Need a big weekend, kick up the dust

I’m off this weekend, and, therefore, so is the blog. So I’ll leave you to dissect the ridiculousness of the Cliff Lee trade “rumors” (anybody happen to notice it’s only April 23?) and the high-stakes drama that is the weekend series with the Twins.

We’ll meet back here Monday.


Even ESPN is reporting it!


Cliff Lee is not going to get traded period end of story. I don’t know where ESPN get these rumors. I can’t stand ESPN. I watch their sports game but of the reporters on the network Except for Mike Mike I just don’t care for. MLB Network has far better hosts and reporters than ESPN.

ESPN reminds me of most other news outlets. If there isn’t news out there, they are more than happy to create it.

lets be fair to ESPN for one moment here. They are reporting a story from and one of its writers, not Buster Olney or Peter Gammons. Did anyone actually read Danny Knobler’s story or are you using the snippet from ESPN to gauge your opinion? Reasonable questions IMO.

And lets be honest for a second here. While I, like many others think the Central Division mediocre and could be won with as little 85 wins, IF the Indians find themselves 15 games back in July then entertaining offers for Cliff Lee is reasonable despite his $10M club option for 2010. The economy plays a huge role in long term contracts right now as does Cliff’s performance. Barring injury or total ineffectiveness I would keep him simply to bridge the gap for Hector Rondon, David Huff and Kelvin de la Cruz. The article brings up a few interesting points, mainly how the “Tribe officials aren’t sure whether Lee is a legitimate No. 1 starter or middle of the rotation pitcher. Consequently, they aren’t sure what kind of contract to offer him in the future.” Try to step out of the Indians fan box for a second and think about this situation like it really is… a business decision.

having said all that, Lee’s not going anywhere until after 2010 IMO.

I’m sorry, but I’m not cutting ESPN any slack – they are just as irresponsible to post that item as CBSSports was because it was done for one reason: to drive traffic to their websites. Completely baseless and written by a dude hanging out in his mom’s basement who’s getting paid $15 bucks per posting. We all have as much credibility as that guy does, except we’ve got more since we’ve probably watched a few games this season🙂 God forbid the national media outlets actually did a smidge of homework when it came to team not located in NY, Boston, or LA.

Looking forward to this weekend versus the Twins: better weather and I’d like to see what the Twinkies have goin this year. Need to take advantage of their beat-up rotation and the lack of Mr. Mauer.

Go Tribe!

What we should be talking about is where the bat’s went ? And when are they coming back ? And not just the 3 run smash , but the 2 out runners on 1st & 2nd squib or looper to keep the inning going ? If anyone see’s our bats out there , smack them on the butt and send them home ! D. Shelton

bern, your displeasure with ESPN are shared by myself as well. Unfortunately ESPN only stirs the drink that pads their profits… hence the big markets or what I like to refer to as the organizational anti-Christs. This is the main reason I enjoy the MLB channel. It is for a true fan.

Will the real cleveland Indians please stand up?

This season has been crazy outside of a crazy game at Yankee Stadium it just seems like this team can’t find its grove. At least on paper we should be better than this. I hope our luck starts going the other way soon. Thank god for the cavs right now.

Looking forward to this weekend versus the Twins: better weather and I’d like to see what the Twinkies have goin this year. Need to take advantage of their beat-up rotation and the lack of Mr. Mauer.

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