You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

It was 83 degrees at first pitch yesterday. It’s 47 degrees as I type this. I recognize that things change in a hurry in the big leagues, but this is a little ridiculous.


  • As anticipated, Adam Miller had surgery performed on his right middle finger this afternoon at the Curtis Hand Center in Baltimore. The surgery was expected to replace two malfunctioning pulley ligaments with a tendon from Miller’s wrist. The Indians did not have immediate info on how the surgery went.
  • Eric Wedge said David Dellucci should return sometime next week. The reports have been positive on Dellucci’s rehab stint at Triple-A Buffalo. He’s hit in all six games played, including a 3-for-4 effort last night. He’s made one start in the outfield. As for who the Indians will cut loose to make room for Dellucci, I doubt it will be Trevor Crowe. It’s more likely the Indians will use Dellucci’s callup to go back to a 12-man pitching staff.
  • Crowe and Grady Sizemore are still getting a feel for each another in the outfield. They nearly collided two days ago, then both backed off a shallow fly yesterday. “We’ve got two fantastic athletes out there,” Wedge said. “It’s a lot different for Grady because Trevor gets to a lot of balls that other people [in the corner spots] haven’t.”
  • From the no-panic department, the Indians point out in tonight’s game notes that the 2005 club started out 8-12 and was as many as six games under .500 as late as May 20 (17-23) before going on to win 93 games. Of course, that team was eliminated from playoff contention on the last day of the season, and everybody pointed to the slow start as the club’s crippler. So I don’t know if this is an encouraging note or not. I’ll leave that up to you.
  • Here’s an odd note: The Indians are the only team in the Majors without a triple this season.
  • Victor Martinez (seventh, 1.074), Travis Hafner (17th, .958) and Shin-Soo Choo (18th, .957) all rank in the top 20 in the AL in OPS.
  • Josh Barfield has been productive since his demotion to Columbus. He hit a two-run double in a 9-6 loss at Toledo yesterday and is batting .361 (13-for-36) with three doubles, nine RBIs, two walks and three strikeouts in nine games, getting six starts at second and four in the outfield. But Barfield’s already made three errors in the field down there.
  • Class A Kinston second baseman Cord Phelps has an 11-game hitting streak in which he’s batted .432 (19-for-44) with six doubles, a triple and eight RBIs. In Phelps’ first six games of the year, he went 1-for-17, so he’s raised his average from .059 to .328.



I look forward to Dellucci’s return as much as I look forward to the next Bruce Springsteen album. Both are getting a little old, and I’m not sure either was ever good to begin with. Seriously though, just what they need, another slow guy without much power who strikes out and grounds into double plays a lot. The only way a young talented player has a shot on this team is if someone who isn’t as good gets hurt, as it’s been with Aaron Laffey the last two years, and Fausto the year before that. I bet they’ve got guys in Akron who’d do better than every reliever not named Wood or Sipp, and pretty much the entire Columbus lineup would be preferable to Dellucci. (Laporta, Barfield, Valbuena, Aubrey or even Brantley, who can at least steal a base, and won’t do anything stupider than try to score from 2nd with no outs in a 1-run game, a la Graffanino)

It’s beautiful here in Boston – you could play the game here! lol!


isavage30 Said: “who can at least steal a base, and won’t do anything stupider than try to score from 2nd with no outs in a 1-run game”
Hate to break it to you but Dave D. has two stolen bases (never been caught), he stole second in the same game. He has also been doing the first to third, second to home, and station to station. The announcers are saying he is running real good.

I for one would like to see him back up here. And if he can bring this hitting the way he has been then he should be good, course I kind of wish he could bring their hitting coach with him. Sadly that isn’t allowed. But DD earned his way on to the club 4 mil or not and I think IMO that he deserves a chance to prove himself in his last year with the team.

Course I would love to see Barfield up here as well. Anthony is there any word at all even a gossip that Josh is close to coming up or being looked at to come up? I know if there was you would have wrote it, but I figure sometimes info comes around after something is already published so figured worth a try.🙂

destiny: I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but a guy cant do the “1st to 3rd” and “station to station” thing at the same time… 1st to 3rd people are Sizemore, Choo, Crowe… station to station are people like Martinez and Pronk, you can’t exactly be fast and slow simultaneously. As for doubleD’s running, commenting that he looks good is probably meaning that he doesn’t look hampered. He has averaged about 3-4 steals a year for each full big league season, I wouldn’t call that a burner.. or a man with really any speed.

