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Added a bunch of links to the right-hand side of this page, as I’m happy to report that all 30 club site reporters for MLB.com now have a blog of their own. I’ve grouped them by division, because that’s just the kind of guy I am. Should be a good way for you to keep track of what’s going on around baseball this season.

Also, upon request, I threw up a link to a Columbus Clippers blog by team broadcaster Scott Leo (no relation to Uncle Leo).



Great idea to post those links, but organizing them alphabetically by team would make it a lot easier for us to find…

Hit Ctrl+F (or Command+F if you use a Mac) and type the team you’re looking for. Your browser will jump right to the appropriate word/s on the page.

MBK, you really go to Cornell and you’re going to complain about what’s easier?! Learn the divisions like you did the theory of relativity.

Thanks for the Links!


How about Kid Leo? Just kidding…
Thanks for the links to the other blogs. I’ve been visiting other sites checking up on players that aren’t currently, but were at one point, with the Tribe. Its interesting to see how each of you approach it, whether you’re having fun with it, or you’re just doing it because you have to… I like Jordan’s (Blue Jays) and Jennifer’s (Pirates).

Why don’t the Indians broadcast things like the intrasquad game or more spring training games? I count 27 spring training/exhibition games that aren’t televised! Wasn’t the purpose of STO to give fans a deeper access into everything Wahoo? Is there some kind of ban on broadcasting the games because of the WBC?

Thanks for the Clippers link.

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