None but the brave

This is a night for the die-hards.

The Cavaliers have a playoff game going on next door, it’s bone-chillingly cold and there is a threat of rain. But as I type this, about 20 minutes before first pitch, there is a sea* of fans already in their seats, ready to take in some Tribe-Royals.

*The term “sea,” in this specific instance, equals roughly 85 people in hooded sweatshirts.

As for the rest of you, reading this from the comfort of home (or, perhaps, via BlackBerry at the Q), shame on you. Where’s your passion? Where’s your hunger? Where’s your desire to see the epic battle that is Laffey-Ponson II?

Well, at least you’re reading.


  • Rafael Perez and his 16.71 ERA are still here. Eric Wedge said the Indians will do some work with him on the side and back off using him in eighth-inning situations for the time being, but they respect what he’s done the last two years enough to give him time to straighten out up here, rather than in Triple-A Columbus.
  • Wedge doesn’t view Zach Jackson as a candidate to handle the late-inning, lefty setup role while Perez undergoes repair, and for good reason. Lefties have hit .339 off Jackson in his career. For right-handers, it’s a .283 mark.
  • Wedge isn’t as concerned about Jensen Lewis (8.10 ERA). He just thinks Lewis has missed his spots a few times.
  • But Wedge didn’t exactly support Lewis’ theory that his two losses in the Bronx are attributable to the hitter-friendly conditions at the new Yankee Stadium. “You’re still putting the ball in a position to where they can do some damage with it,” Wedge said.
  • Lewis, for the record, has served up four homers in 6 2/3 innings — more than any other reliever on the staff.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera is 11-for-his-last-24 (.458) with eight runs, two doubles, a grand slam and six RBIs over his last seven games after starting the season 2-for-15.
  • The Indians and Yankees combined to hit 20 homers over the four games in Yankee Stadium.
  • Tribe pitchers have allowed homers in 12 of 13 games and 23 total for the season. That’s the second-most allowed in the AL, behind the Orioles (25).
  • Here’s one way to lose. Columbus was on the wrong end of a 7-6 decision to Louisville yesterday at Huntington Park. The Clippers had the tying run on third with two out when shortstop Wilson Valdez struck out on a two-strike, foul bunt attempt.
  • David Dellucci began his rehab assignment and went 1-for-4 with a walk, a run scored and an RBI.
  • Kinston outfielder Matt Brown and left-hander Kelvin De La Cruz received the Carolina League player and pitcher of the week awards. Brown began the season with a .457 average and .537 on-base percentage, both of which led the league. De La Cruz was 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA and a league-leading 19 strikeouts. 
  • Tomorrow’s game marks the debut of the new Fill the House outreach program. Through the program, for every ticket sold to Wednesday home games, the Indians will donate $1 to a designated charity. For tomorrow’s game, that charity is the American Red Cross. The Red Cross was also given tickets to sell to the game, and the charity will keep $5 from each ticket sold.



So Laffey impressed me enough tonight to stay up here. I believe he is the first starter to last 7 innings, and to only give up 1 run while doing it. I know he had a lot of double plays backing him up but I would still make a spot in the rotation for yet.

Ever since Lebron wore that Yankee hat to the Indians game I could care less what happens to the Cavs.

I would have gone to the game but it’s hard to get to Cleveland from Clemson, South Carolina. I have the luxury of watching both games t the same time.
I am going to stop trying to predict who in our bullpen is going to well. I’ll just let them pitch and see who’s turn it is to make me throw things across the room each night.

I was at the Clipper game and the entire stadium was in shock that the game ended like that. That’s not a young kid making a mistake, that’s just terrible baseball.

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