I defer to AC’s view on the matter at hand — bringing up David D. will most likely mean dropping one of our extra relievers, which is kind of ironic, given how good our bullpen was tonight (which was shocking). I wonder who they’ll send down.
You have to figure they want to keep Crowe around for speed off the bench, but I’d rather they bring Barfield back and get Crowe every day ABs in Columbus, to be honest. You mix in DeRosa, and the outfield try-outs Barfield and Garko, and suddenly we have seven guys who can play there. I like Crowe, but let the guy go where he’ll get the most time.
Also, I think it’s eerie how often we complain about someone in one of these threads only to see that person have a great game the next night (like DeRosa and Francisco, for example).

The thing about Dellucci that a lot of people fail to realize is the guy just goes out and does his job. I highly doubt that when he signed it was his intention to be a “platoon outfielder”, or that he purposely blew out his leg that first season. Last year, he was our DH, and frankly did just as well – if not better – than the one we’re going with this year. The guy gets on base, its not a first-pitch swing fly out like some of our other hitters. There’s something to be said for experience and patience, and in this struggling line-up, bring it on.
Dellucci is the latest version of the Indian that people love to hate on, but will realize wasn’t so bad afterall once he’s gone. (See Casey Blake) And if the braintrust keeps to the pattern its set the last couple years, Mr. Affliction will be dealt at the trade deadline for some “up and coming minor league prospects with a great upswing and who could potentially play three or four positions.” Bust out your Baseball America 100 Top Prospects edition and start circling your choices…

Also – this has NEVER been an aggressive base running offense. In fact, I’d never call our offensive approach “aggressive”. So, we might be wasting some talent in that neighborhood (Barfield? Cabrera? Sizemore?) So, yes it’s nice to see Dellucci snagging a couple SBs in Columbus, but they’ll never do that in Cleveland – and don’t push it all on Skinner either.

Just wanted to say good luck to Adam Miller. It’s such a shame that this is happening to such a good guy. I hope it all works out for the best…

Yeah mean Triple-A COLUMBUS not Buffalo.

isavage, I am going to follow your lead and call out FAUSTO CARMONA. After a great Dominican winter session his wildness returned in spring training? Can this guy get ANYONE out? Seriously (karma gods it is up to you now?).

You CANNOT send down Tony Sipp to make room for David Dellucci b/c he is the only reliever that gets anyone out. If AC is correct in his assessment and a RP is sent down for a position player then lets speculate as to whom it will be. My guess is that someone not named Wood goes on the DL with “arm fatigue.” Maybe Perez.

I do think that Graffanino needs to be replaced with Barfield. Not b/c I’m a Josh honk but b/c Tony is blah.

Carroll is a nice willy veteran. Jack of all trades… master of none. Wedge loves him and his demeanor. However, I still maintain that IF hindsight is 20/20 you do NOT pick up his $2.5M option if DeRosa was in play for our team at the time.

Apparently some are misreading what I said when talking about how DD was on the base path. when singles are hit he moved Station to station when a double is hit first to third, or second to home. And yes he has done those thoughout his time in columbus. How you do the bases is based on how and where the ball is hit, we all know that. I have seen Sizemore, ect do station to station. – No one is saying that he is coming back and swiping bases faster then Grady, or that he suddenly got faster then him either. What I said is he can steal bases and it would seem he has some better speed which would indicate that his leg is better.

In 2007 his leg was blown out, he had to have surgery, he rehabbed but even Shapiro admitted in those tv townhall meetings he was still hurting, that could be the cause of his being slower in 2008, and maybe with the off season, and ST add in rehabbing plus working in Columbus his leg is doing better and he is faster then what he was. – It could also be that in columbus the coaches didn’t just see him as some veteran who never needs some help, maybe they saw him as a ball player who needed some adjustments and helpped him out. Why would I think that, probably because they (on the audio) said that the coaches were working with him and from the looks of it his leg was feeling better.

I am not here to convince anyone to like him, you don’t thats up to you there are a few I don’t much care for we all have players we like and don’t. But I am just tired of having to be quiet just because I am a fan or mocked for it (I am NOT saying anyone here said that, it’s been said in alot of places) and I think he does try to be the best he can for the team. He isn’t Grady, Travis or Victor, just like none of those three are the other. Their indivduals who are a team, and Dave is apart of that team. – That I am for one glad of, when his time here is up and he moves on I will still keep tabs on him like I do Franky and Casey. Thats just my opinion.

Bern, last year David D. hit .238 with a .711 OPS. Those numbers don’t really come close to Hafner’s, either what he’s putting up now or what he put up in his last full season. Actually, there were plenty of guys on our roster who had better bats last year who could have DH’d.
People remember Casey fondly because he played everywhere and never complained. David D. has hardly played the outfield — and he’s cost us much more. And I personally don’t mind him.
AM, there’s no way they send Tony Sipp down, the guy has been an absolute savior for that bullpen. Perez is starting to come around. Honestly, I would guess Chulk or Masa at this point — Chulk because I don’t think they have any real intention on keeping him or Masa because it’s clear they’re afraid to use him.
As for our running game, I think it’s something they’re trying to improve upon this season, which is another reason I’d like to see Barfield up instead of Graffanino.

