Wood, Smith held back

This is probably the last thing you wanted to hear on the day games started, but closer Kerry Wood is dealing with a lower back issue.

Eric Wedge said Wood last threw a bullpen over the weekend and it will be a few more days before he starts throwing again. The Indians were planning on holding him out of action for a week or so of the Cactus League action anyway, and Wedge tried to make it clear that this is a minor issue.

“It’s normal for him in the spring,” Wedge said. “We don’t need to rush him. We want him ready for April 6, not March 6.”

I guess we’ll just see how this develops in the coming days.

RHP Joe Smith will also be held back for a few days, as he’s dealing with what they call a “non-baseball medical condition.” In other words, he’s sick.

“He’ll miss a few days, then he should be back out,” Wedge said.

UPDATE: Wood will throw a bullpen session on Friday.

UPDATE No. 2: Sounds like it’s going to be at least another four to six days before Smith rejoins the team, and he’ll then have to play catch-up before he’s ready to get into games. Whatever Smith’s got, trust me, you don’t want it. Sounds pretty nasty.

As for Wood, I’m told the plan was originally for him to appear in two Cactus games before March 10, and that still might happen. So this back issue, if it is, indeed, as minor as it appears, isn’t really much of a setback at all. 


Not a good way to start.


Adios mio! Get Borowski and his Starbucks out of the clubhouse. He’s tainting up our closer!

“My goodbye”? Actually, I guess that is accurate if you want to show JoeBo the door.
I know we want to respect players’ privacy, but is there any chance we can find out exactly what is wrong with Joe Smith? The way you and Tom Singer on the main site have described it (“death warmed over”) has me a little concerned, especially if it’s contagious…

Relax indians fans Kerry will be just fine it’s just a score back and with Joe Smith he problely just ate sometime and he got a upset stomack.

What’s the point of even speculating about injuries? The Indians have shown that they will never be honest about this. After all, last year Hafner spent the first couple months last year with nothing physically wrong with him, then some “shoulder weakness,” except apparently during this entire time he actually was experiencing “inability to even lift a fork”. And of course Victor Martinez was dealing with some minor hamstring issues, which strangely required elbow surgery. For all we know, Wood’s back could be fine, and he might need Tommy John surgery next week.

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