stark that won’t sit well with an Indians team that went 8-14 in the season’s first month: In the Wild Card era, just 20 of the 112 playoff teams (18 percent) finished April with a sub-.500 record. Since 1982, only 10 of the 160 playoff teams were more than three games under .500 in April. And since 1935, only one team — the 1979 Pirates — was more than three games under .500 after April and went on to win the World Series.
  • Eric Wedge didn’t say this, but Matt LaPorta could become a regular presence in the lineup. Wedge is not happy with what he’s seen from Ben Francisco (.239 average, .708 OPS), and he indicated that LaPorta could be a regular against left-handed pitching.
  • The 9-7 loss yesterday was an especially tough one for a team that has already endured its fair share of tough losses. After the game, Wedge looked about as exasperated as I’ve ever seen him. He was asked how long it takes to get over a game like that. “It takes the evening,” he said. “But you’ve got to wake up and separate. [A loss like that] takes a lot out of a team, but you have to wake up and separate.”
  • Unfortunately for Wedge, he woke up with the same bullpen. Going into today’s game, he had no choice but to plan to let Tony Sipp and Rafael Perez face some right-handers and to turn to the seldom-used Masa Kobayashi and the struggling Jensen Lewis, if need be. He said he’d probably have to stay away from Rafael Betancourt for the day.
  • Basically, it’s a dreary situation, at present.
  • If you’re looking for a bullpen savior to come up from Columbus, well, don’t. Hard-throwing right-hander John Meloan is probably the most intriguing prospect down there, and he has a 5.06 ERA in nine appearances. Zach Jackson has a 10.38 ERA in three appearances since his demotion. Left-hander Ryan Edell has a 6.35 ERA. Closer Matt Herges has been decent with a 1-2 record, 3.86 ERA and four saves.
  • If you’re wondering if the Indians should have stuck it out with Luis Perdomo or Ed Mujica, well, don’t. They’re both with the Padres and both have ERAs over 5.00.
  • If you think maybe they should have re-signed Juan Rincon, don’t. He’s got a 5.79 ERA in six appearances for the Tigers.
  • No matter the outcome of today’s game, if Cliff Lee lasts three innings, he will become the Tribe’s all-time leader in winning percentage among pitchers with at least 1,000 innings pitched. Lee enters with a .647 (77-42) winning percentage and 997 innings thrown. The current leader is Bartolo Colon with a .625 mark.
  • Aaron Laffey’s 10 double plays induced leads the Majors this season.
  • The security guard near the visitor’s dugout here looks suspiciously like Jim Leyland.
  • Some girl, probably 14 or 15, was clutching a Grady Sizemore jersey near the Tribe dugout and showing off some impressive vocal volume in trying to get Grady’s attention for an autograph. She was successful and only nearly passed out from hyperventilation. It was good to see.



While many of us CastroTurf blog commenters have said on these threads that perhaps the Indians should have waited on Matt LaPorta’s callup for arbitration reasons (myself included) remember: the Indians have avoided arbitration since 19991 and the good ol’ days of Greg Swindell and Jerry Browne. Simply because LaPorta would be ELIGIBLE doesn’t mean he would get that far. I am surprised the Indians didn’t pull a page out of the Tampa Bay Rays playbook ala Evan Longoria but in the end I don’t think it will matter.

Yeah, unless LaPorta suddenly becomes a lights out reliever, I don’t know that it will matter that they called him up.

Getting a hit with bases loaded and one out would have been something to smile about, at least.

Listening to the post game show yesterday, Eric sounded like a beaten man that didn’t have much more to give. And like you said he woke up with the same bullpen today.

I happened to see that security guard on tv, and i have to say, i thought the same thing.

also, because i won’t let it go, ever, maybe Craig Breslow could have been the savior in our bullpen?

Hey, AC, I wonder if we’re to the “desperate times call for desperate measures” phase yet. Your list is made up of relievers in the minors, but what about a guy like Huff? His ERA is decent for a starter, but he’s got 23 K’s in 28 innings and, from what I’ve read, a great arm. What are the chances the Tribe do something crazy like bring him up for a shot in the bullpen? I’m sure they’d like to keep him as a starter at some point, but why not try to get a season out of him in the ‘pen now?
His last start notwithstanding, I think it’s probably clear that Laffey needs to stay in the rotation, but a guy like that in the ‘pen would be nice, too — you know, a guy who can actually get the double play balls when we need them.
Also, maybe it’s time to get Garko in there every day (particularly with the DH spot open for Victor). He’s hitting .293 in only 18 games, but more importantly, he’s hitting .357 with runners in scoring position.

I bet Shoppach and/or Garko will be on the trading block soon if some of our late-inning arms don’t come around. When Scott Lewis gets back, either Laffey or him will almost definitely take the long relief role.


I still maintain Shoppach is the more valuable trade bait because his position is a premium. IF the guy, like so many others on our roster, cannot simply put the ball in play with RISP (.214 AVG, 6 SO in 14 AB) I would have no use for them. However, Shapiro will not “throw in the towel” until July IMO even if our lackluster play continues.

I think part of the problem with moving Shoppach now is that is value has dropped. He was never going to be more valuable than he was this past off-season, which is why many of us thought he should have been dealt then.
Now? I’m not sure what we could put together in such a deal.

Haha love this blog! Hopefully I won’t suffer from the same near disaster this summer!

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