Sizemore pulls out of World Baseball Classic

Grady Sizemore isn’t going anywhere, after all.


Sizemore informed the Indians on Friday morning that he will not be representing the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic because of soreness in his left groin. The Indians passed that information along to Bob Watson, MLB’s vice president of on-field operations, who then confirmed it with Sizemore.


While the injury is considered mild, Sizemore didn’t want to push it in meaningful games. He tested it out by stealing a base in the fourth inning of a Cactus League game against the Diamondbacks on Thursday and didn’t feel quite right.


Sizemore had been expected to leave camp on Sunday. It would have been his first time playing in the Classic and representing his country. It was not immediately known who would replace Sizemore on Team USA’s 28-man roster. The Brewers’ Ryan Braun, the Tigers’ Curtis Granderson and the Rockies’ Brad Hawpe are the only other outfielders on the U.S. roster.


More on the site in a little bit. Sizemore will hold a press conference here in about 15 minutes.


UPDATE: Sizemore said he’s felt the groin soreness for a little over a week. He injured it while fielding fly balls in the outfield. He played in the Indians’ first two Cactus games to test it out and felt the soreness after each game. He didn’t want to push it any further and risk a more serious injury.


Eric Wedge said Sizemore will be held out of action for “a little while.” The exact timetable, of course, will depend on how Sizemore feels. But nobody seems to think this will be a major concern that will affect Sizemore’s ability to start the regular season.


Lastly, Phillies OF Shane Victorino has been named Sizemore’s replacement on the Team USA roster.


Glad he had the sense to “stay home” and not push it.

Whew. Thanks Grady! Now, can you convince DeRosa to stay too?

A smart decision.


Shane’s a solid replacement.

I wonder if you took a poll of MLB/Minor League players, how many would favor fielding Olympic baseball teams versus this Bud-eriffic fiasco. I think the WBC is a B I G reason that baseball was dropped from the Olympics. I don’t buy into it was a lack of MLB player participation.
I think as a country, America has enough talented minor league and collegiate players to field a team every four years.

The WBC is a joke. Now I understand players wanting to play for their country I get that. However to me all the WBC is it’s a marketing poly by MLB to promote the sport. I am happy Grady is not playing in the WBC the indians need him healthy and with the long spring trainnng he will have all the time he needs to get ready for the season.

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