Another move is (most likely) coming

During his pregame session with reporters, Eric Wedge implied that the Indians will make another roster move following tonight’s game against the Tigers.

My hunch is that they’re calling up infielder Luis Valbuena from Triple-A Columbus. Valbuena is batting .311 with four doubles, two triples, two homers and 10 RBIs. He has an OPS of .927. He’s made 12 starts at second, four at third and five at short, so he could spell Asdrubal Cabrera, Mark DeRosa or Jhonny Peralta (or allow Cabrera to move to short and Peralta to third, on occassion).

Again, Valbuena is just my hunch and not a guarantee.

As for who’s going down (or out), that’s anybody’s guess. If it is indeed Valbuena, the Indians could designate Tony Graffanino and have Valbuena take over that infield utility role. They could drop Trevor Crowe and go back to four outfielders. Or they could remove a reliever and go back to a more traditional seven-man bullpen.

We’ll see in about four hours.*

*Note: If the Tribe were playing the Yankees or Red Sox tonight, it would be more like five hours.

UPDATE: Decided to tweak that headline, because, let’s face it, there are no guarantees with this club these days.


I read it before the headline tweak, and got the news tattooed on my body so I hope it’s right.

Valbuena would be a good choice for a call-up. I can’t imagine who else it could be.


Well, I suppose the only question would be whether they should call up Valbuena or Barfield with regards to getting to play every day. But with the way Wedge rotates the line-up, I don’t think that’s really a concern.
As much as I liked Graffanino in the spring, this will be a good move. He’s no Jamey Carroll and his bat is hurting us.

Both Valbuena and Barfield are in the lineup in Durham. It will be intereting to see if they can get to Detroit by 4pm tomorrow

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