Choo has sore triceps, might be pulled from Classic

The Indians are investigating the extent of Shin-Soo Choo’s sore left triceps and will offer their opinion on whether or not the outfielder should still compete for Korea in the World Baseball Classic.

Contrary to this Associated Press report, it is Choo’s triceps, not his surgically repaired elbow, that is hurting, though the situation is a concern to the Tribe, nonetheless.

But while the Indians can certainly give their opinion on whether Choo should play, the final decision is ultimately up to the Korean team.

“Right now, we’re in the process of getting the complete info as to the problem he’s encountered,” general manager Mark Shapiro said this morning. “From there, we’ll determine whether or not we object.”

Choo left the Indians on Feb. 24 to train with the Korean team in Hawaii before heading off to Japan for the tournament’s first round. South Korea faces Taiwan in its first game of the Classic on Friday at the Tokyo Dome.

UPDATE: A few other injury updates for you…

Kerry Wood (sore lower back) is throwing a bullpen today, a simulated session Saturday and is scheduled to make his Cactus League debut Tuesday.

Travis Hafner (right shoudler surgery) is, indeed, making his debut Friday against the Brewers.

Adam Miller (sore right middle finger) is still nowhere to be found on Carl Willis’ pitching schedule for the next week, but that schedule is always subject to change.


If Choo doesn’t play, does that affect his service duty to Korea?

Thanks for the injury updates.

Boy, there seem to be a lot of injuries so far this season.


This story makes me nervous. The last thing we need is to start the year with injuries.

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