Miller to see hand specialist

The strange saga of Adam Miller’s right middle finger continues.

Here’s the latest update: The good news is that the finger is not giving him any pain; the bad news is that he can’t bend the finger at the distal interphalangeal joint — the joint near the end of the finger, below the nail.

Yep, it’s always something.

As Miller said, “It’s the last thing to touch the ball [when he’s throwing], so it’s pretty important.”

Miller first felt a problem with the area on the last pitch of his round of catch on Friday. He was throwing out to 75 feet that day and was expected to throw out to 90 feet today. Instead, he will see Scottsdale hand specialist Dr. Donald Sheridan tomorrow morning. He will also see team hand specialist Dr. Tom Graham, who will be in town for his annual spring visit, on Tuesday.

As you know, Miller’s fickle finger, which was surgically repaired last year and gave him some soreness in camp, already cost him a shot at an Opening Day spot in the bullpen.  

“It’s kind of weird,” Miller said. “I didn’t think you could have this many issues with a finger.”

More updates to come on the site later and in the coming days.


Good luck to him!


“distal interphalangeal joint”

I think the Orioles may have a spot in their pen next to Fernando Cabrera.

It seems to me a finger that won’t bend at all its joints would be noticed, especially in a “hey my finger got operated on, lets make a fist and see if it works now” kind of way…

Lets hope he can get things straightened out… or the opposite of straightened out, i suppose…

It seems that the management of the Indians’ pitching staff is not being determined by rule of thumb but by rule of middle finger. Let’s just hope that that is not the appropriate gesture to describe their performance this year. In general it seems the Indians are equally capable of being phenomenally great or horrible. Only time will tell. But I fully believe that everybody is doing their best at a level of competition which is very high. Fans who make disparaging remarks about performance should go see a few high minor league games and see if they can really tell the difference, like tasting wines. I bet not.

Fair enough, fried07, my comment was out of line.

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