3/15: Indians vs. Brewers

Today’s 4:05 p.m. ET game can be heard live on WMMS 100.7 FM, the Indians Radio Network and through the Gameday Audio feature.

INDIANS: CF Grady Sizemore, RF Jamey Carroll, LF David Dellucci, C Kelly Shoppach, 1B Beau Mills, 2B Tony Graffanino, DH Matt LaPorta, 3B Wes Hodges, SS Andy Cannizaro. LHP Scott Lewis.

Also available to pitch: RHP Kerry Wood, RHP Anthony Reyes, LHP Tony Sipp, RHP Greg Aquino, RHP Juan Salas.

BREWERS: DH Tony Gwynn, CF Lorenzo Cain, SS Craig Counsell, 1B Prince Fielder, 2B Casey McGehee, RF Trot Nixon, 3B Mike Lamp, LF Chris Duffy, C Jonathan Lucroy. RHP Seth McClung.


I look forward to seeing how Lewis does. I can’t decide between him and Laffey for the No. 5 spot….I guess time will tell.

does a perfect four innings pitched automatically designate Aaron Laffey as the #5 starter considering his stats prior to that one outing? I think the Indians had their minds made up before camp broke about this so-called battle. I find it disconcerting that the Indians brass, especially Shapiro, have a soft spot for this kid. To an outside observer it appears as if the reason he will be handed this job is because guys like Scott Lewis, David Huff and Kirk Saarloos could use more “seasoning” at the Triple-A level whereas Zach Jackson and Jeremy Sowers appear to be Quadruple-A level pitchers. For every time AC references Laffey’s May 2008 stats I will point out the stats from the rest of 2008 because they go hand-in-hand.

btw AC, can we get an update on Anthony Reyes…?


I think you are right. Scott Lewis has out performed Laffey this Spring, as well as during his short time in ’08. Lewis has been doing quite well, and has been consistant. I mean, come on! What was it, his first 14 innings of his Major League debut were scoreless? The rest of his ’08 starts were respectable as well. I think he is the better pitcher.

But, I don’t think Laffey will necessarily be a bad choice either. If I were to wager a guess that the brass has already made up their mind with Laffey, despite how either perform this spring.

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