I want you to show me the way

I don’t even like Peter Frampton. Not sure why I’m quoting him.

Anyway, somebody asked for a little inside information on Goodyear, so here’s a link to the visitor’s guide that went live today.


Thanks for the preview! I’m headed down from Oregon to see a couple games in March. I’m really stoked to see the facilities. For us ex-Buckeyes (Tallmadge HS, pitched for the Zips in the 70’s) who live on the Left Coast, the move back to the Cactus League is truly a great development. Not so great maybe for the majority of fans – I remember how far away Tucson seemed when they trained there. But the new digs are worth it – and trust me, you’ll like the weather, and just about everything else, better in AZ than in FL. It’s worth the trip.

Thanks for answering me!!!!!!

Bought my ticket yesterday!


AC – are you on twitter?

I think so. I think your article will allow those people a very good reminding. And they will express as a consequence of you later

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