Jackson given bullpen job

Zach Jackson will break camp with the Indians as the seventh reliever in the bullpen. It’s pretty much a long man role, and the Tribe views the left-handed Jackson as a nice complement to their three right-handed starters.

Vinnie Chulk, who had better numbers than Jackson in Cactus League play, will be reassigned to the Minors. His contract stipulates that he must accept an assignment to Triple-A Columbus, but he has an out clause on May 15. If the Indians don’t call him up by then, he can become a free agent.

More info on Indians.com in a little bit.

UPDATE: Basically, the Indians don’t feel all that comfortable with their starting rotation going into the season, so they value the length Jackson can give them. He can handle up to 90 pitches at the moment. Chulk only recently got stretched out to three innings of work.


Ah horse manure. Jackson is a AAAA’er and Chulk has legitimate middle relief stuff. If I wasn’t so confident that Masa would be gone in a month I’d be even more upset.

Have to agree with my fellow Bobcat on this one. Chulk might not be able to throw as many pitches, but what good is extra length when it includes giving up five runs?

After a day with bad news, its good to see Zach and the high socks!

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