No rest for the wicked

Matt Whewell, of the Indians’ media relations department, confessed to being a fan of a recent “three-word music review” entry in this blog.

keepithid.JPGMatt shared a couple CDs with me, and I will now review them here in the latest installment of this highly popular* feature:

*popularity not guaranteed

Dan Auerbach: “Keep it Hid” — Worth unearthing.

Cage the Elephant: “Cage the Elephant” — No snout about it.

(That’s a two-word review and a four-word review, thus averaging out to three words each.)


  • Pitching coach Carl Willis said he had a good work day with Rafael Perez on Tuesday, and he was hoping to have another this morning. “Though the results [of Perez’s outings] have been uncharacteristic, delivery-wise he’s not that far off,” Willis said. “He’s making strides. He’s a slow-starter, but I feel confident he’s going to get the results.”
  • Still don’t have a concrete timetable for Scott Lewis’ return, but he’s playing catch and will report to the Goodyear complex this week. Willis said Lewis won’t have to “start from scratch,” but will probably start out throwing 54- or 65-pitch outings when he first takes the mound for simulated sessions.
  • Tony Sipp turned in an impressive debut last night (tossing a perfect ninth), and his mom, Evon, was in attendance after catching a last-minute flight from Moss Point, Miss. “I called her about 11:30 p.m. [Tuesday],” Sipp said, “and I think she had her flight booked by 11:35.”
  • Hitting coach Derek Shelton said he took issue with the way Victor Martinez was criticized for a lack of power in the first half last season. “We knew he was hurt, and he knew he was hurt, but he didn’t say anything,” Shelton said. So the rest of us didn’t know, which is why Martinez’s power drought came up in so much conversation.
  • The starters have gone 3-1 with a 2.91 ERA over the last seven games, lowering their season ERA from 10.13 to 6.25.
  • Last night’s “Fill the House” program raised $25,124 for the American Red Cross. 
  • Double-A Akron RHP Hector Rondon is now 3-0 after working five scoreless innings in a 2-0 victory over Harrisburg yesterday. Rondon allowed just four hits and a walk with two strikeouts. He is the only pitcher in the Eastern League with three wins and he has the 10th-lowest ERA (1.10) in the league.
  • 3B Lonnie Chisenhall has an eight-game hitting streak at Class A Kinston and hit two grand slams in two days.
  • Outfielder Matt LaPorta has hit in 10 of the 12 games in which he has recorded an at-bat at Triple-A Columbus this season. He turned in three hits in yesterday’s 14-4 win over Louisville. LaPorta is batting .362 with three doubles, a triple, three homers and nine RBIs in 13 games.
  • If you want to track the day-to-day minutia of LaPorta’s life, you can follow his Twitter right here. My favorite entry, by far is, “Eating Fruity Pebbles.”



hey everyone I just saw a insider-only note in the rumors section on that the Indians might trade Cliff Lee. Are there any insiders out there that could say what this is about??? This is the first I have heard anything like this

Mom’s are always in the right place at the right time!


Yeah, that Insider note is probably some ESPN staffer going, “Oh, the Indians are under .500 less than a month into the season! They must be out of contention and looking to deal!” I’m sure Shapiro is treating Lee the same way he did C.C. (yes, with periods): he’s not going to deal him until the Indians are firmly out of contention, but before his trade value deflates. Now is too early, unless some team came along with some ridiculous offer, which I highly doubt.

That’s not even including the option for 2010 that I forgot the Indians had.

Keep It Hid – A religious experience.

did anyone else not realize what Derek Shelton just did in his quote above…? He ADMITTED to knowing a player was hurt last year. Think back to how upset the media and fans were because the “organization” lied to them about the health of Martinez and Hafner. How many times were Shapiro and Wedge questioned about it? Um, daily. I cannot believe this. I am stunned and the fact that no one else pointed it out frightens me. The majority of fans and media personnel openly admitted that they did not trust the Indians brass because of the way they handled these two situations specifically. And NOW we get confirmation that health was an issue, that it was known and no one did anything? Unbelievable!

The Black Keys are boss.

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