Got on my dead man's suit and my smilin' skull ring

322938259.jpgI thought the Indians' clubhouse featured a lot of guys in Affliction T-shirts.


Then I went to dinner last night at a restaurant next to an arena hosting a Disturbed concert. The attendees were lined up outside, ready to rock out and bang their heads to such easy listening tunes as "Down with the Sickness," "Violence Fetish," "Sons of Plunder," and "Ten Thousand Fists."


There are graveyards with fewer skulls and crossbones than what I witnessed last night.


The Affliction epidemic continues, as does the Spring Training that won't die.




  • Just hours after Trevor Crowe was optioned down to Columbus, David Dellucci's calf muscle tightened up on him. If it doesn't respond to treatment immediately, Dellucci's spot is very much in jeopardy. If he has to start the year on the DL, I'd expect Crowe to get called up, unless the Indians decide to keep Tony Graffanino around for a little while. Not much word on Dellucci's condition, other than it was the same today as yesterday and he was getting treatment back at the complex. So stay tuned.
  • Expect an announcement about the last bullpen spot either Monday or Tuesday. It's coming down to Zach Jackson and Vinnie Chulk, and Eric Wedge made it clear that Saturday's game, in which Jackson struggled and Chulk shined, will not serve as a deciding factor. "We look at everything," Wedge said. "I don't think [Saturday] was necessarily good or bad for either one of those guys. We're working through some other things outside of that... what we saw last year, where we're at now, how we see us breaking, how we look at the entire year. So we're going to still stay with that criteria."
  • Given all those qualifiers, it appears to me that the Indians are still leaning toward Jackson. He'd be a left-handed complement to their three right-handed starters, and he can provide length. But that's my own speculation. I guess we'll know the answer any day now.
  • Mark DeRosa made quite an impression on the Cubs and their fans in just two years in Chicago. He was getting lots of love pregame today at HoHoKam Park. And then he stepped up and jacked the first pitch he saw from Ted Lilly over the left-field wall.
  • DeRosa wasn't done. In his second at-bat, DeRosa took Lilly deep to left again -- this time nailing the top of the scoreboard. In his third at-bat, DeRosa hit a shot off the center-field batter's eye that, strangely, is in play. That was very nearly homer No. 3. Looks like DeRo is locked in.
  • Wedge says Masa Kobayashi is on the club, but he took another step back today (two runs on three hits, including a Reed Johnson homer, in one inning). He'll be on a short leash this season.
  • You might want to check out the Bill James Goldmine 2009, which is filled with little nuggets of info, as well as essays and statistical profiles. James unearthed several interesting facts about the '08 Indians. I'll share a few of them here. 
  • According to James' research, the Indians were leading their opponents 83 times in the fifth inning last year, and that was the best fifth-inning record in the AL and the third-best in the Majors. The fact that the club went 81-81 just shows you how lousy that bullpen was, because no other team in baseball finished the season with less total wins than fifth-inning leads.
  • James found that Grady Sizemore's batting average on pulled grounders was .172 last year, compared with .202 in 2007. Defenses have begun to shift on Sizemore, and it's worked pretty well.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera reached base leading off an inning 27 times in '08, and the Indians scored 43 runs in those innings. James says that's the highest production rate in the Majors in that situation.
  • There's plenty more where that came from, but I'll leave it to you to seek out James' book.



I think I’m very grateful that my 14 year-old son prefers Jazz after looking at the title of some of those songs!


Today’s game was soo GREAT! I was a little disappointed that Grady didn’t sign any autographs. We made him laugh and smile but he gave up nothing. Carroll was nice enough to come over and sign one for me. (Of course my friend had to basically shove me up to the rail to get in front of him). DeRosa was amazing, and I was glad that the Cubs fans still cheered for him. **Great game TRIBE**

I’m not surprised about that Cabrera stat. When they sent him down to Buffalo, he batted in the leadoff spot, and his batting average there was outrageous. And he’s a good baserunner when he’s paying attention. . .

I truly think that getting DeRosa could be the best offseason move Mark has made, and that includes Kerry Wood. I thought maybe 10-15 HRs for Mark, but now I don’t see why he can’t hit another 21 or more Homers this season.

Is that the Looch modeling the Affliction tees? As if I needed another reason to want him shipped out.

I am so excited about DeRosa. I can’t wait for the season to start. He is going to be such a good fit for us.

Less time on photo shoots, more time in the cage David.

just because DeRosa hit 2 HRs in a Spring Training game does not mean that he’s primed for 25 homers this season. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS PEOPLE! Case in point for DeRosa: new team, new league, new pitchers. He has 69 career HRs. We all know he hit 21 HRs in 2008. Here’s what you have probably overlooked: he hit only 10 HRs the previous year (’07) AND his season high prior to his splurge in ’08 was in 2006 with 13… IN TEXAS! Talk about playing in two ban-boxes. DeRosa will be a carbon copy of Casey Blake… serviceable on the field and invaluable in the clubhouse.

when Travis Hafner starts out the season 1 for 22 with 11 strikeouts and 7 weak groundouts, do you think Eric Wedge will have the manhood to take his foot out of his mouth and drop Hafner to the 6 spot in the lineup while moving Martinez to 3, Peralta to 4, Choo to 5, and Garko/Shoppach to 7?

Well I hope Looch gets well soon. As to that shirt that ad was from along time ago, back when Dillards thought those shirts were cool.
Loved DeRo’s showing the Cubs “see shouldn’t have traded me” but to the Tribe “but thanks for taking me in”.

Lastly Anthony I want to thank you for what you do (getting news, etc) and for making this blog funny, keep up the good work and have a good day!

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