"I happen to dress based on mood… This is Morning Mist."

These must already be the dog days of camp if yesterday's discussion centered around dog names.


(I particularly liked the idea of getting nine fish and naming them all after the members of the starting lineup. However, that might be difficult to pull off with the Tribe. You might need a few versatile, utility fish to fill in when the other fish are in a slump or need a break from ... I don't know ... swimming laps, I guess.)


Today's topic: Clothing.


Now, I don't claim to have an admirable wardrobe. Far from it, in fact. Sportswriters technically aren't allowed to wear anything but sweatpants and polo shirts featuring the logo of some event from 1996. Also, I hate to sound like a cranky old man. But seriously... what's with these Affliction shirts?


You know what shirts I'm talking about, right? They usually have some sort of skull on them. Or maybe it's not a skull. I guess I haven't really taken the time to examine them closely. (Edit: After I started writing this entry, I went into the clubhouse and did examine one of them closely. It featured a sword going through an empty rib cage, surrounded by flowers. Reminds me of prom night.) But I do know that they're always form-fitting (I would love, just once, to see a guy wearing an Affliction shirt three sizes too big for him), and they are a hit among ballplayers. I'm starting to think they serve as a secondary uniform for this particular team.


I don't get it. I don't want to get it. And if you can't tell by this post, I'm really ready for the games to start down here, because I have nothing better to do than write up the unceremonious end of Andy Marte's reign and rant about T-shirts.




  • GM Mark Shapiro is back in camp after leaving for Baltimore due to the death of his grandmother. With Shapiro back, he and Eric Wedge began holding their two-on-one meetings with position players.
  • Another rather uneventful morning on the back fields. The players did some work at their individual positions, and the second round of live BP was held.
  • It can be somewhat telling to see who's getting work at which position and what group they are in. For example, Luis Valbuena, Josh Barfield and Beau Mills all got work this morning in what could be considered the Major League infield group (Mark DeRosa at third, Jhonny Peralta at short, Asdrubal Cabrera at second and Ryan Garko at first). Barfield was at second base and Valbuena was taking grounders at short. Jamey Carroll worked with DeRosa at third base.
  • The plan this season is for Carroll to serve as, essentially, the backup third baseman. With DeRosa expected to see some time in the outfield, Carroll can step in at the hot corner. Barfield will probably make this team and serve as Cabrera's backup at second base. So much of Carroll's time on the field, to this point, has been spent at third.
  • Wedge's first impression of third baseman Wes Hodges: "For a young player, he does a nice job staying in the middle of the diamond [in BP]."
  • Someone asked whatever happened with Edward Salcedo, the prospect to end all prospects who the Indians reportedly made a run at last year in the Dominican and were even rumored to have signed for $2.9 million (obviously, that wasn't the case). Last I heard, there was an investigation into Salcedo's age and doubts that he was really 16. The talk about Salcedo coming out of the Dominican quieted in a hurry when that investigation began. 



Thanks for the follow-up on Salcedo, AC (and a fellow commenter yesterday).


Speaking of clothing, rumor has it that the photo of you in the upper right hand corner actually has you wearing jorts (photo has been obviously cropped). If true, do you own multiple pairs and where can I get a set?

Clothes – there’s no explaining them! A sword, rib cage, flowers? Strange.


Affliction shirts are cool if you were in a frat, spike your hair and fake bake…

Thanks for the always pleasant Seinfeld reference. That just made my day right there.
Tomorrow’s topic: Nicknames around the clubhouse? Or maybe something that would give us tribe fans an insight to things that are interesting that we might not know about the team as fans, not being around them as often as you are.

I second go_tribe25. What are the cliques like in the Tribe? I know Garko and Barfield used to be roommates and good friends, is that still the case?
I always find it interesting, the way a team divides in such ways. Is Victor still the heart of the team, even after last year? I’m looking forward to seeing him out there every day again. We really missed his enthusiasm last year.

Hey, AC, I just noticed that the links to the right include a couple of Buffalo Bisons blogs. Are we going to get some Clippers blogs soon?

With Marte gone, who’s going to be all-time ceremonial first pitch catcher? Will there be a rotation? Pull names out of a hat? Is Slider on the hook now?

I’m so glad to see Wes Hodges is one step closer on the depth chart for the Tribe.


I admit that I had to Google these Affliction shirts you speak of. . .perhaps someone should tell the players who wear them that they dress like Bret Michaels? Which is to say. . .terrifying.

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