"Some might say he was a cockeyed optimist who got caught up in the dirty game of world diplomacy and international intrigue."

My buddy Brian, a Cleveland native now living in Los Angeles, was in town for today's game against the Brewers. And for what it's worth, he's feeling very optimistic about the Indians' chances this year.


Then again, keep in mind that this guy was voted Most Optimistic by our senior class at Euclid High School. (I was voted Future Celebrity. Obviously, we didn't graduate with Nostradamus.)


Brian campaigned hard for that honor. And when the final results were revealed shortly before graduation, I asked him how it felt be named Most Optimistic.


"Honestly," he said, "I didn't think I had a chance."




  • The next round of cuts will be made sometime this week.
  • Kerry Wood worked another scoreless inning in his second spring appearance, though he had the audacity to allow a base hit this time. "I can't complain," Wood said. "I feel I'm back to where I need to be, and I still have plenty of time to get the rest of my innings in. My body feels good. It's just a matter of getting the innings in an fine-tuning my offspeed pitches."
  • Scott Lewis looked really good, allowing a run on three hits with no walks and two strikeouts in four innings. He followed what appears to be an organizational mandate to hit Prince Fielder with a pitch (that's a joke, of course... though Fielder has been hit by three pitches in two games against the Tribe).
  • Anthony Reyes only pitched two innings today. Wedge said Reyes could have gone a third (his pitch count is up around 50), but Reyes has been sick with a touch of the flu bug the last couple days, and Wedge didn't want to push him.
  • Wedge on Lewis: "He's been very good all camp. He's done a good job spotting his fastball and changing speeds. He's picked up where he left off last year." Wedge said Lewis hasn't shown any jitters in competing for that fifth spot.
  • Kelly Shoppach did not make any friends on the opposing side when he flipped his bat after hitting a solo homer off Seth McClung in the second inning. "He hit a home run in Spring Training," McClung said with a sarcastic bite. "Good for him."
  • Grady Sizemore tripled off the right-field wall. "I thought it was out," he said. "I guess that's all I've got. No power."
  • I like the slogan used by the Italian ice vendor here at The Big Chipotle. "Only in America!" he says. "Italian ice!"
  • I hear the lemonade guy in Scottsdale is also pretty good. His line is: "Lemonade, lemonade... like grandma made!"



Well – you are a celebrity to us!


last night while viewing mlb.network in the early hours of the morning i saw it scroll across the bottom of the screen, “so and so reports that 4 clubs, mets/pirates/indians and i cant remember the other one are showing interest in signing free agent pedro martinez”.

you got anything on that AC?

haha Grady cracks me up.

Ahh…..Grady and Kelly: what delightful fellows. I’m glad to see Kelly’s bat flip happening in Spring Training. It makes me smile. Almost as much as it irritates the opposition, I’m sure.

Regarding pitching, I think I remember reading somewhere, it may have been from last season, that Wedge was considering using a six-man rotation. Has that been mentioned since?

The best vending line I heard was when I was in Cincy for the “Battle of Ohio” in the early days and the vendor was selling water on Saturday. “Get your fresh water. This ain’t no Friday water, its SATURDAY water. Get your Saturday water.”
Thanks for the new pics on the gallery, too.

Any word on how Hafner’s been feeling? He’s been getting no love in any of the fantasy leagues I’m in. I know he’s had a couple of hits so far, but what about the power?

I think that Scottsdale vendor must be the one I’m used to hearing at Chase Field for Dbacks games-he’s hilarious! You can hear him from sections over.

Hey Anthony – who’s most likely to get cut with your Indians based on what you’ve seen so far?Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

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