"It's a dog-eat-dog world, Woody, and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear"

cliff1.JPGIt appears we solved the mysteries and vagaries of time travel in yesterday's post, which was no small feat.


Now I pose to you a much simpler question: If you had a dog (and maybe you do), what would you name it?


I ask because it appears to me that many of you are absolutely obsessed with the Indians. You might even be as obsessed as my friend Megan, who wimped out with regard to a previously stated goal of getting a Chief Wahoo tattoo but did recently become the owner of a French bulldog puppy, named Cliff (that's him on the right... apparently he's named after some pitcher).


Anybody else have a Tribe-inspired pet name? An Italian greyhound named Fasano, perhaps?


I'll confess this post really just had two goals: Giving Cliff some blog love and working the above "Cheers" quote into a headline. Now that those are accomplished, let's talk about what's happening on this lovely Wednesday.




  • Really interesting story out of the Nationals' camp, where it's been revealed that one of the organization's top prospects, 19-year-old Esmailyn Gonzalez, is actually a 23-year-old named Carlos Alvarez Daniel Lugo. The Nats had signed "Gonzalez" in the summer of '06 and given him a $1.4 million bonus. He was supposed to represent a big piece of their future.
  • The Gonzalez story has the potential to impact, well, pretty much every team in baseball (the Indians included), because they use the same system to verify the age and identities of international players. The system was put in place by MLB in the last four or five years to put an end to the chaotic nature of the international scouting scene and do intensive background checks on potential prospects. Plenty of questions are no doubt being asked right now about what the heck happened with Gonzalez.
  • Today was the first day of live BP, which means Indians pitchers were throwing to Indians hitters. This is always pretty fun to watch. Fausto Carmona and Cliff Lee were among those on the mound today. And believe it or not, Ed Mujica looked pretty nasty, breaking the bats of Victor Martinez and Josh Barfield.
  • The Indians also spent a good part of the morning working on their bunt defense.
  • Eric Wedge was talking about the mental makeup it takes to be a good closer. He said we'll never know what it's like to be on the mound in the ninth inning with the game on the line, and a pitcher's potential for that role can never be known until he's tested. "It's like if you're stuck on an elevator between the 25th and 26th floor with three other people," Wedge said. "You're going to find out about people." 
  • Wedge said he's been particularly impressed with reliever Joe Smith in the early going. "He sticks out a little bit," Wedge said.
  • Representatives from the Phoenix police department came and spoke to the players this morning, making sure they are aware that the highways here have cameras that can and will catch you speeding and the rules regarding alcohol and marijuana are particularly strict.
  • Former Tribe catcher Eddie Taubensee was also in the clubhouse today, spreading the word about a ministry he's involved in that caters to professional athletes.
  • MLB.com has started up a new injuries page, so all of you preparing for your fantasy drafts might find it to be a good resource.
  • The next installment of the Indians Inbox will run on Indians.com tomorrow.



I miss Joe Smith. Have fun watching him in Cleveland.

What is the name of the ministry?

French Bull Dog? Indians associated name? You should name it after Indian’s great Napoléon “Nap” Lajoie. You could call it ‘Nap’ or ‘Nappy.’ I believe he was also called ‘Poli.’

Taubensee’s ministry is called “Pro Athletes Outreach”

Some pretty big names are on the board. Trent Dilfer, Mike Sweeney, Trot Nixon (also an Indian – sort of) Russ Ortiz, Frank Tanana to name a few.

I’ve never seen an Italian Greyhound that reminds me of Sal Fasano. Ever.

Speaking of international prospects with questionable ages, whatever happened to that 16 year-old kid from the Dominican (I think) whom Scott Boras was shopping around last season and in whom the Indians were supposedly interested? Wasn’t Boras claiming he would be the best baseball player ever or something insane like that?

Maybe the 16 year old Dominican kid was Alex Rodriguez’s cousin?
I would like to confess that I had a hamster named Cory (after Snyder of course), and also begged my parents to name our dog Candy for Tom Candiotti. To this day I would like to name my first born child Jacoby after one of the most underrated 3rd basemen to ever play the game. On an unrelated note I also had 3 frogs named Bud, Weis, and Er. Turns out Bud was not a dwarf frog like Weis and Er, but instead and African Clawed Frog. Apparently they look a lot alike as babies, but African Clawed Frogs grow up to eat other frogs, so Bud at Weis and Er. I digress…
I would love to see a blue tick hound named Mark Teahen.

Edward Salcedo? This Yankees blog says he’s still unsigned.

I don’t know anyone who has a Tribe-inspired pet name but I do know quite a few people with Indians tattoos, myself included. I however opted to get the script “I” behind my ear insted of Chief Wahoo… I guess I’m now considered an “absolutely obsessed” reader🙂

First, was this the same system used to verify the age of Julio Franco? I mean, really, does anybody know how old he is?

Second, Cliff deserves the love and you can never go wrong with a headlining quote from Cheers.

Last, I named my cat Payton–after the late, great Walter Payton. I sometimes call her Sweetness… There hasn’t been an Indian in my time that was as great of a player on the field as was a person off the field. When that happens, I’ll get a dog.

Thank goodness it’s baseball season again! I can almost smell the hot dogs! Go Tribe!

Almost positive that was Norm with that quote as he enters the bar to head to his favorite bar stool, not Cliffy.

I’m about to get a english bulldog, and I can’t decide between Pronk or Jhonny

Let me start off this by saying that I’m a dog person. Well, maybe not so much a dog person, as I am an anti-cat person. I’m not sure why, but I am. My wife is a cat person. She got a cat. (What can I say…she caught me in a weak moment.) But in a not so veiled attempt to get me to like the cat, she named it after an Indian player. So, now I have a cat named Fausto. (However, I never call that cat that name, because I don’t want to hate the name Fausto. It will always be referred to as “The Cat” by me.)

Do you have more info on the Eddie Taubensee ministry? Do they allow non athletes to join? Is there a website?

personally i plan to get 9 fish and name them after the starting lineup, but that’s what you have to get in an apartment that only allows aquariums.
for the past three years or so i have had plans of getting a lab puppy and naming him either grady sizemore or bruce springsteen. i like both, but i lean towards bruce because we can call him the boss for short.

Was Eddy Moo looking good or were VMart and Josh looking like its still early Spring? There’s a difference.

On an unrelated topic, there are still links here for a Buffalo Bisons blog. Can we get a Columbus link?

Shouldn’t a dog named Cliff be big and red? (The Cliff in this article is a very fun-looking dog.)

That was ‘nice’ of the police to come out and warn the fellas ahead of time… apparently you guys aren’t in Maricopa County.

Eddie’s a good guy – we went to High School together.
As far as the pup, you could go old school and name him
Feller (Bob might pop you for it though).
Jake (so the back yard would be Jacobs Fields)
Lou (I got a guy on the other line about a set of white walls)

If it’s a girl –
Go with Rosalita or Wendy

I currently have a dog named Grady, and often call my dog Buddy by his Indians name Boudreau. Also used to have a cat named Sandy.

Interesting story about that Nat’s player. I enjoyed your blog, glad I came across it.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

We have a cat named Grady Sizeless, a cat named Casey Lee Soo Ryan and a cat named Blake Jamey, all 3 girls. (We thought Grady was a boy)
Casey and Blake were named right after he was traded.

I have/have had many Indians inspired pets. Believe it or not we’ve had more than enough Indians cats to fill a lineup. We have a Grady, Victor, Casey, Cliff, Jenson, Garko and have had a Trot, Pronk, Franklin, and Asdrubal.

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