Oh, and AM, I agree about Fausto. I told a friend of mine before the season that how we do will depend upon which Carmona we get. I figured Cliff would come back to earth and be the solid #3 or 2 guy, but we’d need Fausto to be our ace (like he would have been had C.C. not been around in ’07).

So, Dellucci belongs on the team because, a.) he makes more money than the alternatives b.) he tries his best c.) he does his job.

One thing he does not do is get on base, or steal bases, in 169 games with the Indians, he’s walked 41 times, and struck out 116, with an OBP around .300. That’s terrible. And he has stolen 5 bases total. I would plug Laporta in as the 3rd starting outfielder, with Francisco and Crowe as the backups, but if they don’t think Laporta’s ready (much like Laffey and Sipp were not ready), what’s wrong with Choo, Sizemore, Francisco, Crowe, with Garko also a possible OF fill-in? Again, Dellucci brings nothing to the team, he’s basically Garko-lite.

I don’t get why they lock themselves into using particular players, it’s like they don’t want to hurt certain guys’ feelings or something. Dellucci’s the best example of this with their hitters, but this is more noticeable in the makeup of the pitching staff. Poor Laffey has done nothing but pitch outstanding in all but a few of his major league starts, but he starts this year in AAA. Betancourt was terrible all year last year, and Kobayashi was terrible all 2nd half, but they stay with the team. And my point on Carmona was actually that his situation 2 years ago was the same as Laffey’s, when Carmona won 18 games and had the best ERA, the only reason he was on the team was because Lee and then Westbrook got hurt.

The talent evaluation obviously sucks, replace Pavano, Reyes, Kobayashi, with Laffey, Huff, Sipp, and who knows, the team might be at .500 now. And if Perez, at this stage in his career, can’t get anyone out in April, send him to the minors to get straightened out, don’t but him in a 2-run ballgame against the Yankees.

On the Carmona subject, the 7 SOs last outing were encouraging. Since it’s the Red Sox, and the Red Sox seemed to be the first team to realize the way to beat Carmona was to not swing at so many of his pitches, 6 innings and 4 runs tonight would be good.

isavage, they’re giving Dellucci a shot because when they signed him he was hitting .292 with an .899 OPS. Given how well he’s done in his rehab stint, they think he can perform to the level he did when they first got him. If he doesn’t pan out, so be it, but they’re going to give him a shot. They’re not locked into using them, or Dellucci would have gotten more time in the outfield last year.
And, technically speaking, he’s got the second best AVG in Columbus right now, so even if were a rookie, he’d be in the running to get the call.
You give the benefit of the doubt to Carmona, but his ERA is just a little less than Reyes, and that’s only because of Reyes’ last outing.
You point to Carmona’s 2007 season, but remember that he didn’t fare too well in his first start of that season, a spot start against the White Sox.
As for the pitching staff, they’ve brought up Sipp and Laffey to help and I think it’s pretty clear they’re taking their time with Scott Lewis to see how guys like Reyes and Pavano work out. I doubt Sipp and Laffey are going anywhere any time soon.
Huff’s numbers in Columbus have not been so great so far, but Jeremy Sowers has certainly looked good.
I would imagine the 40 game mark will be the time we see any big roster changes.

Come on, he hit .292 in 264 at bats in Philly, his average over the past 2 years is comparable to 2002-2006 numbers, and hitting in Philly and Texas adds some points to your average and home runs. Plus he’s 35 years old now. He’s a career .258 hitter, with twice as many strikeouts as walks. He’s done well at Columbus in 7 games, over which he has 1 extra base hit and 2 RBIs, so what, again, 35 years old.

And yes, I give the benefit of the doubt to Carmona, because I’ve seen him when he’s unhittable, and he was a Cy Young candidate 2 years ago. He was still winning games with a decent ERA last year until the injury, even though he was walking a ton of people and not striking anyone out the entire year.

Sowers numbers do look good, but Sowers throws every single fastball at 91mph, zero variation on the speed, and usually up in the zone. At least that’s what he’s done for the past 2 years in the majors. I’ve never actually seen Huff pitch, but he has a great strikeout to walk ratio, so I’m guessing he’s got decent stuff. I just don’t trust the coaches ability to evaluate who their best players are. They obviously screwed up by having Laffey open the season in AAA, who knows who else is out there who should not be.

Given Laffey’s spring, I don’t blame them for sending him to Columbus. Heck, given his first start in Columbus, I really don’t blame them.

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