I just got a place in New York

The Indians have not one, not two but three versions of Opening Day this season. There’s the April 6 season opener in Arlington, the April 10 home opener at Progressive Field and, last but not least, the April 16 opener of the Yankees’ new $1.5 billion ballpark in the Bronx.

In New York, they’re working at a fevered pace to get Yankee Stadium ready for that opener, and it appears to be coming along quite well…



The gigantic video boards are up and running, though I can find at least a couple mistakes in the purported Indians lineup. Can you?




Finally, if the thought of Marte in the Opening Day lineup is unsettling, then what adjective do you use to describe this image?



Let’s keep those submissions printable. This is a family blog.



I’m amazed that the Yankees will find another Rodriguez to play 3B for them while A-Rod is out. And how magnanimous it will be for A-Rod to let that substitute use his number 13.

I think CC will break down this year after the way Ned Yost abused him in the stretch last season. Much like how it was for Giambi and A’s fans, we won’t ultimately end up missing CC that much.

Then again, watching Sowers/Laffey/Huff/Jackson every 5th day may make me change my tune about that.


Can’t wait for the season to start and see some real games. Yanks have a good team, but lets see if they have the chemistry.

~King of Cali

An odd combination of nauseous and nostalgic.

Marte was more nauseating… maybe we can drop him off and he can fill in for A-Rod while he recovers.

You know, they should recreate my favorite scoreboard in the storied Indians/NY Yankees history:


BTW: I’m surprised they weren’t so arrogant to just list the Indians line up “Player A” or “Centerfielder” or “Jones, Smith, Brown, etc…”

I’m surprised they didn’t put “Future Yankee, Sizemore” up there.

I am curious who detailed that lineup. Clearly nobody with their eyes on Goodyear.
CF Sizemore
3B DeRosa
C Martinez
DH Hafner
SS Peralta
1B Garko
RF Francisco
(Choo out with arm soreness… still.)
2B Cabrera
LF Carroll

I have no words for CC in pinstripes. We can approach that issue when we get there.
Sarah [[ http://alwaysthejake.mlblogs.com ]]

$1.5 billion? You sure that’s not the Yankees payroll?

You just ruined my day, AC

I’m with King of Cali – it remains to be seen if the Yankees can gel as a team.


BTW just noticed Marte’s average. .253? Who made this up?

First of all, nice U2 reference in the title…
Secondly, please God, never let Grady go to the Yanks… If he leaves us, let it be anywhere but there or Boston.

Third of all, that photo of C.C. makes my stomach hurt.

And lastly, the new Yanks stadium now looks like every other park in the country – dumb move NY…. just dumb.

“Let’s keep those submissions printable. This is a family blog.”

Can you turn this into an adult blog? With Marte in the Lineup your destined to hear some unwanted words like……
Best of luck to that other guy in the photo when were not facing him.

not to mention david D. is starting, Forget about the playoffs!

If Grady ever goes to New York I will stop being a baseball fan. Probably not but I can pretend.

Looking at that 22-0 win is great. I can’t believe how crappy the scoreboard was at Yankee Stadium. The nostalgia was great but the facilities were gross. The new Yankee Stadium looks pretty sweet.

1st … please let that line up be a bad dream! Kind of like hearing that it’s no longer The Jake (even though that’s all I’ll refer to it as)
2nd … nice comment on the Westbrook question in the Inbox… there’s a reason I love reading your stuff so much!!

Lineup has a few mistakes. Picture of CC is sad, but at least he’s not in a Boston uni. Agree wiht mrsbaker 2nd point – well done, sir.

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