It's a mad dog's promenade

Much fuss — and rightly so — has been made over the $2,625 seats directly behind home plate at the new Yankee Stadium.

But I feel the need to point out the $14 price of the bleacher seats. It’s an important, affordable aspect to this new park, because it ensures the bleachers will continue to serve as the home base and breeding ground for the Bronx’s most impressively obnoxious creatures.

untitled.JPGThe first time I ever visited the old stadium, my dad and I scalped a pair in the bleachers and were treated to what I can only imagine is a typical storyline. Some guy had the gall to show up in a Red Sox hat and was booed mercilessly. When he got up to go to the bathroom midgame, dozens of people began chanting a nickname for him that can’t be printed here. And when he returned and doffed his cap to the crowd, he was immediately ejected by security.

I’m sure such scenes are playing out with regularity here at the new ballpark, and you can’t put a price on that.


  • Eric Wedge gave Ryan Garko his first-ever start in right field for a couple reasons. Most importantly, Garko entered today’s game 4-for-10 with two doubles in his career against A.J. Burnett. And the small territory in right (it’s only 314 feet down the line) is helpful to the slow-footed Garko.
  • More fodder from yesterday’s ridiculousness: The 14 runs in the second were the most runs ever scored in a second inning in any Major League game in history.
  • The Tribe’s 25 hits were the most since a 26-hit showing against the Twins on May 7, 1995. The big difference there is that the ’95 game involved 17 innings of play. The club record for hits in a nine-inning game is 29. That happened against St. Louis on Aug. 12, 1948.
  • The Indians are only the second visiting Yankees opponent to have two innings of nine runs or more in a single series. The other was the Tigers, who did it in 1907 at Hilltop Park in Washington Heights, where the Yankees played their home games from 1902 to 1912.
  • In a single day, the Tribe’s on-base percentage went from .365 to .384.
  • It will be interesting to see if what’s transpired here the last few days is a fluke or part of a trend in which Yankee Stadium emerges as a bandbox. The way the ball carries out to right is a joke. The dimensions here are exactly the same as the old place, but it’s possible the wider concourses are creating a jet stream effect.
  • This should help to illustrate how well the ball flew out of here in the first three games of the series. Consider that the 17 homers hit in those three games are by far the most homers hit in the first three games played at any stadium in Major League history. Second place goes to Cashman Field in Las Vegas (13 homers), where the A’s played their first six games in ’96.
  • For the first 80 years at old Yankee Stadium (1923-2002), there was no span of three games in which as many as 17 homers were hit. It did, however, happen four times from 2003-08.
  • Maybe the air-conditioning ducts in the third-base visitor’s dugout should be blamed?
  • Tuesday’s game against the Royals will air on WMMS 100.7 FM because of the WTAM conflict with the Cavaliers’ playoff schedule.



And the Yankees fans tell me how rude the Red Sox fans are! Ejected for tipping his cap?


I love the Post’s cover. They write the best headlines. Also, that homerun call was a bunch of bs. I still say fan interference! >=O

Just going to say that replay was preposterous. Police Chief probably came to the umps and said we don’t want a riot, give the HR, ump says screw integrity, ok. Grrr (i Know that isn’t what actually happened but it was still the wrong call)

It was fan interference, but their fate was sealed when Wedge pulled Pavano after 89 pitches for Perez. If this were the Perez of 2 years ago, the move might make some mild sense,. That’s the problem with Wedge, he doesn’t seem to base his moves on current conditions, i.e. last year continuing to trot out Borowski, and injured Martinez and Hafner

Ok so the yankees have all that dough they are spending on talent and still can’t win so now the are paying off the ump’s. I hope a tribe fan does the same here and let’s see what the call is.

i sat in the bleachers today in a tribe shirt. i was not harassed at all, but i heard several other fans being yelled at to “go back to cleveland.” i also heard things i can’t repeat yelled at carl pavano as he warmed up in the bullpen. seriously, i have never heard so much venom spewed at another human being in my life. props to pavano for hearing that crap and going out and pitching an excellent game.

Nothing like a little pedantry for the weekend, especially about the damn Yankees – were they not actually called the New York Highlanders when they played at Washington Heights…?

I also love that cover from the New York Post. I thank them, I needed that little bit of hilariousness.

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