Waitin' on a sunny day

As soon as I know the status of today’s game (which has evolved to become “tonight’s” game), I’ll post it here. All I’m hearing for now is that the Indians expect to finish this thing tonight.

But that rain keeps falling. If this game gets called, everything that happened would be erased from the record and the Indians and Jays would likely have a day-night doubleheader on Saturday.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The tarp is coming off, and the game is now scheduled to be resumed at 9:20 p.m. ET.


That would be interesting, if the game gets canceled. Would we see a spot starter for Sunday?

Although, Scott Lewis IS the proud owner of the best ERA in our rotation…8.31. *sigh*

Good. I’d rather start when we’re a run behind in the fifth than replay the game if only so that Hafner’s game can count.

Mr. Castrovince: Meanwhile Wedge says that he never watch the Spring Training numbers, the Tribe continues their poorly perform. They seems enjoying to loose game after game. It´s a painfully shame the way the Indians are playing. Tonight they seems to be a bunch of rookies. Every time our batter made some runs, our pitchers let the Jays made more & more runs. And i´m not counting the defensive easy plays that we turn into mental errors… It´s frustrating! We find the Smith´s & Wood´s that we need to preserves leading scores but forgot to find reliable starters. Also we should releases Masha K. & bring back from minors Vinnie Chulk. How many games do the tribe have to loose to recognize that they need a manager change??? Com´on give me a break: you´re suppose to be blind if you don´t see that. Period! Cleveland need a new motivator there & Eric Wedge doesn’t fill anymore those huge pants!!! The lack of wit & passion in this guy really made me mad. It´s hard to me to confess that I´m seriously considering to quit being a 40 years Indians fan. -an old Tribe fan in PR

We’ve played less than 3% of the season; I don’t think we can write everyone off just yet.

Not finding reliable starters has nothing to do with Wedge.

Even our revamped bullpen is giving up runs, so there seems to be a deeper problem. They say hitting is contagious — maybe pitching is, too.

What, exactly, did Wedge do tonight that lost them the game? Bat Hafner fourth, despite what everyone else said? Not so much.

THANK YOU losangelesclevelandfan. I used to be proud to be a Cleveland sports fan, but all the people out there who are writing EVERYthing off already make me sick. Cmon, I know its not all positive, but its insulting to yourself if you think you can make they claim that they like to lose. The majority of guys on this team are not signed to huge deals, they dont go home at night and laugh at all the money they have while losing. The guys that actually do make the money here are generally producing and I wouldn’t dare say that they don’t care. This is truly a team that is a class act, its a young group that will probably not be completely consistent and efficient, but that offense kept trying to come back tonight. And say what you want about Wedge, he is a guy that doesn’t stand for players who are full of themselves and dont play like gentlemen. That is something to truly get behind in today’s professional sports scene. So please, sit down, shut up, watch a few months of baseball and then we’ll talk about it. Because if you want to judge a season on 4 games, then I don’t care if you have been a fan for 40 years. Every game has a winner and loser, but at least I know that with this team they will give it their all or Wedge won’t let them on the field the next day. You can bet on that.

Well, at let’s not miss the fact that Rafael Perez — the most consistent reliever we’ve had for the last few years — gave up FIVE runs tonight. That’s unheard of for him.

Honestly, I’m guess they’re going to call in the priest from “The Natural,” but instead of calling losing a disease, he’ll call bad pitching a disease, because that’s what it seems like.

Tomorrow’s a big start for Lee, I think, both for him and the team. We clearly need a stopper to control the downward spiral our rotation is in, and I think Lee needs to prove that his first start was a fluke. And I think a good start from him would be a nice clean slate for Reyes on Sunday.

I think a good start from Lee tomorrow might actually be more important than a win, to be honest.

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